Tuesday, August 23, 2011

happy birthday, dyaddy!

in case that ultra-big picture isn't clear enough, today is my fathers actual 60th birthday. happy birthday, dadyd! we had a really good night. it was fun. we were going to go out to eat, but stayed home instead. we grilled steaks for the boys (my father and oldest younger brother, homie) and then my mom and i had deliciously marinated (you're welcome, mom) chicken. :) i made brussel sprouts for my family to try - i made them the way my roommate taught me (or attempted to, anyway) with brown sugar and pepper flakes and some bacon. except we didn't really have bacon bacon, so i used bacon bits. ha. thats right. bacon bits. they were pretty good. ironically, the boys liked them and not my mom (who was the one willing to try - i had to practically open the boys' mouths and force feed them). we also had asparagus and corn on the cob (or, to be clear, my father had corn on the cob - he got all three of the good ones. the other three were on the bottom rung and got overcooked so the corn kernels turned starchy and icky. those were the ones my brother, mother and i had).

afterwards, my brother humored me and played ticket to ride. it was fun. he won and i didn't mind. i just like playing. my father went to wash the car in time for a trip and mom went to bed.

overall, pretty good night. happy birthday, pops!

Monday, August 22, 2011

eat your heart up

so here are some random things that i enjoy (dissecting things by state and regions):

check out this link to how much cigarette packs cost by state. i would've guessed $5 a pack -thisexplains why

here is a map about food deserts. note the large amounts of red space over nodak. sad.

question for you? do you think americans drink a lot? note, i did not ask, do YOU drink a lot, do americans in general. check out this link to see a map by drinking.

so compare food deserts and drinking and look at this map of what we eat:

i do not fit into that circle chart. :( or maybe thats a good thing...?

and here is the final chart, which my family will not be happy that i post - how pop affects your body.
[song by the blow]

Sunday, August 21, 2011

30e60 Invites

so... yesterday was our surprise party for my father. we have been planning this party since march (or, at least thats when we started talking about it and when i booked my ticket home). we sent out paper invites a few months ago and then started sending email reminders out. i will try to take a picture of the invite that we sent out, but, of course, we dont have a copy here at my parents house (because we didn't want him to see it). and post it for everyone to see. the party was super fun. i will write more about it soon, but for now, here is a pic of me and my pops. and the emails that we sent to people (so he can see them).

first email sent 9aug11:
Greetings and Salutations!!

On Saturday, August 20th, the Erdmann family will be hosting a SURPRISE 60th Birthday Party for Tom Erdmann.

Thirty Erdy is turning Sixty!!

The party will be at 4pm at Trollwood Park in the West Pavillion. You are cordially invited to this party, but please keep in mind that this is a SECRET. A Surprise. We need to be stealthy and keep it confidential. If you are receiving this email, hopefully you received a paper invitation in the mail. If you did not it is because we simply did not have your address. Please invite anyone who would be interested in coming, but please do...

RSVP by Tuesday, August 16 so that we have enough time to buy food and drinks.

We will be having food, beer and wine for your enjoyment. If you would like to bring other drinks, please feel free to do so. Food will be grilled by our dear friends at Grilling Addiction. Check them out here: http://grillingaddiction.com/. There will be music, games, and good company.

Feel free to respond to me to RSVP or to the group email - [redacted]. As we get closer to the date, I will send out more information / call people to inform them of the specifics of the surprise. Jon and Eric are taking Dad golfing so we will have to coordinate when people arrive at Trollwood for maximum surprise effect.

No gifts necessary, but if you can't make it please send cards and pictures and funny stories to my brother and his wife:

If you prefer for me to invite someone we may have not invited, please forward me an address or email so that I can do so.

Finally, my brothers will be creating a playlist so if you have any suggestions for songs, please let us know.

Looking forward to seeing you all there! (Yes, it is a surprise that I will be in Fargo for this - shhhh!)

See you at the party,


second email / updated info sent 16aug11:

Greetings Gypsies in the Palace!

