Monday, January 31, 2011

dream apartment - 54

the title of this post might actually be a misnomer. since its going to be about houses. i LOVE looking at houses and so this post on apartment therapy really caught my attention. what was my dream house style??

i wonder if you could guess from reading my blog.... but not sure how to do that without just telling you. so i'll just tell you. i like the following:

modernist - love the clean lines and the fact that its "modern." BUT not my favorite because i feel like houses like this can look dated after a bit of time. a friend of ours has a house in west fargo that was really cool when it was built. back in the 80s. and now it just looks out of place.

then there is this one that is pretty cool: new traditionalist. for some reason this keeps reminding me of my girl. and kind of like the house my mom grew up in. nothing really wrong with it, but not my favorite.

HERE is my favorite: the good ol' reliable yurt.

i just LOVE the simple aspects of this home. ha. jk. i don't even know what a yurt is! but you can bet i would never ever ever live in one.

this is actually my favorite: victorian. and i think its partially from living in columbus. there were so many cool houses around. and they're almost european. love them.

whats your favorite? (be sure to check out the others here)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

things that are making me happy

aside from the people, i do love most things french. and this video makes me think loving little french kids is worth it. i want that accent!! (found at boingboing)

also found on boingboing, a separate video of some more frenchies. today is a french day i guess.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

this city's made us crazy and we must get out

i don't feel well. i'm trying to pay more attention to myself, my mind, my body, etc. i'm trying to be more mindful. its hard because i've always gone through life ignoring things. if i hit my leg on furniture, i dont really think about it. and then days later i'll have a bruise. i eat food while watching tv or a movie or doing something else and i dont realize that i've actually overeaten - i was full a long time ago and just kept eating because it was in front of me. i'll get a headache and take tylenol to make it go away, but not question WHY i have a headache. i'll hear cracks when i stand up or pull a muscle and not realize - these may be fine once in a while, but are not actually normal.

i am now learning that if i were more mindful, i would pay more attention to where i was walking and hit less things. i would feel full and not clean my plate making me much more comfortable and not get that gross feeling. if i have a headache, its most likely my body telling me i'm missing something - a vitamin, nutrient, sleep, water, etc. sitting all day, then going home to sit some more actually makes your muscles tight and make the whole body work incorrectly.

i've never ONCE paid attention to these things. its sad, honestly. i think about how much i've missed out in life because i've been too tired or feeling ill or crabby or anxious. these are NOT normal. we tell ourselves these are all facts of life, but they are just facts of this current lifestyle. not actually facts of life. people who are more active, mindful, conscious of what they're putting in their bodies are much more well-rounded individuals with better quality lives. we think we're going through life living well and to the fullest, but really we're hurting ourselves and not realizing it.

a few weeks ago, i found myself in the middle of nowhere ohio - i was in a rental car driving from cinci to columbus and hungry. there weren't many options and then i saw the big golden arches. i thought, "eh - i eat at mcdo twice a year, if even. i could go for some fries." and the more i thought about it, the more i craved them. i was getting really excited. i pulled off the freeway and got a small fry and 4-piece of chicken mcnuggets. i used to LOVE chicken mcnuggets growing up. and i've always loved their fries.

the first bite of the fry was delicious - so warm and salty. and then... gradually, as i ate more (and keep in mind, i'm trying to be more mindful), i started to attempt to pay attention to my body. my heart started to race. there was a slight pounding in my head. my stomach actually started to not feel well. i switched to the chicken nuggets with sweet and sour sauce. i could actually FEEL the sugar from the sweet and sour sauce spike up my heart rate. i felt disgusting within 10 min of eating. and i realized - i have probably ALWAYS felt that after eating fast food. but i ignored it. or felt good by the instant rush of blood moving every where. but as soon as the blood falls, it doesnt feel good anymore. i felt like shit the whole ride back to my hotel. i checked in and went to my room. i used the bathroom which made me feel better, but get this - then the bathroom smelled like mcdonalds. SMELLED like a FAST FOOD restaurant. thats disgusting. and we joke about it, because it makes us feel better. but its gross if you think about it. your shit is not supposed to smell like your food. how often does your shit smell like apples or salad? i felt like crap the rest of the night - tired and lethargic and like i needed a gallon of water to clear my veins and wash out my mouth. i can't imagine ever eating fast food again.

and thats the thing: fast food is not ACTUALLY food. food is meant to give your body nutrients and provide nourishment and help you FUNCTION. its not meant to make you gain weight or not fit in your clothes or put you into a food coma or make you feel embarrassed about going out or not be able to participate in things. or make you SMELL all around you.

so, back to me not feeling well. i'm on a flight as i write this and my stomach doesn't feel right. i think i might have a peanut allergy or something. i had a banana and some of the in-flight peanuts. and now i have a headache and my stomach feels meh. and i've started to notice this a lot on flights. if i eat the peanuts, i dont feel well during the flight. if i've eaten a nice salad or fruit before my flight, i feel great throughout the whole thing. i need to figure this out.

i can't imagine eating fast food again. and maybe i have to add in-flight peanuts to that.

how does fast food make you feel?

