Saturday, July 30, 2011

Another one bites the dust

Ok. Already not impressed. My iPad is autocorrecting me which now makes it look like I know how to properly capitalize, spell, and punctuate my posts. Not sure how I feel about this. Y'all will ink I'm smarter than I am. I'm at Starbucks. It's sat morning. I have NO IDEA how my day will turn out. Surprise guest is here, she landed last night and we promptly went to sleep. She is at the bank closing her account because she is becoming European and throwing caution (and her American life!) to the wind. We are going on a scavenger hunt searching for belongings all around the city. Should be fun. Note the dry tone.

Ha. Just read it says "ink" and not t"think". Guess I'm not THAT smart.

I was at work until after 630 last night. Then I went to get k and we....gasp! CROSSED THE RIVER.

Ok so I guess were on a roll. I will write more later.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

so happy together

busy week thus far. which is good. because last weekend wasn't so great and i think its because i didn't really have anything specific to do.

monday we had a softball game - my 2nd - my teams 3rd (4th? they had a double header last week when i was in CA - does that count as 1 or 2 games?) and we almost won! it was pretty cool. turns out i'm not a HORRIBLE catcher and i'm a pretty darn good third base coach. i sent 3 people home. i'm sure its only because of my coaching skills we scored.

tuesday i started studying with a coworker. i also had picked up the veg at the farmer's market during the day and when i got home that night i made this drink: blueberry soda. instead of adding soda water, i added bubbly - mmmm mmmm mmmm! i only had one drink. i wonder if i should have some more before i go to work...?

and i studied on tuesday because last night was my first class. eek! its so weird to go back to school. and i have a TON of homework. its going to be a lot of work. like hundreds of hours. its so sad. what am i doing?? ugh. its really quite frightening. i need to make a schedule and stick to it.

tonight is tennis then i'm having a friend over for dinner. woo hoo. gonna use up some of those veggies that i picked up on tuesday. oh, i should go have some eggs for breakfast. good idea me.

tomorrow i'm going out with k and then there is a surprise guest! so fun. i need to make sure i spend some time studying. and practicing tennis.

thats all for now. or, rather, all i will type. check out this cool optical illusion in... none other than gay paris!

this is what it looks like from the side:

from here. cool eh?

[song by the turtles that i'm listening to right now.]

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

where is my mind?

i haven't talked to grandma in over a week because i was traveling last week. i called her just now on my lunch break and we chatted for a long time. she is obsessed with having her grandkids married off. she is mostly concerned with my cousin, who is happily about to have her second child with her boyfriend, getting married before she has any more kids. i told grandma that it would be fun to have your kids IN your wedding and she said "well, thats not how we did it in my day, but who am i to say anything??" (after she talked to me about it for a half hour.) next up, she is convinced my little brother should marry his girlfriend. they've been dating since november. i'm going to have to keep track, but i'm pretty sure just about every conversation i have with her, she brings up player's girlfriend.

but today was a new one. oh wait. i need to back up. last night, i got a text from my mom:

"grandma said when you get married you will marry a doctor or a lwyer. no one else will be smart enough for you!" i love that my grandma thinks that if you're smart, you'll automatically become a doctor or a lawyer.

so back to today. she brings it up to me this time. i said "well, grandma, i'm not sure any doctor or lawyer would WANT to marry me." she instantly replied, "well ANYONE would LOVE to marry you!" [don't worry, i am completely understanding that this is not the case.] and then "your problem is you're just too fussy." solved! the mystery of d's singledom! i'm just too fussy.


so i went back to look at some other draft rambles that i have saved and, it turns out, i have a bunch of them saved with quotations from grandma. i am just now remembering that she talks about me getting married quite a bit. here are some other gems:

me: "hi grandma! how are you doing today?"
gma: "I'm waiting for an invitation to your wedding"
me: "oh really? who should i marry?"
gma: "You wouldn't be satisfied with who I picked."
me: "really? what sort of guy would you pick?"
gma: "well, he'd have to have lots of money, handsome, tall, dark."

