Wednesday, November 30, 2011

lick it up, baby. lick. it. up.

this title (i'll tell you BEFORE you get to the end! how fun is that??) is because i watched heathers last week and it

its so funny how you forget how good a movie is until you re-watch it... like 10 years later. i own a ton of movies and i dont really re-watch things. (i know, i know. sounds silly. i have no idea why i own so many movies i dont watch or so many books i dont read. compulsive owner or something??) anyway, because i havent re-watched many of my movies i'm trying to do it so the purchases weren't in vain. i re-watched stand by me last summer and it was great. i think i was in the process of watching miami vice the movie and then had to stop and havent finished it... (why does no one like the movie?? i LOVE it) the other night, i started watching arrested development while i was getting some stuff done. it is so funny. and who the hell has my oz season 1??

so this will be a quick ramble because i have to get to work. i took monday off (wasn't feeling well because i donated platelets on sunday and then promptly went and had lots of alcohol and used my last vaca day of the year) and got some stuff done for work. yesterday i was at work from 8:15am until 10pm. TEN PM. ugh. i was sooooooo upset with 1) two particular issues at work and then 2) the fact that i needed to print 10 copies of a 40 page document for a class i am teaching (kind of - but how cool is that??) and my computer just detached itself from the printer server so i couldnt print. a;oceiw;aofmecoqunwwfo; i was so emotionally exhausted last night. i took a cab home, didnt have a single bite to eat or glass of wine and then watched the new girl and went to bed. while i was in bed i got a funny call from overseas - more on that later. i slept soundly until i awoke before my alarm this morning. i will finish this and then head to work to make sure i can leave by 5pm because...
i am going to a concert tonight!!!

woo hoo! i am sooo excited!! i can not wait! i haven't been to a concert in soo long. for some reason, i am not the friend others think of when they want to go to a concert (sad) and i am not on facebook so i dont know when concerts are coming to boston (stupid). (apparently this is how people know what to buy tickets for...? how else can i do it???)

so here is the group i am going to see tonight at the house of blues

oomygosh. i have not seen that video. its so fun! it makes me like the band even more. AND i totally want to be a dancer. those moves were not hard. i could've totally done those.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

things that are making me happy

beautiful video of a relationship from the beginning to...

Monday, November 28, 2011

perfect baby

so yes... that is a picture of a baby. or ha. soon-to-be baby. let me not mix my beliefs. anyway, don't worry! it's not MY baby. but it will be a baby in my family. thats right... i'm going to be an aunt! (i HATE when people say AUNTIE. ugh) and let me be clear, too... this is not player and some baby-mamas baby. this is homie and his wife's babe. totally legitimate child! :)

so i found out a few weeks ago. i'm happy for them, but i'm sure my reaction has been less than what they would like. i'll admit it: i'm slightly worried. or, i WAS slightly worried. less so now. i'm worried because it just seems so soon. and i feel like everyone should do it how i would do it, wait YEARS before having a kid. but i'm getting over that - i GUESS people actually WANT to have kids. new concept for me. (ha!:)) and i'm worried about money for them. but i have talked to people, notably k, who pointed out that it was better for her having kids when she was younger and without as much money as one would like to have. now her kids are out of the house and she has plenty of money. she said you really only need money when the kid gets to school and wants to do things (gymnastics, band, etc) anyway. so thats good.

and then there is my main worry - i INSTANTLY felt guilty for not living closer to home. now i'm going to have to go home more often because, let's face it - the kid is going to LOVE me. but once its a kid. i have little use for babies. and i have nothing to offer them, either. i'm sure they'd just look at me like "what do YOU want??"

i told that i was hoping the baby was born a month early so we could have the same birthday. then the baby could grow up to be JUST LIKE ME! how fun would that be??

anyway, because of the impending baby, i am starting a new segment called perfect baby. i told homie and his wife that they will have to get used to it - i'm going to send them all sorts of articles and pictures and videos of how to raise the perfect child. i cant NOT do it. so soon...

until then. what do you think of me becoming an aunt??