Friday, January 28, 2011

life is just a tire swing

if all goes as expected, i am currently on a flight from the west coast back to boston. i should land around 5pm and then i'll head home, unpack (maybe), make dinner, crack open a bottle of wine, and then settle in for some good basketball. and, in honor of a nice night at home watching player play, here are some videos of his team:

what are your plans this fine friday night?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

things that are making me happy

when i was home for christmas this past month, i took my grandma home from an event. i was in my dad's suv and she wasn't able to get into it really. normally, she just falls into a car. she turns so her butt is in the doorway of the car and then allows herself to fall. then she, somehow, maneuvers into the car. with the suv, since she wasn't able to fall UP into the car, she ended up laying almost completely horizontally. it was hilarious. and i couldn't help her. i tried, but she kept telling me she was fine. maybe she wanted a nap. anyway, this new product might not help in suv's, but it should certainly help for all other reasons. i wish i had thought of it!

[its obvious i'm kidding, right??]

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


watching this video made me sad

well and the pizza burger kind of grosses me out. but its true, we should be asking for more healthy products from our restaurants. i'm going to write a letter to a chain and ask for something...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

things that are making me happy

there are no words for this.

i am convinced that my brothers, sister-in-law and myself should learn this dance for the next menier family christmas. it would be fab. u. lous.

Monday, January 24, 2011

the heart of rock and roll

they say the heart of rock and roll is still beating

yep, thats right. i'm on a flight right now listening to huey lewis. i LOVE him. ha. gotta love that 80s saxophone.

so i'm traveling for work this week. i decided to take a monday morning flight instead of a sunday night flight because i am sick of giving up my weekends for the job. and of course it turns out that all monday flights are full of business travelers. this morning going through security - i am always glad to go through the priority line because you dont have to wait behind families and all the people in the priority/first class line know how to go through security (just like in that george clooney movie). it wasn't until i was waiting to go through security that i realized there were no people in the "regular" line. the business line was full! second evidence of business travelers is this: last fall i was starting to get upgraded a lot. this morning, i walk to the gate and look to see if i might get upgraded. on my first flight, i was #15 on the upgrade list (out of 20). on my second flight i was NUMBER FIFTY-TWO. that means at least a third of the people on the flight are highfalutin business travelers and i am just a measly traveler. i think there were 60 or 70 people on that list. so, anyway, got knocked down a bit (heaven forbid i get too big for my britches!)

ok, i'm getting sick of the guy next to me. he's not even a big guy, but he keeps elbowing me in my side. you're supposed to SHARE the arm rest and preferably NOT TOUCH your neighbors. annoying. grrrr...

ok, now that was just a major jab. what is the etiquette for this sort of thing? do i say something to him? do it back to him? i dont get it. he fits into the seat easily. its almost as if he's forcing his arms over to use the armrest. ugh. now i'm annoyed. and i have a headache. but that is because of my roommate. he made me strong (yet delicious!) drinks last night. grr to him! :) i was supposed to get a lot of stuff done for work and ended up not getting anything done. i had to wake up at 3am to pack for my trip, but i slept until 4 and then rushed (which i am getting really good at!) and made it to the airport on time.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

another saturday night

another saturday night and i ain't got nobody. i got some money 'cause i just got paid. how i wish i had someone to talk to. in an awful way.

yep. here we go again. this is me right now: saturday night. glass of red wine. brothers game on. video sucks so i'm listening. can't really listen well because i dont get it. sausage, brussel sprouts and pesto bread. they just took my brother out of the game but he has no fouls. wth.

had a fabulous day so far. not as quick a worker as i would've liked, but pleased with what i did get done. saw no strings attached at 11. liked it a lot. def related to the female protagonist even though i dont like the actress. went directly to work. was there from 1-7:30. walked home. went to cvs and didn't get anything. came home. and now this. i have soo much to do for work, i am going to be up all night. tomorrow i have to clean my room and meet peeps for brunch and maybe relax if i get all my work done tonight. we'll see. i would love that. mon i head to sac. busy week for me. ugh.

ugh. stupid turnover. but we got it back.

my brother homie and i are watching the game online. err... listening. the "watching" part is totally stupid. pennatlantic is showing the game super far behind. if showing at all.

homie called that we have to drink whenever player scores. i was like "wait! can we drink in between, too?" and he replied "duh. what if he has an off night??" so... thats going on.

one of the main articles on the ncaa website was about our big win last weekend against the #10 team. (the game where i fell asleep) this is a link for your enjoyment. eek. players' first foul.

ok, so its half time. we're ahead by 9. that's decent. i'd prefer more. but yeah. so i'm going to post this because i'm boring lately and don't have much to talk about. what do you have to say??

Friday, January 21, 2011


oof dah. just one of those days. or more like one of those weeks. i just can't seem to get ahead. i'm so tired. i'm overworked. i can't stop thinking about everything i have to do. it's mind boggling.

yesterday i left work right after a team lunch and took a cab home so that i could get home in time to hear player on the radio. here is a link to hear it. its pretty cool. thanks to homie for arranging it all.

then i got to work. i worked from 2:30-10:30 last night. i took a few breaks here and there, but i was working working working. i went from 400 emails in my inbox to 169 as of last night. there will be more again today, i understand, but... its some progress. i'm going to have to go in to the office tomorrrow. i'm in sac next week for work and there is just SO MUCH to do. i'd like to go to a movie, too. i can't remember the last time i went to a movie. sad.

so my coworker sent me this link to an article about how fargo gets called out and doesn't get as much snow as we think each year. it made me laugh. it just stays for longer. fo shizzle.

ok, i can't even think anymore. have to go to work.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

slightly freaking out...