i have NO IDEA why my grandma thinks i need to marry a rich, dark man. i like the tall part, and handsome is subjective, but where does she come up with money and dark?? actually, now that i think about it... maybe grandma is on to something here. :)

the following is a direct quote of when she was telling me how she had passed out in the middle of the night in the bathroom and didn't know how she got there. [we think she was missing some / taking too much of her medication and it has been fixed now, so don't worry] direct quote from grandma rambling:
"I should get a little phone and carry it around with me. I don’t know if they have one, but if they do, I should get it and carry it around on my body. Yeah that was quite a shock: waking up and learning I was in the bathroom and I didn’t know how I had gotten there." [at this point i bring up something about her telling me she hadn't fallen.] "Oh yeah, i did not! I said I didn’t do that, but I did get a black eye. i thought, 'How’d I get in here? What am I doing?' So I hung on to the bathroom sink until I was sure I could walk." i told her i was happy she was feeling better and she instantly brought up my aunt on my dad's side (she is on my mom's side)
gma: "Is cherie still living?"
me: “yeah, cherie is alive.”
gma: "oh ok."
me: "Do you have your teeth in??"
gma: “yes I do! Well, I haven’t gotten the bottom ones in, just the top ones. Thos are the ones that matter."

oh, grandma.

[song "where is my mind" from the sucker punch soundtrack. weird movie, great soundtrack. check it out.]

Monday, July 25, 2011

happy continued birthday, player!

so for some reason, my post from last saturday has not actually posted. i've figured out why, and am just gonna post a new one in honor of player's continued week of birthday. he's 24 now. wait. is that right? yes. 7+4 = 11. yes. ok. so he's 24. my little brother! so grown up! its kind of crazy actually. this is a picture of us in florida last november. we were at the airport at the same time which was really cool (we weren't flying together). he's so cute.

happy birthday dude.

Friday, July 22, 2011

short and sweet birthday wishes

i'm not very well planned for today. and that bothers me. its my youngest brothers birthday today and i've been traveling all week. i knew it was coming and i thought "i'll put up a ramble about him on friday while on the plane!" and now i'm on the plane and i went to put something up and realize that i'm not on my personal computer (work laptop), so i dont have ANY of my pictures of us. nor do i have my songs.

so, i'll keep this short and sweet and post more about my brother tomorrow.

love ya, player

Thursday, July 21, 2011

you can leave your hat on

this trip has been sooo incredibly bizarre and fun all at the same time. and i'm majorly racking up the air miles and hotel points and whats better than that??

so... what can i say? there is a lot going on that is just... too much. craziness. BUT i have also had a really great trip. i went to napa, which, actually, now that i think about it, was kind of a let down. i didn't get to go to any other winery aside from mumm and i didn't get to cruise all the way home because other drivers are... not me. and i was at mumm late and they didn't serve me right away. and i then this big group came in and they were annoying. but i picked up 18 bottles of bubbly, so that was good. that evening, i took two peeps out for dinner at my favorite sushi place and that was good. then we went to this bar to have a higginson and they made it wrong (used lime instead of lemon) and that ruined the whole flavor and we couldnt taste the st. germain. iw as trying to impress people and it falled flat. so that kind fo sucked. work on mon was fine and then i headed to the airport and flew to san diego.

i had a REALLY cool hotel in san diego - an andaz. it was fancy and i liked it. and i forgot to do some work i had wanted to do. oops. but i got room service and crashed. the next day i met my aunt and uncle for breakfast and then went to a meeting with a client. headed back to the hotel to get things done and then back to the airport.

tues night in sac i went out with some friends and had a REALLY

it was so fun. we went to eat and then to a bar (or two? i can't remember) and just talked. and it was good.

last night i was at work late and then walked to my massage. mmmm. it was good. i dont remember most of it because i was half sleeping, half relaxing and really zen. i DEF needed it. i walked back to my hotel after being stood up by someone (its fine, i'm not sad) and grabbed more sushi on the way. ate in my room and got some stuff done, so that was good.

tonight i am going out to say goodbye to a friend who is moving to manila next week. it'll be sad to see her go, but i'm super excited to have someone to go visit in asia (along with a friend in japan) so that i can get my butt over there.

my flight is at 6am tomorrow, so next time you hear from me i'll either be up in the air or home...

[song because i was trying to think of a song with the word "leave" because i dont really want to leave CA for once. i'm avoiding boston, and yet i can't. i don't want to leave.]

