Thursday, December 24, 2009

dream apartment - 9

i have often documented my love of staircases. and my dear friend, [dave], sent me a link to totally awesome staircases that are really scary at the same time (something titled like: 12 staircases that may kill you). here is one of my favorites, but if you're bored, check out this link for some other really cool ones... (i dont think this one will kill you and if you fall - you're in luck, you can just pick up a book and start reading until someone comes to help you.)

which one is your favorite? (or the most scary?)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

from now on our troubles will be far away...

i know, i know... i have been notably absent the past few weeks. its been CRAZY. and now that i'm home in fargo, i just feel lackadaisical. i'd write more right now but i feel a little stressed because i lost my license when coming home last week and i realized that i need a license in less than two weeks when i get to california for work. so i am about to spend the next few hours searching for my license and then if i can't find it, i have to go brave the dmv and beg and plead for them to give me a license without taking a test (i still have a CA ID - never did get a new one and now i need a new one. bleh. i hate it when i am stupid like that).

until then, take a look at my brother, homie's, best friend's mom's apartment...

Monday, December 14, 2009

left in the wrong world part 24

this is my last monday in columbus. and i think i might actually be a little sad leaving here. most notably, i'll miss comments like this:
“liberals are fucking crazy – they’ll come up to your car and punch your window in! so I don’t dare put any bumper stickers on my car.”

Monday, December 7, 2009

i'm growing older but not up

happy monday, folks! i was super-lazy last night and completely forgot about doing anything online (including my madtasty kitkat post - crap!) or updating this site or ... just anything in general. darn food network sunday night - glued me to the couch!

and i think i'm getting sick so i'm on airborne today. maybe i'll have to stay home later this week and then i can get caught up on some writing...

until then... so i don't procrastinate any further, i need your help...
do you think i should get the blackberry 9700 or the g1 phone? please let me know your thoughts. i am going to be placing an order for a new phone today or tomorrow...

until i get kit kat up and running again, please check out the food stuff post i was able to get up - on how to segment an orange.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

dream apartment - 8

i love baths. and bathing. and soaking. and pampering. and being clean. and all that is a bathtub. so when i saw this on post about bathroom sanctuaries on apartment therapy, i almost couldn't decide which bathroom to choose. and how could i not have posted about a bathroom before?? its important to have a nice one to make one feel at home. in the end, this is the one i picked, but which one do you prefer?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

dream apartment - 7

i love staircases. love love love love them. when i drive by a house with awesome stairs, i stare at it. ha. get it? stare at stairs. i'm so witty. anyway, as soon as i saw these stairs i realized i have to have them. preferably covered by piano keys.

you can check out other cool built-ins at apartment therapy. what do you think?

nov twitter archive

  1. very annoyed with myself - forgot phone at home. how am i supposed to get text messages from my [non-existent] boyfriend??
  2. Just watched good dick. Excellent flick. I recommend watching it. (it.s NOT a porn)
  3. now i gotta cut loose, footloose. kick off the sunday shoes. please, louise. pull me offa my knees. jack, cut back come on before we crack
  4. JUST found a going away scrapbk @bobbann23 left me-sneaky sneaky! FUN to read all the stories from old friends (even if its 1.5 yrs later)
  5. Apparently i'm "ill witted"and not blissful. Is this a good thing?
  6. Thanksgiving at an irish bar in detroit. Fun BUT would still like a hot guy to text me. Sniff sniff
  7. at the apple store in columbus - hope my computer just gives off black smoke for fun and nothing is really wrong...
  8. shocking video about middle america - they just show how uneducated they are.
  9. i think piano key steps are essential in a dream apartment
  10. new rambling about condoms, umary basketball, and the decline of empires (not necessarily related)
  11. can't wait to listen to @erdynorth's game online - woo hoo! to listen, click here:
  12. at home sick and i'm pretty sure a squirrel just threw something at my window...
  13. 4 days until umary starts playing - woo hoo! cheer on @erdynorth!!
  14. just finished reading undress me in the temple of heaven. excellent book! crazy story (especially since its true!)
  15. kit kat is back! check out my friends and i at mad tasty cooking up some delish. and follow @madtastyblog for updates
  16. Just landed back in columbus. I hope to be home and in bed in less than an hour. Fingers crossed.
  17. TSA Took my jelly. Two jars. I'm annoyed and feel like i'm not a frequent traveler anymore. Sad face.