For all of you Growing Older but not Up, thank you for RSVPing to 30e60 - the most fabulous 60th birthday ever created by people who never plan 60th birthdays!!

Get ready to Quietly Make Some Noise while I lay down the dilly-o... Jon and Eric will be golfing with Tom at Edgewood on Saturday. We would like all Pirates Looking at 40 (and any other age) to arrive at Trollwood West Pavillion around 4pm. If you cannot make it to the West Pavillion (including being parked and AT the bunker) by 4:20pm, please do not arrive until 4:45 pm to ensure optimum surprise. We will have a keg of beer and wine available from Tin Cup Chalices. Feel free to bring anything else you would like to drink. We can begin enjoying the festivities at 4pm and once I receive the phone call from my brother, Jolly Mon, we will move to create a big group of people with signs to welcome the the King of Somewhere Hot to the event.

The party is Caribbean / Hawaiian themed, so feel free to wear hawaiian shirts and leis. We will have a guest book for you to sign, write fun stories, and place your email addresses so we can send pictures afterwards. Grilling Addiction is concocting some fabulous food (http://grillingaddiction.com/) Incommunicado.

If you have any questions, can't find the location (check out this link: http://maps.google.com/?ll=46.92493,-96.77927&spn=0.001553,0.004128&t=h&z=19&vpsrc=6), or just want to chat feel free to chat with me over the Coconut Telegraph at [redacted].

If I have missed any Captains or Kids, please do pass on (I don't have emails for the Hs, Ls, Bs, and CM - please pass on if you know them or see anyone else).

I'm Off to See the Lizard,


Saturday, August 20, 2011

various nd things

if all goes well, i am surprising my father today. today is

and its AWESOME

thirty erdy is turning sixty!! i'll explain more, but right now i am not in DC as i mentioned earlier this week. i am, in fact, in north dakota. ehehehehe. in honor of my surprise trip, here are some fun nodak things in the news lately.

first, a video on the minot flood.

and here are some articles i wanted to keep:
  • for when all ya'll come to fargo, you can expect to enjoy taking a picture with a woodchipper
  • i quite enjoyed this article about a guy who visited fargo. check it out here.
  • an article on an abortion case in nodak
  • read this to hear about how there are a lot of out-of-towners going to college in north dakota.
  • AND since all this is so awesome, here is proof that you need to look for a job in nodak.

Friday, August 19, 2011

bite your goings!

so hello there. i am on a plane. an aeroplane. thats some fancy language for airplane. and i am writing this to 1) have another blog mention to my friend, e/lb. ohh interesting. that could be like "e" divided by "pound". iiiinteresting. e/lb. you know who you are! and 2) because i am SOO bored. i am sitting by a nice guy on the plane, but the guy nex tto HIM is a major douche. he is super "my job is great because its so satisfying and challenging. i've been there 13 years and every day is a new challenge." umm, helloooo... if you've been there that long and every day is a challenge, maybe you're not too bright?? ok, thats mean. i have other reasons to dislike the guy, but i dont care enough. i'm too tired, as well.

last night i went to dinner with c of kc and the sunshine band. twas good. we went to sushi because k doesnt really love japanesi food (and she is out of town). nice chat, fun times, not out too late (although i took my sweet-ass time packing AND forgot stuff (!) which meant i had to go home DURING work to get everything - stupid wasted twenty bucks!), so it was good. we even had sake and i enjoyed it. so that is why i am tired. i was out until 9 pm (so late!) and then went home and watched tv, played catan, and then packed. oops! BUT i'm in first class on my next flight and therefore can sleep... wait. no. i'm in first class on a 40 min flight. i am SO drinking. have fun with me homie & fly girl! does fly girl work? she needs to tell me...

i was going to write about something else, but now i'm just going to post because e/lb is looking...

[bite your goings does not equal an old saying from grandmas. its autocorrect for "bite your tongue"!]