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

things that are making me happy

i can't remember who sent this to me or on what website i read this (h/t higgi or [dave]??), but now that i have finally looked at it - i LOVE it. and i love it because based on "smart things" i am really cool!

i generally don't mind being in the minority and often thrive in it, in fact. what sayst you?? i fear my brothers wont be happy...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

you better know what you're fighting for

phew! --------@@@------ thats the symbol for me brushing the back of my hand across my forehead. i am on a flight to the golden state for a week-long work trip. i can NOT be happier. you know how sometimes this and that and the other thing add up and grate on you and you just have to get away? thats how i feel lately. i am just... wanderlustful. wanderlusting? lusting to wander? you get what i mean. so its part need to get away and part haven't traveled FOR OVER TWO MONTHS. that is CRAZY. that NEVER happens for me (i usually make sure it never happens) and yet i think my last trip was to vermonth/montreal in mid-june and my last flight was in early may. wild. i'm hoping it will make me rejuvenated and feel better about a lot of things.

so today is sunday and i am on my flight. i land in sac around noon and am picking up a rental car to head to napa to pick up SIXTEEN stupid wine bottles. SIXTEEN. 16! and these aren't for me to "pick out." these are already owned by my roommate and i (8 each). i was shocked that its been that long since we've picked up. it kind of annoys me, too. actually, it really annoys me. not in the pissed off way, more of the "sigh" way. i'm actually happy to go to napa on my own and sit at mumm for a bit and drive around and stop for a burger in davis maybe.

crap. i just realized i didn't bring a charger for my laptop. oops. i wonder how long this battery will last... oh wow. it says 7 hrs. thats not bad. that will help for my next flight (layover MSP).

so yesterday i went in to work from 10-7pm. it was

i got so much done. it was great. and i am super dooper organized for this week and that makes me quite content. i have a lot of meetings and need to do a lot to stay ahead of the game. it'll be great.

when i was done with work (which, BTW, includes me FINISHING my expense reports!!! - just to go on another trip - ha!), i called k of kc and she was interested in meeting up with me for dinner since i had only had a bag of chips and an apple all day. she lives by my office so i told her i'd stop by and she said she needed 10 min. i called my parent and chatted with them for 10 min, packed up and went to her house. i buzzed the apartment and no answer. people came in and out, and two were quite particular about making sure the door closed behind them because i was standing there. i wasn't trying to get in because we had agreed she'd come downstairs. i buzz again thinking that maybe she was in the bathroom or something. no answer. i'm starting to get worried. the "buzzing" doesn't ring a doorbell in the apartment, but rather rings her cell phone which she can pick up and then press 9 to open the door. pretty neat, eh? i sent her a text saying "you know i'm downstairs, right?" i figured she was tied up with something. waiting. waiting. so then i "buzzed" again and left a voicemail for her saying i was downstairs. more waiting. more people coming and going. i crossed the street and looked up and tried to figure out which floor was her apartment (i couldnt remember if 1 was considered ground floor or the first floor upstairs). can't figure out which windows are hers. i buzz again. no answer. i called and left another message saying "i'm gonna leave in a few minutes, just let me know you're ok." of course, my mind jumps to horrible situations: she's fallen in the bathroom. someone has attacked her. she decided not to go out with me. i even called her husband, who i knew was not home, to see if he knew what happened. i finally sent another text saying i was leaving. i had been at her place for over 20 min.

i hopped in a cab home because i had this MASSIVE bag of presentations, laptop, folders, etc for my trip this week. in the cab ride, my phone rings (it was on very low battery and about to die, which is why i hadn't been calling and calling). it's k. turns out she thought her phone was right next to her and it was at the other end of the apartment and she thought i had just gotten tied up at work. how funny is that?? i was SO WORRIED. i was practically home, so she jumped on the bus and headed my way. we went to a sushi restaurant and i had some drinks and she had wine and then we went to my place while i started to pack and she watched for a glass of wine (time-wise, that is. not as if i was going to GIVE her a glass of wine if she diligently watched me).

she left around 11 and i had to finish packing. i was up until about midnight (because of course i had a movie on and was watching/packing at the same time). alarm went off at 4:05 this morning and it was off to the races!

i think we're about to land soon so i'll wrap this up. here is a video that is making its way around the interwebs. have a great sunday!