this appears to be a thing my body is doing now.... waking up after 4am every day for the past 3 or 4 days. not fun. the first day, i got up, took a shower, and thought i would make it a productive few hours. that was before i fell asleep again. yesterday, i didn't even try doing anything and kept laying in bed doing nothing. i eventually fell asleep despite loads of work to do. today i would like nothing better than to go back to bed, but i actually have a meeting i have to prepare for this morning. and i have a doctors appointment which means i will get to work late and have to figure out where i'm going. ugh. i wish i could cancel, but, of course, its too late. don't they call you to remind you that you have an appointment?? they never did that... i better check my files.

anyway, last night i volunteered at the greater boston food bank. i was in the basement sorting boxes of food. i actually really like that job. its the same one i did when we volunteered last fall, too.

my goal is to leave work early today since i have so much to do. i'd like to be able to do it at home. oh, plus, player is going to be on the radio today. my goal is to get home in time to hear that. that should be fun.

here is my day:
8am - doc appointment
9:30 - expect to be at work
10:30 - meeting
11 - meeting (1 hr)
12 - team lunch
(attempt to travel home)
1:40 - player on radio
3 - meeting

ugh. so much to do. no time. NO TIME!

Monday, January 17, 2011

retirees and refugees

i'm not really in the mood to write a lot right now, but this totally upped my mood this morning: i updated my podcasts and saw that there was an npr story on fargo. ! so here is a link to the story. you can read it on this site or listen to it. i was excited that it takes place in fargo, and then - shock! it actually takes place in the very retirement community that my grandma lives in! i was completely shocked. it makes sense that i've never heard of it. my grandmother rarely leaves her apartment let alone gets involved in activities. that would be a shocker.

ok, thats all for today.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

live-blogging the umary game - part 2

oops. game started again. almost missed it. i'm tired. and halftime was really quick. foul #2 on player. not good. they can happen fast. 33-49. 18:37 left in the game.

player just had the ball and passed it to willy. willy passed it to someone else. shot clock is 5. player got an easy 2. signature fadeaway. why are people less interested now? and why hasn't homie responded?

someone else just scored. i missed it. 36-51. 17:28 left. so i never know what way to set up for when the ball is coming in. how do you know if you should be in one line or spread out? and do you have to freeze like simon says or can you be moving when the whistle blows?

yellow just keeps missing shots. i hope that stays the same. knock on head. 36-53. player just spun but was unable to bank it in.

anotehter thing i dont get is how men are able to remember games so well. i thik this guy just head-butted my brother but there was no call. so yeah. i feel like player has played hundreds of games in his career and i bet he could say "oh yeah, thats when...." and i'm like "hmmm... what color were the jerseys?" player just shot again. and scooooored. woo hoo. not ajump ball. 36-55. 15:36 min left. long timeout. the commercial on the radio is with my 8th grade government teacher.

oh wow! for once, the radio is ahead of the internt. by at least a minute. crazy. oh wait. no, they're always ahead. i have to mute it.

36-59. biggest lead continues to grow.

39-59. i'm tired.

39-61. clutch shot for the other team. 41-61.

when you're shooting free-throws. can you stand there for as long as you want? would it be in your best interest to stand there and catch your breath? or are you just hoping the game will be over soon?

timeout for mary which is good bcs the dude was TOTALLY STUCK. double-teamed.

player just had an AWESOME block. and then he got the ball in a different way. thats awesome. good game. 13:14 min left. only the 2nd turnover. limiting minnesota state to the fewest possessions possible. umary was one of the best teams last year in turnovers. (jas in, not a lot)

43-62 with ... some time left. its a replay so i can't tell. 12:50. umary without a center. moody just shot an awesome three. i think player had the assist. is there over and back in college basketball? 43-65. like where you can't cross the midcenter line and then go back? something like that...

the just recapped and player has 14 pts. woo hoo.

same score.

oops. 47-68. 10:37 left.

something happened that i dont understand. coach looked upset.

ok. i forgot to type. they just replayed a ... something under the basket where a few players fell. i still couldn't tell what happened.

we have a few ppl almost in foul trouble, so thats troubling. get it? trouble is troubling.

why is being the pt guard and the 2nd leading rebounder so surprising? theres something about that that i dont know. apparently the yellow team isn't interested in playing defense. doesnt bother mer! 50-71 with 9:09 left. we just shot an in-and-out. those suck. what i like about basketball is its technically all angles and velocity and whatnot. mathematics. i dont know the math, but its there.

55-74. im almsto falling asleep. 5min left in the game. it would really suck if we lost this game at this point. its 11pm. my bedtime. 16-pt lead at the half. if marauders winthis game tonight, they'll have won 7 of the last 8 games and the one game they lost, they lost by 1 pt. i missed something - the crowd just went wild. oh wow! they're cheering "ov-er ra-ted!" ouch. i would feel bad if someone were chanting that about me.

2:34 left. 59-82. mary is bringing in 2nd string. ist hat what they're called?

oh wow. cam lee has a pretty bad twisted ankle. they just showed player - hes on teh bench because we're so far ahead. i wonder what happened to the other team tonight. we're probably also just underrated.

half a minute to go. the marauders will take down the #1 team in the conference.

