Saturday, August 20, 2011

various nd things

if all goes well, i am surprising my father today. today is

and its AWESOME

thirty erdy is turning sixty!! i'll explain more, but right now i am not in DC as i mentioned earlier this week. i am, in fact, in north dakota. ehehehehe. in honor of my surprise trip, here are some fun nodak things in the news lately.

first, a video on the minot flood.

and here are some articles i wanted to keep:
  • for when all ya'll come to fargo, you can expect to enjoy taking a picture with a woodchipper
  • i quite enjoyed this article about a guy who visited fargo. check it out here.
  • an article on an abortion case in nodak
  • read this to hear about how there are a lot of out-of-towners going to college in north dakota.
  • AND since all this is so awesome, here is proof that you need to look for a job in nodak.

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