[lyrics are from janelle monae's cold war song. i'm listening to it as i type this. love.]

dream apartment - 69

ok, so i'm not positive how i feel about this, but thought i would post it because it COULD be something really cool. but first
1) is it impermeable to bugs?
2) why can't you see the inside?? how silly is that? if its as cool as i think it is, i want one in my back yard because
3) its green. i dont know whats so green about it, but apparently it is.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

this little piggy

super super quick note for today. i'm off to the races. gonna hit up a class or two and then head to the office because i am muyi wait. how do you spell that? very behind. i have about 4 major projects i have to do. i might ride my bike there. that would be fun. anyway, then i have to come home, finish laundry, pack, and relax before my big week away. eek. i'm leaving, on a jet plane, yet i do know when i'll be back again (friday). i'm heading to sac (and then napa, of course!) and then san diego. i should get a lot of stuff done tomorrow. that will be good. i LOVE being productive.

until then, this is a really cool video. i love cw.

h/t here. wait. is that a hat tip if i just took it? hmm... maybe i should rethink this.

oh, also, went to tennis on thursday and it was
then we went to bettys wok and noodle afterwards for some grub. we had a scorpion bowl (bubby and i) but i dont think there was much alcohol in it. i got home and headed to bed. good day!

last night i took my little to the museum of science. boy, that was tough. not because of her actually. i guess i'll have to explain later because i ahve to go.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

things that are making me happy

i'm kind of in love with the color scheme of this room. it makes me really happy and i want to sit in a big chair with a smoking jacket and cigar. so there. def the prettiest of all the red and purple combos.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

dream apartment - 68

so this link has some cool pictures of pools. this first one is neat because its in boston (you can tell by the skyline. that, AND, they tell you in the below section)
this next pictures really irked me. we all know i'm afraid of sharks in pools. WHY would you paint them on the floor of the pool??? thats just asking for trouble.

so i just keep going back to this pool which makes me very very happy - indoors (no stupid bugs or trees or other forms of life), there is a SWING - AWE-SOME, AND its right next to a bar! (at first i thought it was a kitchen which seemed silly to me, but then i realized...)


Monday, July 11, 2011

gotta get thru this

ok. let's do this. i figure i'd write now and then not feel guilty in the morning when i am too tired to ramble. its 12:12am. sunday evening / monday morning. today did not turn out like i thought it would and i am trying, desperately (?), to do the ONE thing i need to do this weekend: expense reports. i dont know why i just can't do this. its weird. ugh.

anyway, i've just put on stand by me and i'm determined to not go to bed until i finish them.

so here's why my day didn't turn out. i played tennis with bubby and then asked kc to go to brunch. i would've only had a glass of wine at brunch, but ... well, i had more. then i suggested we go for another drink. which we did; we went to the beehive. then, once again, i suggested we head to my place to play a game. so they were over until 5pm. they left to go to a movie with higgi and i went upstairs to get ready for yoga at 630. i sat on my bed and called my mom. i put on wait, wait dont tell me so i could listen to it while i got ready. then, all of a sudden, it was 7:30pm. i must've fallen asleep on my bed and totally missed my yoga class. i was sad. i really like that class. no more drinking on sundays. i like that class and don't want to miss it again.

since i woke up, i've done quite a bit, but not my expense reports. i'm gonna start now. let's see how long it takes me.

[song by daniel bedingfield. i think.]

Sunday, July 10, 2011

i'm not your stepping stone

morning. i'll preface the title before i get going anywhere else: i'm not trying to subtly tell anyone anything. that's just the song i'm listening to right now. i love it. paul revere and the raiders. not your stepping stone! your stepping stone!

anyway, its sunday. there is absolutely 100% something new that is making me very very happy. giddy happy. i don't know how to link to it, so check this out. genius! i just tweeted about it i like it so much.

i was going to write more, but i actually have to get going soon. i'm going to brunch with kc and the sunshine band. i've already played a few games of ticket to ride today (on my ipad - LOVE the app!!), played tennis with bubby at northeastern and took a quick shower. now i'm heading out for mimosas and brunch.

ok, i guess ihave 3 min. so friday night i was at work late and didnt get to go to my bollywood class. and i think this coming friday i'm going to take my little out, so i dont think i'll get to go to it then, either. i hope they keep having it.