69-84 is the final score. woo hoo. is player limping? i hope not. i would not be very happy about that. oh the coach went around and shook his own players hands. that was nice.

not quite as long this post. thats probably good. i just can't keep up. i feel like i'm grandma or something.

the funny thing about this broadcast is that you keep hearing the announcer or something. ok. i think it might be over. i just heard a guy say "are we gonna try and pump out the stats?" WHILE the stats are on teh screen being updated.

ok, well they just shut off the video and the espn radio isnt up, so i guess i'll shut 'er down. congrats player!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

live-blogging the umary game - part 1

eric just scored the first point for his team! am watching player's game tonight and i've decided to "live blog" the game. its 18:21 left and i just decided this. i'm hoping it will help me follow the game better. i got home a little after 9.

crap. player just got his first foul. NOT GOOD. during chalk talk (which, yes, i watched), coach herbst said that is one of the keys to the game - making sure they don't get to the foul line because they score more free throws than most teams get to the line. and players been sitting on the bench a lot bcs of foul trouble. so thats not cool. the dude hit one free throw. oh. player just hit a fadeaway. i now know what they are. wait. he didn't make it. so it was an attempt at a fadeaway.

anyway, got home a little after 9. was at a friends birhtday. i only stayed for drinks because of this game. i'm glad that the woman's game ran long. it allowed me to watch the pre-game of this game. thats cool. oooo close up on player taking the ball out. #32. woo hoo. moody just scored. 32nd 3 pointer of the year.

the game is being broadcast on - hey! the score is wrong! oof dah. they had 6-2 when it should be 3-5. they fixed it. i'm paying attention. anwyay, the game is being broadcast on nbc in north dakota. i hope a lot of ppl are watching. my cousin amanda is having people at her house watching it outside of why-not minot. thats pretty cool. homie is at the game and i am really glad about that. crap! the game just froze right after player scored. and theyw ere talking about him. NTO PLEASED. i have to go fix this.

ugh. so annoying. i missed like 2 minutes of the game. i had to refresh. i'm watching the game on my work computer (a PC) and typing on my macbook. what was i saying? oh yes. homie is at the game (as are my parents, of course, who are always there) and @hassie is with him, too. i gave hassie a hug from afar. he appreciated it. so there is a commercial break so i hope i'll know when the game has restarted. the screen is black right now.



oh ok. its coming back. guys with blue body paint on. i can see them.

ok. game's back on. i had to open the window. its mad hot in here.

13:50 left in the first half and the score is 10-12 mary. is that how you say the games? ji mean scores. i've had a glass of wine. now 10-15 mary. for some reason, msu is shown first on the screen, so thats what i keep looking at. this is a pretty fast-paced game. player takes the ball out and he doesn't pause while he's out of bounds. ooo. replay. willy just hit a 3pointer. score is now 10-18. they called a timeout bcs mary is on a roll. they should've let them open up a bit more. player is #8 of all-time scorers at mary. he has scored over 1400 pts in his college career - congrats! that was awesome.

some dude in yellow (the other team - LAME color!) just FLEW through the air. white man can jump. sometimes the game is faster than i can type. and i'm not looking at the keys, so not really sure whats going on. (with the yping, that is). ooo. an almost travel during the last bit. the yellow team looks short but i think its just because their shorts are so long. i dont like it. player has the ball. 11 minutes left. willy just scored. if player throws to someone who throws to the person who passes - does player get an assist? he assisted the person who assisted the scorer. i think that should count as an assist. he's obviously sharing the ball. ooo. yellow team just threw the ball out. under the 11 min mark, idiot. the dude just said "under the 12-minute mark." another timeout. i can catch up.

so mary is in orange and blue. i was kind of not in love with their colors, but now they have grown on me. they look really sharp against a white shirt. and they didnt look bad against a gray sweatshirt that i used to own. my mother lost it in florida a few months ago so i no longer own it. i guess i shouldn't be upset since she probably bought it for me. ok, close up on some girl at the game. and some other people in the crowd. show my family!!

ok, can't tell you the time - its not on the screen. come on, nbc. ok, 10:48 left and the score is 14-21 mary. moody just had an awesome steal and then a foul. he's super quick. i bet i could guard him. i'm totally sure. he's from wisconsin by way of devils lake. he just scored. 14-22. i'll always put mary's score 2nd just so you know. yellow team keeps hitting the rim (and not going in). thats good for us. i bet that would suck to shoot a lot and not make them. thats why i dont play. player just scored! woo hoo! he's so cute. 6 points he has. something called a head-fake. not quite sure when he's going to shoot it the dudes on tv are saying. i always know when he's gonna shoot it. call it sibling intuition.

wow. this is long. people are going to be annoyed.

oo. mary missed. got a rebound and just made it! woo hoo. my computer can hardly keep up with my fast fingers. the good thing about this is that my hands are not free to lift wine glasses to my mouth. i'll probably actually be sober by the end of this game!

something about someone's versatility.. not really sure who they're talking about.

game is slowing down. we're only ahead by 10. i prefer 20+. oh, in case i didnt tell anyone - this is a big game. the yellow team is #1 in our conference and #10 in the nation. they're throwing the ball a lot. trying to take up time. wear our team down. set up plays. they just hit a three pointer. 19-26. i like the sound of shoes on a basketball court. i wonder what a basketball court is made of. the floor that is. not really interested in the brick and mortar. moody just stole and missed an assist. crappy. taking a break. mary is up again by 10. oh. eric was out. i missed that. when did he get benched? and why? to rest? how many fouls does he have. man, i suck at paying attention to this.

another commercial break. biggest lead for us has been 12 but is now 10. 19-29. yellow has the ball. some dde was open. an offensive foul. thats good since we were defense. da fence. nw tire replay. i want some arm warmers. mason guarding my brother. not sure who that is. i bet its the guy stalking my brother on the court.