Thursday, August 18, 2011

yes, please

that's all i'm going to say.

h/t here and here.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

things that are making me happy

things that make me happy: when you have the perfect IM conversation with someone.

case in point:

4:32 PM Ryan: hey...
me: hey...
Ryan: if you take a cab home tonight,
can you have it swing by and run me over, on your way?
4:33 PM me: of course!
Ryan: maybe even stop and back over me again for good measure
me: 20 pts for that!
Ryan: thank you soooo much
me: i think a reverse is worth like 50
whats going on??
Ryan: i'm getting drunk tonight.
just a heads up
me: NICE
i'll do it with you!
just no gluten!
is there gluten in ice cream?? i didnt think so
4:34 PM Ryan: not so much
4:35 PM i think we should just make a pitcher of Higginsons, and drink it with 2 straws
me: niiice
a higginson scorpian bowl!
4:36 PM Ryan: YESSSSS
me: HSB, baby
4:38 PM Ryan: woot
4:42 PM me: omg!
i'm on hold with the contact lens place
and they are playing enrique iglesias!!
its fate!!
Ryan: hahahahaha

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

cruisin’ for a bruisin’

I need your help peeps. This Friday I’m heading to DC to visit my friend gidget who just had a baby last march. Ooo. I JUST realized that I could get your help in two places. Yes, this is good. Reaching out to the blogosphere for some help. Hey, blogosphere is in the dictionary. Iiiinteresting.

So here is the thing. I’m visiting my friend gidge, whom I have known since high school. Her real name is not gadget, but I have called her that basically since the first weekend I met her. (based off of the movie and then tv show, of course – she is cute as a button). She got married a few years ago and I have thus started calling her husband moondoggie. (that is NOT in the dictionary). So now they have an offspring. And I think I need to come up with a far out name for their son. Soo… if you think of any ULTIMATE, dreamy names, that would be awesome. I’ve rejected goldstar, winter fox, etc. I need a really hip to the jive name. ohmgosh. I just looked 50s slang and I saw ‘cloud nine.’ What do you think? Like, he puts his parents on cloud 9? Too cheesy? Anyway, that’s help #1.

The 2nd, and more important issue at hand, is music. I want to create a playlist of all important songs that this kid should know. Gidge loves music, but isn’t super organized about it. She sent me an email a bit ago asking me to recommend hip new music that she can start working out to. I have yet to send her that playlist, but I will. Until then, I need a playlist for the baby. Some totally true, American tunes. Here is what I am thinking so far:

american pie (don mclean)
in the air tonight (phil collins)
dog days are over (florence + the machine)

ok... so just looking at this is kind of funny to me. i have NO IDEA why those are the songs i have so far, but they are... what am i missing?

Don’t have a cow if you can’t think of anything. Just lay on me what you can think of. And don’t be a wet rag and help participate.


Monday, August 15, 2011

start wearing purple

i am not pleased with my body's ability to wake up before my alarm - no matter how tired i am the night before, what time i go to bed, or what time i set my alarm for. its as if my body has a clock and puts together "ok, asleep at 11:40, alarm set for 5:45, thats less than 6 hours from now... wake up at 5:35!" unimpressed.

busy week this week. supposed to go to some people's house for dinner tonight, but, quite frankly, i might not have time. i really really really need to study. i planned to study ALL DAY yesterday. r and i came in to the office to get some work done and it was 90 degrees. much too hot to work. we were here for an hour and it was like "ok... i can't think." so we left. i had to go to the apple store to get a case for my ipad. i bought one with a keyboard and i dont like it. so i got a slimmer version which is better, i guess. r told me to get black because she thought i was more sophisticated. i'm feeling a bit fun lately, so i got pink instead. now i wonder if i regret that.

anyway, i went home and tried really really hard to study. oh wait. no. not at first. you know when you do EVERYTHING BUT the thing you NEED to do? that was me yesterday. i cleaned my room, organized my closet (i mean, really. it was pretty organized already). i put things away. i looked up stuff online. i started a ramble (but didnt finish). i IMed random people. i played catan. etc. not good. THEN, i finally cracked open the book right before r came home with food. and it was daunting. and a lot of work. so i didn't get anywhere. after dinner, we spent an hour transferring music to her computer. i actually feel good about doing that. :)

the point is, i need to study. and i can't keep putting it off. i think most things at home are taken care of, so i shouldnt put it off anymore. i must do it.