yesterday, i went to michael's with bubby and i paid to get 2 things professionally framed and then got a ton other frames for things i like. woo hoo. oh, i shouldn't gotten some regular picture frames. oh well. next time, i guess. gotta do some hanging now, too. i'll take pics and post them up. after that, i rented a zipcar for my lazer hair appointment. did that and then picked up dry cleaning in my zipcar, stopped to get sushi and came home to eat and drink wine while i read a book that i was supposed to finish FOREVER ago. played some ticket to ride and then watched a movie and went to bed (you will meet a tall dark handsome stranger).

tonight i'm going to yoga but after brunch i 100% MUST do my expense reports and create a budget. it will kill me if i dont. ok, over and out.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

dream apartment - 67

yes, please. so fun! here are more.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Baingan Bhartha

guten moooooorgen.

i'm at work already. been here since 730 so THERE. HA! i came in early because i really really must absolutely do some expense reports. i did one quick one yesterday and that felt good. i need to do about 8 other ones, at least. and i have to get them to our accountant dude soon because the turnaround.... well, its not so fast and i am gone in a week. so that is my main goal for today and this weekend. other than that, i have a ton of cards i need to send (if you're so lucky you may just get one!) and i need to put a study schedule together. tonight i am going to go to a bollywood dance class. my friend, lisa, didn't know what bollywood dance was, so i am going to look for a video of it. i know my brother homie knows! he and his friends bonded with my roommate freshman year of college over it. they came to visit in boston and danced bye, bye, bye for her and then she showed them the bollywood video and they practiced that, too! ohhh, who is that funny bollywood guy?? i'm gonna have to find that, too now. grr. (happy grr)

so here is the first bollywood video i could find:

basically, all bollywood movies are the same - boy falls in love with girl (or vice versa) but something is keeping them apart (usually parents or social status - darn!) and then they dance men vs. women and get together in the end. if you've seen slumdog millionaire they do a bollywood dance at the end. and that is the class i am going to go to tonight (if i actually go - its supposed to rain and i hate the rain. i'm afraid i'll melt. so i might just go home. OR i might stay late and finish expense reports! mwahahahahahahahaha!!!)

anyway, also this weekend i have another laser hair removal appointment. which means i have to get a rental car (zip car), BUT i havent ordered that yet because i am not sure if i am going to see my little or not. we have kind of been playing phone tag. sunday night i have a cool yoga class and thats about all i have planned for the weekend.

what are your plans?

oh, also, here is a cute video that a enjoyed.

h/t here.

oh! i also forgot. last night lisa and i played tennis at a country club - movin up in the world, people!! - and then went to eat at the franklin cafe. omgosh. tennis is SO FUN. it was AWESOME. we play against this couple who seem really cool. and they are beginners like us. the husband is slightly better - he's moved on to the "intermediate" class, while we're still very beginners, BUT we all kind of suck, which makes it so fun! it was really cool. i enjoyed it a lot. i was just emailing mother hen and saying how i might bring my tennis racket next time im in fargo so i can

or maybe play when they're in boston. oooo. that would be REALLY cool. what sayst you??

[no song title for today - its actually the name of an eggplant dish at my favorite indian restaurant. but say it. it sounds awesome. say it with an indian accent.

get on the pony, romance the cow

so my friend [dave] earns two gold stars for getting back to me so quickly! i asked him for the guy who "translates" bollywood videos into english. i had seen these a few years ago, but couldnt remember the name. [this is in reference to my post today, so you get two posts for the price of one!] anyway, this guy is HILARIOUS. (in case you don't get it, these arent REAL translations, they just what it SOUNDS like.)

oh, actually, this second video that i found explains just that:

maybe i'll learn the johnny gay dance tonight.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

de rien

its 450 am. i have been up for a few hours now - unable to sleep. my goal is to put the computer away at 5 and attempt to get 2 hours of sleep. i have tennis tonight so i need to be in better form. sigh. why can't i sleep?? i think its the heat. even though the fan is pointed DIRECTLY on me, i keep waking up and its not pleasing to me. grr. this is the 3rd night in a row or something. maybe i'll take friday off so i can sleep in and get some stuff done. i have to finish a book by saturday. and i have yet to do the stupid expense reports. that frustrates me. at about 330 this morning i thought of showering and taking a cab to the office, but then i remembered that they shut off the AC during the night and our building gets super hot. that would have put me in a worse mood, so i decided to hang out here listening to music and willing myself back to sleep. sigh.