oh wow. total air ball. maybe not because the shot clock restarted. 6:45 left in the game. this might be a 2-parter because its gettin loong.

player missed a fadeaway. is that one word?

hmm... an interesting story about some D1 players on the msu team for the first part of the year and they were "pushed out" the door... wonder what happened there!

yellow team gets a free throw. miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssss. crap. he made it. he wouldn't have if he had heard me. just made the 2nd as well.

holy crap! moody just had a great 3! that was really good. i'm not kidding when i say the score said 232. that would've been awesome. it is only 32. too bad. 21-32. player is the leading rebounder. i like that. especially since they practically didnt know what rebounding was last year. moody just hit another. 19 pts. 21-35.

lee is coming out with 2 fouls. who is going in?

willy just scored! 22-38. 4min left.

ummmmm. lots of stuff just happened. too fast. can't keep up.

dude! the dude just fouled my brother! he fell to the ground!!! NOT PLEASED. don't push my brother around.

a break. i need some wine.

phew. this is tough work! moody just scored again. 22-40 with 3:28 left in the first half. they just need to score 2 more pts and i'll fell slightly safer. then they should have a goal of being ahead by 30. i feel like this geam will come out fighting after the half. not liking that. just texting homie that i was live bloggina nd he said "this is awesome." i'm still nervous. they should get ahead a LOT.

25-40. thanks to free throws. player just got fouled again. the dude should've just let him shoot. might-should've been an offensive foul, but i dont mind that the other dude got it. 76% he makes it. player just missed a free throw. he normally gets those. 27-41. we haven't scored in a while. just missed another shot.

"[player] close to picking up his 2nd foul."

you know what i wonder about people who play sports? if they care about getting dirty. i think they probably don't. you get sweaty and sticky and you share a ball with people without washing the ball or your hands in between. i think there is a reason i dont play sports.

the yellow team is the highest scoring team in teh conference. says mary is playing well defensively. 27-43. i'm quite pleased player hasn't gotten a 2nd foul. he just got benched. to protect him? hmm... not sure how i feel about that. i guess he could have a break. someone should give him a quick shoulder massage. another point for us. 27-46. they're running the clock down.

de-fense. de-fense. de-fense. 3 seconds left and a foul. offensive put-back. obviously i have no idea what these things mean. i'm just retyping what the dudes on the internet tv are saying.

woo. just tried for a decent 3pointer. missed it. thats the end of the half. 30-46 at the half. decent, but still slightly nervous. can't hear the interview. just turned on jack on espn radio and its a commercial. interested to see what he says. oh! i see homie! and hassie! they were on tv. standing in the stands behind the coach who was being interviewed. i texted him to wave, but he didnt get it, i guess. crappy.

ok, just pulled up jack again. let's see what he says. wait. is this mankato or msu? oh. not moorhead state. hmm... ha ha. ok, they're talking about mary women, so i'm going to post this and will post part 2 later... who will win??????
oh, quickly... not sure how long it will be up, but if you click on this link - its a pic of player shooting and homie and hassie and mama bear are in the background!

Friday, January 14, 2011

blogging + bball + wine

oof dah. i just looked at my blog and realized its been days since i even thought about it. its friday night. 9:45. i left work about an hour ago. i know. its sad. and thats why i haven't thought about my blog in so long. super busy. i like it. but i wish i was more effective.

this should be a post about things i like. i like right now. i'm watching my brothers game online - actually watching. the stupid nsic doesn't have their system set up to watch on a mac, so i am watching on my work laptop. how lame is that?? stoopid. anyway, the bad team just shot a basket and missed. :) we are slightly ahead but now i am going to knock on my head so that i dont jinx them. its a TOUGH game. player got 2 fouls right away and was out most of the first half until two other people also got 2 fouls. he's in now and playing conservatively, which is good. under a minute to play. awesome. woo hoo. (a minute in the half, that is). 23 seconds now. mary leading by 4. less than 25 pts for each team in a half. not gonna get to 80 pts in this game.

anyway, was at work super late. talked to my friend in france for an hour, so that was nice. although i can find that we're distant. we don't talk as often and she's married now. and i'm slightly concerned because we're in similar industries so i can't talk about work as freely as i'd like. its interesting. some people have a best friend since they were 6 years old. i'm not one of those people. i wonder if that means anything. anyway, then i worked a lot to get caught up. this was a busy week - i was in ohio for half of it, sick one day, and then at work until almost 9pm last night, as well. i came home and had sushi, watched svu and then chatted with the roomie. off to bed and then repeat. long day at work today, watching the game and drinking wine. ching!

ok. i've not been paying attention to the game. how long is half time? it went by really quickly. and now my computer is frozen. crap. anyway, i'm drinking wine, watching the game. here is me. right now:
i'm not paying as much attention because player isn't playing. but homie tweeted a picture of the game and here it is:

player is 32, bending over. oh! he's back in! woo hoo. i should watch.

ok, last thing i'll write is actually something *i* didn't write... here is an article about player's game last weekend...

Published January 09 2011

College basketball: Mary defeats MSUM men behind 27 points from Anthony Moody

Minnesota State Moorhead couldn’t contain lightning-quick guard Anthony Moody, and couldn’t find an offensive rhythm in the second half.

By: Eric Peterson, INFORUM

Minnesota State Moorhead couldn’t contain lightning-quick guard Anthony Moody, and couldn’t find an offensive rhythm in the second half.

That combination was too much for the Dragons to overcome Saturday at Alex Nemzek Fieldhouse.