tomorrow night i have a study date and then r and i are going to a movie as a final goodbye before she leaves on wed. wed night i have class and thur i'm going out with c. oh, thats another thing i did yesterday - look up concerts to go to in boston. turns out enrique iglesias is here the day i leave for turkey. disappointing because i LOVE his new song. and he's super hot. higgi offered to go to the concert on my behalf and hook up with him afterwards since i wouldnt be able to. what a good friend. oh, right, and the whole looking up of concerts was ironic - kc and the sunshine band (the actual band, not my friends) are in town on friday! i can't go on friday, which is too bad.

so. thats that. busy week. le sigh. this is my new favorite song. i can't embed, so just check it out here.

[gogol bordello - maybe my day would be better if i was wearing purple.]

Sunday, August 14, 2011

things that are making me happy

copenhagen bus company has been staging flash mobs on buses to improve working conditions for the bus drivers. this is mukhtar's birthday.

h/t uncle jerry.

Friday, August 12, 2011

and the birds sing

i woke up at 432 this morning. wide awake. no idea why. its now 506 and my alarm is set to go off in 40 minutes. sigh.

last night i was meant to play tennis with lisa and this couple we met in our tennis lessons. lisa is ill so i rented a zipcar and headed out to watertown by myself. they had a friend joining, who is also a tennis beginner. let's call her a SUPER beginner. she made ME look REALLY good. the whole thing was fine, and i practiced my serve and got pretty decent at it, but i'm still not any good. i need to play more than once a week. any tennis players out there??

exciting news on the travel front...

got this email from delta yesterday:
Congratulations and welcome to Gold Medallion® status!

woo hoo! FINALLY!! so now i'm gold status. and thats awesome. i am going to fly delta ALL THE TIME now. in fact, with the bonus miles you get for flying as a gold member, i might even make platinum this year. which would be
because i am now gonna try and plan a fun trip next april - i'm gonna head to hawai'i, japan, then manila. i know. crazy. but awesome crazy. i cant wait!

ok, its now 519. my birthday. i'm going to try to get some sleep.

oh first. tonight is dinner and comedy show. what are you up to?

[song by a group on my pandora playlist right now]

Thursday, August 11, 2011


So I was listening to all songs considered the other day and they did this special on songs that make you soar. Like, no matter when you hear it, it puts you in a good mood. So I have been really thinking about this for a long time. I can’t think of any songs that put me in 100% good mood. If I’m driving, I love it when the song black betty comes on. And I’ve never actually heard santa esmerelda’s version of don’t let me be misunderstood on the radio. That would make me extremely happy. But I don’t know that either song is really HAPPY making. Oh, I used to LOVE the song crush by Jennifer paige. Totally poppy and stupid, I know, but it reminds me very very specifically of the key club convention after junior year of high school. We were in Atlanta and it was so much fun. That song came out at that time and I loved it. It still brings me back to a very specific moment in time.

also from high school is the song glycerine by bush. that song probably has one of my favorite lyrics ever: it must be your skin, i'm sinking in. the group bush has all sorts of other heart warming thoughts that i'm sure i've rambled about before.

in college, i worked at express for a few years. working at a clothing store, you hear the same mix of music over and over and over again. there is one song that stands out to me that i loved loved loved. it was by roger sanchez and called i never knew. its a club song, totally. i feel that way all the time.

the first time i ever really felt tied to a song was when i was listening to a richie valens tape when i was 6 years old or so. i remember being in the basement of our house in minot and hearing this song and going into a corner and being by myself. its called crying, waiting, hoping. god, i really hope thats not the story of my life.

there are a few other songs that mean a lot to me, but its getting late and i'm super tired.

which song speaks to you??