so last night went to kc and the sunshine band's condo to watch one of my favorite movies - gloomy sunday. check it out if you want. its quite good.

i think i was going to write about something else, but now i can't remember.

so i haven't been following the minot flood recovery. i have no idea where the water level is, but apparently its gone down quite a bit because i know people who are going to help with the cleanup. it seems odd because half the city was destroyed and the other half is still working and (mostly) functional. bizarre. here is a story about how there was already a housing crisis in north dakota (minot, specifically but all over western nodak). is the only thing i've seen about the flood recently.

ok, its 5 so i have to go to bed. i can't figure out how to embed, so check this link out. i love wipeout. i saw this episode - it was totally crazy when the girl on the yellow thing held on with her legs - wild!

[listening to beltuner]

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

put me in, coach

i'm ready to play!


soo.... yesterday. umm, yeah. we had our first softball game last night. i was super dooper dreading it because of the heat, but when we got to the field, it wasn't that horrible. AND, for the record, well... everything needs to be recorded:

so we joined a financial services softball league this year ("we" = my company). we're a young company (average age is potentially lower than 30) and innovative and we like to have fun. i'm on the charitable contributions committee which is sponsoring the team (because our committee is kind of also the "social" committee - our main goal (while volunteering and donating) is to get employees involved) and so i've kind of been helping get people amped to join the team. our first game was supposed to be in may. there are 8 teams in our league (or maybe 10?) and our games rotate nights - one night it might be on tuesday and the next week it might be thursday and the week after friday. so its pretty inconsistent, BUT we have at least 20 people who signed up to play, so we never thought it would be an issue getting people to the games (we need 10 players).

i think i've mentioned this before, but we have not played a SINGLE game this year. we have had 4 or 5 rainouts, one game where we had to forfeit because we didn't have enough people (4 of whom are in my team and we were all in vermont for an off-site event) and one game we got all geared up to play and found out the day of the game that the league hadn't reserved our field for that day, so we didn't actually have a game. so its almost the end of summer and we have never played. last night was our first game and we actually played!

and here is how we did... you have to have at least 2 women on the team and you can have 10 people in the outfield. its slow pitch softball and i'm not sure how competitive the league is. we are not a competitive firm. we had 5 women last night at the game. and 5 men. in fact, two of our players CAME to the game FROM vacation - like, they LEFT their vacation just to come ot the game because we weren't going to have enough players otherwise. this was kind of a shock, but maybe not since it IS a "holiday" week... so, anyway, 5 women, one of whom is me (i have NEVER EVER played softball before - up until mid-may i had never thrown a ball and up until 2 weeks ago i had never swung a bat (and even then it was a "cricket" bat (and would you guess that i am ACTUALLY pretty GOOD at cricket??))). so that is just a summary of our team. we get to the field and there are about 12 30-year old, in-shape, fit men on the other team. one girl. since they ddin't have enough girls, we were given at least one out per inning to "even it out." (i'm trying not to think aobut the implication that, of course, a WOMAN will get an OUT - whatever.)

i was super worried about not being able to throw the ball. so we practice beforehand and i caught a ton of balls! AND i threw them back to my partner. i was pretty damn good.

so we start. the other team bats first. i'm the catcher. after the 3rd player, there was a play at home base and i forgot to get the ball that was thrown at me. oops. i was worried about being run over by the runner. so, that was my first mistake. after that, the pitcher kept running in to home to help me out. kind of embarrassing, but whatever. we put most of our "good" players in the in-field because its slow-pitch softball, i guess. the assumption is that all the plays are in the in-field? anyway, the plays were not. ALL of the batters hit to the WAY out-field. in fact, they might've hit to the OTHER field. after the first 9 batters, we got our first (default) out. then another 9 batters - 2nd default out. if you're keeping score, this means, YES, EVERY player scored. not necessarily a home run, but they hit home plate. after another 2 or 3 players, we caught a pop-fly to get our 3rd out. great start to the game. yes, it is easily 20-0.