Moody netted a game-high 27 points to lift the University of Mary to a 72-57 victory in Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference men’s basketball.

“He’s just a terrific player,” MSUM head coach Chad Walthall said of Moody. “It was just a tough matchup for anybody. He is extremely talented and he just gave us fits. He played great tonight. He was hard to guard.”

The Dragons (7-5, 4-4 NSIC) trailed by one point at halftime, but were unable to keep pace in the final 20 minutes. Mary (9-4, 5-4) held MSUM to 20 points in the second half on 25 percent shooting (7 of 28) from the floor.

The Dragons scored just four points, including one field goal, in the final seven minutes of the game.

“At times when the ball is not falling in and we are starting to force … then you just dig a bigger hole,” said Dragons guard Charlie Chapman, who finished with 13 points and three assists. “We just have to come and play for 40 minutes straight and give all our effort.”

The Dragons cut the Mary lead to 56-53 after Tarell Clark scored in a transition drive to the basket with 7 minutes, 18 seconds remaining in the second half. MSUM went cold from that point with Mary scoring 16 of the game’s final 20 points. Moody started that game-clinching surge with a 3-pointer from the top of the key with 6:50 remaining.

“You can’t stop Moody,” said Mary senior forward and former Fargo North standout Eric Erdmann, who finished with 15 points. “He is just too quick with the ball and too smart of a player. You try to stay off him and he hits a 3 and you try to get into him and he goes right by you. He’s a fun player to watch and I’m glad he’s playing on my team.”

Erdmann scored Mary’s final 11 points in the first half to help the Marauders take a 38-37 lead into halftime. The Dragons led by as many as eight points in the first half.

“We knew when we came in we had a challenge in front of us,” Erdmann said. “It’s a big win on the road.”

The Dragons host Northern State in a game scheduled for a 4 p.m. tipoff today at Alex Nemzek Fieldhouse.

“Sometimes lessons are hard,” Walthall said.

MARY (9-4, 5-4 NSIC): Moody 12-18 0-0 27, Wilhelm 2-7 0-0 5, Lee 2-4 0-2 5, Erdmann 6-12 0-0 15, Smith 2-4 1-2 5, M. Johnson 0-0 0-0 0, Condon 0-0 0-0 0, Jaspers 2-5 0-0 4, Belohlavek 0-1 0-0 0, Bakkum 0-0 0-0 0, B. Johnson 0-1 0-0 0, Dorr 4-5 1-1 9, Ulmer 1-1 0-0 2. Totals 31-58 2-5 72.

MSUM (7-5, 4-4): Chapman 4-10 2-2 13, Ja. Driscoll 2-5 0-0 5, Clark 6-13 2-4 14, Novak 1-3 2-4 4, Williamson 2-12 2-2 6, Jo. Driscoll 0-0 0-0 0, VanHavermaet 0-2 0-0 0, Thompson 0-1 0-0 0, Hamilton 4-9 0-0 10, Reed 0-0 0-0 0, Olson 2-4 1-2 5. Totals 21-59 9-14 57.

Half: Mary 38, MSUM 37. 3-point goals: Mary 8-20 (Moody 3-5, Wilhelm 1-4, Lee 1-3, Erdmann 3-5, Jaspers 0-1, Belohlavek 0-1, Dorr 0-1), MSUM 6-14 (Chapman 3-8, Ja. Driscoll 1-1, VanHavermaet 0-2, Hamilton 2-3). Total fouls: Mary 12, MSUM 10. Rebounds: Mary 32 (Lee 6), MSUM 31 (Clark 10). Assists: Mary 16 (Erdmann 4), MSUM 10 (Clark 4). Steals: Mary 6 (Lee 2, Dorr 2), MSUM 6 (Novak 2). Turnovers: Mary 12 (Moody 6), MSUM 10 (three players with 2).

Inforum searchword: Dragons men’s basketball

Readers can reach Forum reporter

Eric Peterson at (701) 241-5513.

Peterson’s blog can be found


Wednesday, January 12, 2011


woe is me. i'm sick. stuffy nose. sore throat. headache. etc. i've stayed home from work, which kind of sucks because i think it would've been a pretty quiet day in the office and i could've gotten a lot done. i haven't logged on to work yet, but i will this afternoon. i slept in and then got up and went to shovel because we're in the middle of a major storm. over a foot of snow already. i was waiting for the bus to take me to cvs to get medicine when i realized - duh! we live right across the street from a drugstore. a bit spendy, but i went there instead. i'm about to get full up on airborne. nice.

i just watched this video this morning and found it humorous. nsfw. lots of swearing, so dont watch if it offends you.

add cough to the list of ailments.

ok, i can't think of anything else.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

remember last year??

oops! i meant to post this a while ago (read: within the past few weeks) as a year-end tribute, but totally forgot! i'm sick (getting a head cold) and therefore slightly delirious, so this will be a quick ramble because this video is fun. found on buzzsugar or something like that.

i LOVE creative things like this. i wonder how long it took someone to do that... what's your favorite song on here??