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

pretty girl rock

So I think I talked about what I did in columbus on Saturday night but not the rest of the time. I obviously worked, and a lot, but I managed to have some fun, too. Sunday I slept in, kind of, and then walked to the hair salon to get my hair done. After that, alice picked me up and we went to run some errands for her. Then we grabbed food at la fogata and that was good. I had to switch hotels (trying to increase my hyatt points and get more stays, of course) so we stopped at my new hotel. I stayed Saturday night at the hyatt regency and then Sunday night at the hyatt place. Monday night I switched back to the hyatt regency. I even saved my company money by doing that! So I don’t feel too badly about it. Anyway, we ran a bunch of errands and then went to her house during this MASSIVE thunderstorm – the kind where you cant see out of the house. We had pizza from z pizza and rented a movie on her on demand. We saw cedar rapids which is, quite possibly, the worst movie I have seen this year. Maybe next to sucker punch (which, ironically, I loved the soundtrack for and therefore don’t have horrible memories about). It was so bad alice kept leaving the room. I couldn’t turn it off, though. I just don’t do that with movies. So I watched it. And it was sad. It had such a great cast. We watched it in hd, which was kind of weird. It was too real or something.

Anyway, after that she brought me to my room and I stayed up talking to my friend in nola. I didn’t get the work done that I had wanted to, but that’s fine.

After work on Monday, alice and I went to grab a drink and gossip at… crap. Where were we? Rossi? Marchellas? Something like that. Then we went to dinner at two fish and had an interesting dinner – the rolls weren’t made exactly how they said they were and so we told our waitress. She told the manager who came over and talked to us for a very long time. Like 10 minutes. We didn’t get anything free, but hopefully we made the dining experience better for someone else next time. Ha. That sounded really dorky.

We checked out the bar and the bartender wasn’t working. So that was a loss. That’s ok. Probably better that way. We did go to union, which is a gay club in Columbus and had a drink there. She dropped me off and I got into my new hotel room. For some reason they gave me a free movie, which, of course, I couldn’t waste. So I ordered jumping the broom and started watching it near midnight. I kept falling asleep, so I finally put myself to bed and then got up early to watch the end of it.

Tuesday morning, alice called to say she was on her way to pick me up. She was going to stop and get us some chais, so I told her I would meet her downstairs. She called back 10 min later to say she was close. I headed downstairs and didn’t see her. I left my luggage outside and went back in to check out. Back outside, she’s still not there. So I call her – she was at the wrong hotel! Even though she had dropped me off the night before, she had already had a routine in her head “pick up chai, go to hyatt place, go to work” and had driven directly to my hotel of the previous night! It was quite funny and we laughed about it. We ended up being a half hour late for work, but oh well. No one actually noticed or cared.

So that was my trip to Columbus. Lots of going out and lots of hanging out with alice. Tons and tons of fun. Totally worth it.

[song by keri hilson]

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

oh yeah

here are the texts...

@spaceygrl #TravelTuesday is even better when you're making Gold Medallion status in the process! Congrats! Enjoy visiting home in #BOS.
In reply to…
@Delta - I'm about to head home to BOS from CMH and I will make gold status on my flight via DTW!! #TravelTuesday

choking on your allibis

Ok so I have another 1.5 hrs until my flight. I haven’t really done anything on this layover except play settlers of catan and send some texts. I probably should be more efficient with my time. No, not probably. I definitely should be more efficient with my time. I need to do a lot of things before I start this weekend and I’m not sure how much time I’ll have once I get back to the office. But I don’t really feel like doing anything right now. Hmmm. Not a good sign. I need to study, write some note cards that I have been carrying around with me for MONTHS (lb – one is in there for you!), type up a few call reports for work, do some general other stuff that will make me feel better. And yet I’m listening to my newly created “favorites” playlist on my computer. Oh, that’s something productive that I did during my layover – created an awesome playlist of songs I love – 11 hrs worth. Its awesome. Right now I’m listening to … nah, I think I’ve used that song before. I’ll wait until I come up with a better song.

So I’m in Detroit. I had a connecting flight from cmh. Its too bad that I didn’t have more time. But oh! Guess what! I am now gold status on delta! Woo hoo! At least, I better be. I only needed 600 miles before my flights today. I’m sure cmh to bos is more than 600 miles. Maybe 800 or 1,000? I wonder if this means I’ll get upgraded on my flight to turkey… that would be AWESOME. I even tweeted delta to tell them the good news and they wrote back! So that’s pretty cool.

