Sunday, November 13, 2011

shape of things to come

today was a decent sunday. my least favorite day of the week, and yet today... not so bad. i slept in (until 9 or so...?) and then did random stuff in my room before getting ready and going for a long bike ride to a game store in brookline and then a grocery store. i got home and watched food inc from netflix. its going to totally change my eating habits, of course. after that, i got ready and went to yoga which was nice. i really like that class.

after class i went to get sushi from a new, totally posh resto in this area. i ordered to go and that was ... pretty good. but SUPER expensive. not sure it was worth it. i also opened a bottle of bubbly and had that. it was good. perfect end to a sunday night! just finished dexter and am now watching next iron chef. i can't decide who i want to win. what do you think?

now i'm going to bed. nice day. what did you get up to?

[just getting in to audio slave]


  1. I got up at 6 yesterday. Cleaned my room, went to the OB Sports Zone with the fam, watched the Amazing Race and Family Guy and then went to bed.

  2. I got up at 10 yesterday. Watched football from about 10 to 2:20, then went to OB Sports Zone with the fam, watched more football, prepared tonights dinner with Mom, went home, watched more football and Family Guy and then went to bed.

  3. I can't decide who I'm cheering for in Next Iron Chef either, I kind of like them all at this point. I like Zakarian because of Chopped, but I still am undecided.

  4. i can't decide either... but i heard zakarian has a lot of law suits against him and how he treats his employees, so i'm not his biggest fan. i think i like marcus samuelsson


  5. I did the same things the boys did, fun!

  6. Went to Crane Beach in Ipswich with Chris - walked forever along the beach, watched the waves crashing, enjoyed the amazing fall sunshine - awesomeness. Stopped by your place to drop off some stuff (you were out). Went home, did a pile of ironing, Christmas shopped (online), made a sumptuous steak & salad dinner, drank a bottle of bubbly, went to bed. I think Chris had some football on the television during much of this but I was paying no attention. All in all, a fine fall Sunday. Thanks for asking.