Monday, January 31, 2011

dream apartment - 54

the title of this post might actually be a misnomer. since its going to be about houses. i LOVE looking at houses and so this post on apartment therapy really caught my attention. what was my dream house style??

i wonder if you could guess from reading my blog.... but not sure how to do that without just telling you. so i'll just tell you. i like the following:

modernist - love the clean lines and the fact that its "modern." BUT not my favorite because i feel like houses like this can look dated after a bit of time. a friend of ours has a house in west fargo that was really cool when it was built. back in the 80s. and now it just looks out of place.

then there is this one that is pretty cool: new traditionalist. for some reason this keeps reminding me of my girl. and kind of like the house my mom grew up in. nothing really wrong with it, but not my favorite.

HERE is my favorite: the good ol' reliable yurt.

i just LOVE the simple aspects of this home. ha. jk. i don't even know what a yurt is! but you can bet i would never ever ever live in one.

this is actually my favorite: victorian. and i think its partially from living in columbus. there were so many cool houses around. and they're almost european. love them.

whats your favorite? (be sure to check out the others here)


  1. Are Victorian popular in San Fransisco too??

  2. yes, player, victorian is very popular in san fran. good call. maybe thats partly why i like it so much...