Oh, also on my list of things to do is get better at tennis. I played last week and it was embarrassing. And apparently my 4some that played last week without me played with a really good person. Now I feel bad rejoining them – I’m sure they would prefer the better person to play. Maybe I’ll force reggie to get up early and practice with me tomorrow. That could be fun. oh yeah. I’m definitely going to do that.

Quick question – if I wear my snake ring on my ring finger on my left hand, will people think I’m married??

Monday, August 8, 2011

dream apartment - 71

i LOVE the high ceilings in this place and the garage door - how awesome is that??? definitely going on the list. more here. what do you think?

Sunday, August 7, 2011

oh baby you, you got what i need

oof duh! dah? oof dah? hmm... anyway, oof dah. its 10:43 pm and i'm not really tired. i have a CRAPTASTIC amount of stuff to do, and i should do that, but instead i'm writing a ramble. ramble ramble ramble.

i'm in columbus and i have to say... there is no other place that i go to and have SO MUCH FUN. stop laughing! i swear its true! columbus is a happenin' place.

i got here on saturday afternoon. my flight was on time, but it took forever for the luggage to start coming out. then, low and behold, there was no more luggage coming out. mine was not among the ones left on the belt. that was not cool. so i had to do the claim ticket thingie and the guy couldnt understand why the suitcase didnt make the flight - i had over an hour layover AND denver, my connecting city, was the "gold child" of baggage apparently. they said they would deliver it to my hotel.

my friend, alice, had picked me up, so we headed to target to get some clothes because we had plans for that night. i spent $118 on tops, underwear, makeup and deodorant. we then cruised to her friend's house to put laundry in (my jeans) and then sped off to my hotel to check in. i told them i was expecting a suitcase. on the way back to her house, where we were going to shower, i called united and asked about my suitcase. the woman was in the process of telling me that the suitcase was still in denver (despite the fact that there was a direct flight from denver to columbus that was about to land). before she could finish talking, i said "WHY?" in a really deep, assertive tone. she kind of paused. alice looked at me like "woah. what's going on?" the woman could tell i was not happy and asked me TONS of questions about my suitcase: brand, color, size, 3 specific items that would be in it. i gave her all the details including my room number at the hotel. i was not pleased, but she said she would approve charges for me to buy things. i am so sending that receipt in.

we stopped to switch the laundry to the dryer and then headed to alice's house to shower. 2 women showered, changed, and put on makeup in 40 min. it was amazing. oh, and drank a bottle of bubbly. obviously thats important and was prioritized.

our plans started at 6pm - we went to a tasting at a local, artisanal vodka and whiskey distributer. there was a talk on the product plus a tour and we were only 7 min late! we were meeting some people there who greeted us and we joined right in. after the tour there was a tasting and it was pretty good! (i bought some - here is their website - i might have finally found a vanilla vodka that i can drink!

after the tour, we went to a restaurant and had good food and drinks. then we went to a club and a friend of mine and i left and went to a different place to hang out. at one point, we walked back to my hotel to go to the bar, which was not open. it was annoying. we also noted that my suitcase had not arrived. i was going to call united and give them a piece of my mind. my feet were hurting so badly, i was walking in the street with no shoes on. we all know this means my feet were REALLY hurting. i would never walk on the sidewalk with no shoes on. i even had to take a taxi back to the hotel which was like 3 blocks away.

i got back to my hotel and was standing at the front desk trying to find a charger for my phone when i looked over and - boom! there was my suitcase. i think i squealed and grabbed it and ran upstairs. i didnt really do anything other than plug my phone in before i passed out on my bed, totally clothed. the next morning i woke up to some early-morning texts. it was nice to not have to get up for anything. i got my hair done and had a great sunday!

potentially more to come from the crazy wilds of columbus....

i think i may have posted the original, so you should definitely see the history of rap 2 here. just watch it.