Sunday, November 27, 2011

things that are making me happy

my brother said to me today "have i told you lately that your blog sucks?" and he's right. AGAIN. :) i have been meaning all week, all week, to write and just keep putting it off. i'm not sure what i'm doing instead. sleeping? working? probably both. at the same time. in any case, this video is cute.

i'm gonna have to have gma try some when i get home in december... can't wait!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

things that are making me happy

so i found this on the hairpin and i sent it to player because we both like to watch dance things. its pretty good. it makes me want to dance. and i like the title of the hairpin piece "

Is the Purpose of Human Life Synchronized Dance?" funny.

i'm pretty sure the point of life is NOT to spend all weekend taking and studying for exams which is what i am doing this weekend. i am NOT looking forward to it. in fact, i'm about ready to shoot my head off. what did i get myself into??

in any case, i wanted to point something out in the video. i'm not sure where this is - korea? china? i feel like its not japan. i am guessing korea. anyway, notice that no one ever claps?? isn't that cute?

Friday, November 18, 2011

oh, grandma

its friday night and 6pm. i'm still at work - no idea why - and so i thought to call grandma - again, no idea why. she sure was in a talkative mood! here are some gems from this week:

we were talking about how old she is and she said she looks so old. i argued with her because i have heard this story 100 times: she took the nursing home bus from where she lives to the mall and some guy said to her, "you don't look a day over 60!" she told me this again tonight, but added a part that i have never heard before: "god, i coulda crawled in the back seat with him!"

she claimed she was joking, but i started to get the hint that she's feeling a bit randy tonight because then she said, "at least when you get old you can get by with kissing a man!" i didn't know what she meant so i asked, "you can get by kissing a man?" and she replied, "well, yeah, if they think you're off your rocker!"

she was really obsessed with her age. "i'm only 80! wait. 80? that's damn old!" then a second later she said, "i'm gonna live as long as my mother - 95!" no comment.

she kept talking about how much she loved high school. "i had a lotta fun in high school!" she even named some of her old boyfriends (an anderson, hornung, etc). i said, "i bet you were pretty popular with the boys." and she likes to joke, but then be serious: "well of course! noo... well, i did have a date all the time, though."

then i brought up my grandpa and said something like "but then you met grandpa and wanted to be with him!" and she said, "all my friends were going to california and seattle to work. well, i didnt have any money to go, so i got married!"

we talked a bit about that and then i brought up her second husband, ron. she married him a few years after my grandpa died. i asked her if she dated ron when she was in high school and she said "no way! i woulda never been caught dead with him!" and we laughed because she ended up marrying him. she said her mom said "you better not say that, you'll end up marrying him!" and of course she did. but then she clarified, "i shoulda never married him. i didnt love him. i think i was just bored with life."

oh, grandma.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

right at this moment i'm totally cool

so things have been going decently well lately... work is super dooper busy. (duper?) i was here until 9pm last night and i actually enjoyed it! i got a lot done and was happy for that. i went home and got some delish sushi (super expensive - eek, but maybe worth it) and watched happy endings, modern family, raising hope - it totally put me in a good mood! (even better mood) and then i slept through the night! i feel like a baby saying that "she finally slept through the night!" but its true, i have not been sleeping through the night lately and it bothers me. i think it has to do with alcohol (which i had none of last night). but do i give up my dear friend?? me thinks i must. but not just yet. we'll see...

i saw in time the other night with k. it was fun. i quite enjoyed it. and it turns out my boss has never seen the notebook (this came up because of yesterdays 63 reasons post) and so i brought in a bunch of movies for her to see - the notebook, saved!, kissing jessica stein, lars and the real girl, my super ex-girlfriend and prime. i love helping people see fun movies! ALSO puts me in a good mood. i wrote down what i am giving her BECAUSE... i still cannot figure out who i gave oz season 1 to! was it you?? can you check? i think i may have to buy a new one. i like it THAT much.