so w'ere up to bat and i was batting 5 or 6. we had 4 hitters and 3 outs. no runs. we officially suck.

we switched up our players to put the better players in the outfield and they put me in right field. we got considerably better after that, but they still scored a few runs on us every inning. when it was my turn to bat, i hit the ball but did not make it to first before they got me out. oh well. i think i was the 2nd out and right after me was the 3rd. no scoring.

after that, the other team switched to batting left-handed. AND they would only run 2 bases at a time. err - jog. they would only jog two bases at a time. they DEF stopped playing as aggressively and enjoyed their beers (of which we had none). i think they mercy-ruled us after the 5th inning. no one knows the score. 30+ to nothing. it was really fun, but man, we sucked.

i went home and made dinner which included chopping up some red peppers. i cleaned up the kitchen, ate dinner while watching the big c and then took a shower. after my shower i took my contacts out and BURNED my eyes. i have no idea how. obviously it was the peppers, but i dont understand - i have NEVER had issues with regular peppers before. i ended up taking the other contact out with a tissue because i was afraid of hurting the other eye.

so... all in all, weird day. crappy game. went back to the office afterward. burned my eye. and super hot out.

i'll get better, though, right??

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

epilepsy is dancing

oops! i let the long weekend get away from me without posting anything. sorry. and now i feel badly about that. i had SO MUCH to do last weekend and didnt get anything important done. i feel like a failure. ugh. BUT i did have a pretty good weekend. i went to a brunch on saturday. that was fun. then we went home and had drinks. i went to my room to take a nap and that was kind of the end of my saturday (which was fine). sunday, i went to quincy with the roommate to get some furniture for our place. then i played tennis and went to brunch. i also went to yoga which was great. yesterday, i went for a bikeride and stopped at some friends' house. then we had kc over to watch a movie, which we didnt get to. we went to eat at franklin cafe, instead. it was good. i did not finish my expense reports, make a study schedule, create a budget, finish a book i'm reading, etc. so now i feel badly about all that. and its starting to be super hot. i hate hot. bleh.

tonight we have a *fingers crossed* softball game. we have been rained out 4 times, had to forfeit once because we didnt have enough players, and one time we didnt realize until the day of our game that we didnt have a game. so, yes, this is the middle of the summer almost and our first game. i'm sure we're going to suck. ha! AND they've put me at catcher. i'm going to have sore thighs in the morning AND be grumpy because of all the heat. AND it means i can't go to yoga tonight, which i'm kind of annoyed about. grr. i also have to pick up the farm share today during lunch which means that after the game, i will have to come to work to pick it up because i can't very well bring half a dozen of eggs out in 80 degree weather. stupid summer heat.

wow. i wasn't even planning on complaining today! i'm in a grumpy mood because of some stuff at home. i should probably deal with it, but ... bleh. oh, and i have to find time to hang out with my little. i'm pretty sure she isn't going to call me. hmmm...

IN HAPPY NEWS! the local paper finally (?) recognized my brothers wedding. i have no idea why they are publishing it NOW, but - congrats! its offical! they're marrieded.

Published July 03, 2011, 12:00 AM
Lindsay Lutovsky and Jon Erdmann were married Oct. 2, 2010, at St. Mary’s Cathedral, Fargo.

Parents are Scott and Peggy Lutovsky, Voss, N.D.; and Tom and Renae
Erdmann, Fargo.

Attendants were Whitney Lutovsky, Chelsey Lut­ovsky,
Adam Hass, Matt Charpentier and Joe Riley, all Fargo; Jaime Hoenke, Nash, N.D.;
Kailey Restad, Grand Forks; Danielle Erdmann, Boston; Eric Erdmann, Bismarck;
and Taylor Lutovsky, Voss.

Lindsay graduated in 2003 from Minto (N.D.)
High School and in 2010 graduated from North Dakota State University with a
master’s degree in community counseling.

Jon graduated in 2002 from
Fargo North High School and in 2008 graduated from NDSU with a bachelor’s degree
in management information systems.

The couple will make their home in
Fargo, where Lindsey is a needs assessment counselor at Prairie St. John’s and
Jon is an information technology specialist with Vision Bank.

ooo... bad editor - i just noticed they speeled lindsay's name wrong the last time. thats stoopid.

[song by edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros. cause i'm listening to them now.]