Friday, August 5, 2011

don't act like i never told ya

ha! i forgot to blog today. super super busy. a moment of reprieve, which is nice, but scary. i did not get any sleep last night (out partying in sacto!) and am nervous that if i pause, i will fall into a deep, deep slumber. i suspect i will be dead to the world in 5 hours. that will give me 6 hrs of sleep before my flight to columbus in the morning. thats pretty good. i will be pleased with that. considering the week i've had, i am in pretty good spirits. so that is good.

so last night i played tennis with a friend. it was fun, but MAN i SUCK at singles. i am soo much better at doubles. i suspect most people are, now that i think about it. less ground to cover. and a backup partner. i need to take some more lessons because i am getting RUS-TY. which is too bad. my biggest problem is figuring out where the ball is going to go. i just don't see the lines and angles. which sucks. more lessons are in the future for me fo shizzle.

what else? oh right! i almost forgot... i found this other article about settlers that i wanted to post here. so here it is. its the history of the game. super interesting.

did i tell you that i've booked a trip to turkey? and london and paris. so that will be AWE SOME. its in sept.

in honor of that, here are some videos that i really liked....

first seen here.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

dream apartment - 70

umm.... yes please. obviously.

what do you think?

i LOVE it.

the more i think about this the more it makes me question things... does this confuse fish? do any big animals hit the glass? do people getting frisky below make the fish want to get frisky??

so many questions!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

all the girls are sitting on a pile of gold

there's something in the deli aisle that makes you cry.

sigh. 2.5 hrs left on my flight. i am tired. and my hands are dry. i've just IMed a bunch of people because i'm bored. no one is getting back to me.


ok, its later. i've talked to a few people online and i feel better about that. 1.5 hrs left on the flight and only 36% of battery. wonder how long this will last. i guess i'll play settlers of catan on my ipad after this battery dies. or something. oooo. speaking of catan. i think i have some things to say about that. let me find them.
so yeah, there was this article on boingboing a while ago talking about catan. my cousin introduced it to a cousin of ours and that cousin introduced it to me. i LOVE this game. its so fun. i love the strategy and the fact that the game changes all the time. its fabulous. when we had my birthday in maine in may, we brought tons of board games and played them. it was really cool. i also am really loving ticket to ride. and there is a cool two-person game that i have played with kc & the sunshine band, but i can't remember what its called. i'm sure k will comment (if she can!) and tell us the name. since its just two people, one of us has to watch, but its cool.
i'm thinking i might try to get my little sister interested in playing board games. she seems like she's smart but not really challenged at home. and that would be great if she could come down the street to my place to play board games for a bit. hmm... i actually need to get her more involved in physical things, but thats a story for another day.

i also love playing taboo and ... i wonder what else i love. i really dislike scrabble - i'm horrible at it and my family never lets me use non-english words (unfair!).

what board games do you like?

too tired to make up a title

its 8:36am east coast time. i have been up since 3:50 am, which was about 2 hrs after i went to bed. i booked my first last-minute flight yesterday and am now on it. i'm heading back to CA for work. i'm not really bothered by this trip, which is kind of disconcerting... i am going to miss class, which sucks. and i want to go to tennis tomorrow night, but i brought my racket so hopefully i'll get some practice in anyway. BOY do i need it, as well. i was MAJORLY sucking last week when i played. missed-the-ball sucking. embarrassing.

anyway, the reason why i bring up the time is because the flight attendant, a very very friendly, handsome guy, just walked by me with two nips of vodka in his hand. really? TWO. 8AM?? i think there are times when that would be fun and interesting. today is not the day for me. i am tired, and last night was the 2nd night i didn't sleep well. tonight is the night to get back on track. i will be a frolicking filly tomorrow! i am already looking forward to it...

hmmm... guess i was too busy doing nothing. we are now landing and i have to turn my computer off. i'm going to post this and attempt to ramble some more on my next flight (layover msp - no upgrade, but i have an exit row seat next to a decently hot guy who is wearing an arsenal shirt. that is interesting to me).

eyes are tired. must go.