tonight i'm heading to dinner with my friend hok. haven't seen her in a very very long time. so we'll catch up. i would like to play some more tennis. and study (ha!) and read some more. and stay at work until 9pm every night and get lots done!! oh and meditate. and do yoga. and maybe start jogging (ha!). and wake up refreshed every day. and ramble more! and see more movies! sooo much to do! so little time!!!!!!

i'm feeling good. :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

things that are making me happy

ummm... soo... right... today, bradley cooper (me = fan, yes, have been since alias) was named sexiest man alive. i'm kind of... i'm fine with that. no issues here. but THEN i saw 63 reasons why bc is NOT the sexiest man alive. and now i have to agree. rg has been robbed!

this is making me very happy. i know everyone likes 19, but i quite like 22.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

dream apartment

obviously a functioning swing is important in an apartment. with plenty of room to get really really high. i remember when my grandpa joe used to push me on the swings in walhalla. ohh, the memories.

what sayst you to swings in living rooms? oooooooooo! what if ALL dining table chairs were swings?? that would be AWESOME. i'm a genius.

Monday, November 14, 2011

help! i need your money!

hey sexy kids!

so my company is doing a fundraiser for the greater boston foodbank. something like 1 in 9 people in massachusetts will go hungry this year and to help combat that, and in the spirit of thanksgiving, my company is doing a friendly turkey competition. my team is in 2nd place, and we really want to win!! for every $16 that you donate, the greater boston food bank will buy one turkey for a family in need. please help out!!

here is the link to donate:

every little bit helps. if you can donate even one turkey, that would be great!!

peace and love!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

shape of things to come

today was a decent sunday. my least favorite day of the week, and yet today... not so bad. i slept in (until 9 or so...?) and then did random stuff in my room before getting ready and going for a long bike ride to a game store in brookline and then a grocery store. i got home and watched food inc from netflix. its going to totally change my eating habits, of course. after that, i got ready and went to yoga which was nice. i really like that class.

after class i went to get sushi from a new, totally posh resto in this area. i ordered to go and that was ... pretty good. but SUPER expensive. not sure it was worth it. i also opened a bottle of bubbly and had that. it was good. perfect end to a sunday night! just finished dexter and am now watching next iron chef. i can't decide who i want to win. what do you think?

now i'm going to bed. nice day. what did you get up to?

[just getting in to audio slave]

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

dancin in the street

so yesterday homie posted that my video makes him think of this:

which i had never seen (the family guy clip, not the david bowie / mick jagger video).

HIS video made me think of one of my favorite movies which i can both recite AND dance to:

have you seen that movie? do you love it? if not, why not???

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

say you dont recognize my face.

another pre-written ramble. i'm gettin ready to hit the town. i've had a few glasses of wine and fun is flowing. in honor of that, check out this video of a song that i have loved since i was 4 years old...

oh my gosh. that is wild. i had never actually seen that before.

oh, i got my hair did.

its red-purple according to my stylist.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

cathy's clown

happy sunday!

if all goes as planned on saturday evening (its saturday afternoon as i write this - i'm at a coffee shop in columbus "studying") then i will be sleeping in after a fun night of dancing after the gallery hop in the short north.

columbus is actually a really cool city. i like it a lot. i always have a good time here. anyway, i'm busy doing stuff and this song came on and i thought "wow. i haven't heard that song in FOREVER. i LOVE that song." so here it is. enjoy your sunday. get some exercise. have fun. drink. watch football and cheer for my fantasy team.

what are you up to on this day?

Saturday, November 5, 2011


dont have much time to comment on the actual occupy movement, except to say that i support it. they are outside my offices in boston and i keep thinking i should get something for them... hand warmers? pizza? a bull horn? i wonder how long they'll stay with the snow and whatnot... in any case, until i can write more fully about it, check this out.

from my friend @arshadhasan

Thursday, November 3, 2011

things that are making me happy

i'm not sure that i'll ever get married. but if i do, i want this:

from here.