ooooohhhhh. and happy 1/11/11!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

francis bailey

just a quick update while i have a teeny bit of time. am in my hotel room in columbus. i've been in ohio since saturday. i had a midday flight that i, single-handedly, delayed. i kid you not. RIGHT before we start boarding, i started not feeling well. i got on the plane and started doing yoga breaths. then i felt fine. it was a super small puddle-jumper plane with one seat, the aisle and then two seats. i was sitting in the one seat at the exit row. there were probably 20 rows, so about 60-seats on the plane. there were MAYBE 12 people on the flight. as we're pulling away from the gate, i start getting really hot and sweaty and not feeling well at all. the flight attendant goes in to the back to use the restroom and i'm thinking "ok, we're not taking off for a bit." i start feeling worse. and sweaty. i had to take my scarf and sweater off. the flight attendant comes out and i'm like "i'm really really sorry, but i really need to use the bathroom." i think she could see the panic on my face. she calls the front and they pull over on the tarmac. i used the bathroom and then went back to my seat and we took off. no big deal, but i delayed the plane. ha.

anyway, i landed in columbus late (aside from my delay, we had been a half hour late anyway) and jumped in a rental car to drive to my hair appointment. i got my red touched up and then checked in to a hotel, did yoga and met a friend for dinner. uneventful night - went home early and promptly fell asleep. slept in, which was the first time in WEEKS that i was able to do that. got up and headed to cincinnati. since i joined the mfa last fall, i've been trying to go to as many museums that give you reciprocity, and the cincinnati museum of art is on the list. so i drive the 1h45 min south and show up at this museum. i walk in and there are signs everywhere "free admission." and i'm thinking... "ummm... what??" so i talk to this woman who explains its been free admission for about 2.5 yrs since a grant came in from the founder. i was a little annoyed. i thought i was getting something for free. i'm obviously not going to leave, so i walk around. they have a really small, but cool contemporary art area. i really liked that. a lot of the same boring crap - impressionist and stupid portraits of funny looking people. actually, i like impressionist - some of it. same old african masks and egyptian junk. uninteresting. i feel like you've seen one artifact you've seen 'em all. there was a decent cincinnati wing. and ... i think thats about it. oh, the main exhibit right now is wedding dresses. i bet you can guess how interested i was in that. i cruised through that exhibit (which, btw, was FULL of people - like jam packed!) and then headed out. my feet were killing me.
i tried stopping at a resto in my dining program, but, of course, it was closed on sunday. so i hopped in the car and head back to columbus. not a bad drive and i have more to write about that later, but... yeah... thats my trip so far. last night i tried super super hard to watch my brothers game on computer, but it just wasnt happening. my brother homie texted me updates which was AWESOME. like score-by-score updates. thanks, dude. then my friend picked me up and we went to eat. i got home after 10, took a bath, watched sicko (haven't finished yet) and then headed to bed.

oh, one side comment. i'm like 95.43% sure that i ordered waffles for breakfast this morning and they brought me pancakes. i'm really annoyed. they are NOT interchangeable. this means i have no breakfast now. bleh.

[francis bailey is the name of that picture - i mean, seriously. how excited can you get about that??]

Saturday, January 8, 2011

things that are making me happy

ok, so before i actually read this article, i thought "genius! of course!" and was really excited. it calls itself the "george clooney effect" and says that as women age (which is what i'm doing, in case you haven't noticed - or wait. am i?? crap.), we prefer older men instead of younger men. which, of course, i was like "yes!" this is EXACTLY why i love keith olbermann! but then i read the article and it says women want someone who can take care of them financially... hmmm.... not sure if thats what i was really thinking. but the whole "confidence to go after powerful men" is a nice idea... i should have a boyfriend. preferably one who is 40 and lives in europe. know anyone?

some other things i'm liking right now:
aw heck, i'll just put in the actual video for you:

Thursday, January 6, 2011

dream apartment - 53

ummm.... all i can say is WOW. i don't know what i like more - the storage or the actual contents.

i'm still in awe. i was at a friends house today (that i'm writing it, not necessarily posting it) and she has a brand new apartment and a FABULOUS closet. its kind of amazing. if it were filled with shoes like this, i would love it more.

check out this link for more.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

things that are making me happy

i'll only post one of the videos on this site, and you can check out this link here for the other video, but when i watched these videos i thought "how fun! wish i had learned about stuff like this in fun ways!" and then "wait. i wish i was this creative!" so this is a teacher who made videos from pop songs to teach her students different topics. here is about the french revolution:

and in other academy-things, here is a video of a professor who did an experiment trying to determine a difference between instant gratification and delayed gratification. its called the marshmallow test and its super cute.

i'm trying to decide if i am an instant-gratifier (that sounds dirty) or delayer... i really want to be delayer. what are you?

Monday, January 3, 2011


so i'm starting a new series, mostly for myself, but maybe you'll benefit, too. it's called motivation and its because i like things that motivate me. motivation for what? anything. be a better person. eat healthily. recycle. work out. be more green. be nicer. whatever it is. strive to be better. or be motivated to improve. so, in the first part of this series, check out this awesome video:

aren't those girls awesome? it almost makes me want to go jump rope! and it also reminded me of the fm acro team (fargo-moorhead). so i looked them up. they're pretty motivating and just fun to watch. here is a full routine of theirs:

and here is a shorter highlight video they have on their website:

makes me want to have a party and hire them to perform. and makes me wanna go jump on a trampoline.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

happy new year!!!

so normally i'm unexcited about new years - its just another day, n'est-ce pas? but i'm in a rather good mood right now... wait. is it not the new year today? oh crap. oops. its the 2nd. well, happy january 2nd! probably not a lot of people celebrate january 2nd, so i will. i missed 1/1/11. actually, yesterday, i was in an up-and-down mood. one second good mood then one second annoyed. good mood because i started being productive, then got distracted (typical). good mood because i got to see my grandma, then bad mood because her apartment smelled (thats what happens when you never leave the house) and she kept asking me OVER and OVER if i had red in my hair. can you not see the red??? its ALL red! actually, once i got over that, i was happy to have seen her and kicked her butt in cards. :) then most of the annoyance stemmed from two things: 1) i was still in fargo and 2) i hate sports bars. let me explain: i'm always happy to be in fargo, but i was stranded there for 6 extra days. sure, 6 days with my family is always nice, but its hard not to look at it as 6 days where i'm not moving on with my life. i had things to do, places to be, people to meet (literally), and a lot of plans that had to be canceled or rescheduled. it was frustrating. and i wasn't nearly as productive at work as i would've been had i been in the office, so after i write this (i'm on the plane back to bos), i'm going to have to spend the rest of my flight working. ugh. stupid snow storms. its not often that you got stuck because of BOTH ends of the trip. oh and 3) (why i'm annoyed) because i now won't get gold status on delta. sigh. that's self explanatory. anyway, on to point #2. my grandma gave my family some money to spend on a dinner for christmas. so we go out to eat. and to me, eating out is about being with the people you are dining. conversation, the food, etc. half my family enjoys eating at sports bars. i do not. i don't like their food - its almost always frozen and then fried and i hate the loudness in bars. you can't talk to people. besides, it sucks to have a conversation with someone when they're watching tv over your shoulder. its kind of like, "ok, why am i here? why don't you just watch tv without me around." it's not fun to wait for a commercial to feel like you're important for being there. so, we were going to go out to eat, but of course, its a bowl day. so there is football on tv. we ended up compromising on a restaurant which has ok food, even though it kind of feels like a chain, but i'm not sure if it is. i prefer non-chain restaurants. well, we get there and the restaurant is full (because, of course, its the first time people can leave their houses in 2 days, so everyone wants to go out to eat). so we end up in the bar, which started out really loud. i shouted "what?! i can't hear you!" to my brother and i think a lot of people around me heard me because it wasn't quite as loud the rest of the time we were there. it ended up being fine, but still not my place to go. don't get me started on the gold status thing.

in the end, we ended up going bowling, which was actually really fun! i haven't bowled in like 18 years (except for one time a few years ago when, at a bowling alley with a bunch of people so we were splitting frames, i said to my brother "hey, homie, i'm not really that bad of a bowler, right" (after i bowled like 3 straight gutter balls) and he replied, "are you kidding?? you've sucked at every sport ever!" and i promptly left the bowling alley because i was so mad). anyway, this was not that time. and i bowled a spare on my first frame! i didn't hit 100, but i was actually really please with my score! in the 2nd game, i scored an XX9. i didn't get to use my ball to see if i would've gotten a spare and we didn't get to finish the game, so i don't know what my final score was, but it was above 102, for sure. kind of makes me want to join a bowling league. except i feel like its super expensive in boston. i'll have to check it out. that could be a fun thing to do in the new year.

other fun things i plan on doing in the new year include taking tennis lessons with a friend. i am also meeting my little sister tomorrow. did i mention i was going to become a big sister? i can't remember. i hope it goes ok... also, i am going to learn to play bridge. or pinnochle. no, bridge. and... what else? oh, i hope to ACTUALLY get gold status this year. we'll see how much i end up traveling. i hope less, but better trips.

so bowling last night put me in a better mood. and also i was happy because drinks are
in fargo. i texted a bunch of friends "just had a pitcher of beer and a large gin and tonic while bowling with the family for just $11.50." just to say nah-nah-na-boo-boo. they were jealous. i'm telling you, everyone should go to fargo just to drink. then i got home and played cards with my mom. i probably should've done some work, but oh well. i woke up on my own this morning around 5:30. i got up and did YOGA. how awesome is that? then i showered and packed and got ready for my flight. lots of fun stuff. i'm waiting for the flight attendant to get me some more wine. where's my wine, dude?? omg. he just passed me AGAIN without asking what i'd like. not cool. and i've done about half of my christmas cards (i know, i know). so that is good.

anyway, i'm happy because i'm heading back to boston. its going to be a crazy crazy week. i looked at my work calendar yesterday and it made me so... tired. just by looking at it! there is going to be NO TIME to get any work done this week. i'm having the two people who report to me over tonight and we're going to play settlers of catan (bonding moment) and have indian food. woo hoo. i'm really looking foward to it, although i was planning to have them over earlier in the day because i was supposed to have been home for... like a week... but now i am landing at 4:50 and they will be over at 6.

ok, i just got some more red wine. decency is restored.

ok, not sure if you'll hear a lot from me that is not already scheduled this week. its going to be cra-zy. and i'm pretty sure if i DO end up writing, i will be inebriated. just warning you.

so... it was sad saying good bye to my family. i have seen them sooo much in the past few years (because, you know, i LIVED with them and all) and now i won't see them for probably 4 months or so. thats sad. so i won't dwell on it. plan to head to nodak in may for player's graduation (that is IF they'll give him a diploma! mwhahahahaha) and then who knows when the next time will be. BUT i live in boston now and i have things going on there, so i have to get going on.

and to leave you on this fine sunday day - man, my feet are HOT. i got boots for xmas (thanks mom & dad) and i wore them on the plane so as not to pack them. holy crap they are WARM - i shall play you this video from this podcast that i like (dinner download) because i really liked this song. i might have to get this guy's video.

my hands are super dry. i don't like that.

what do you think of the song? makes me want to reminisce....