Thursday, March 31, 2011

i can't remember if i cried

grrr. or maybe its ugh. both. grugh.

its 4:18am on tuesday morning. i should be sleeping, but nooo, i'm awake. i'm not pleased. i'm tired and yet 100% awake. i woke up around 330 and thought "it must be time for me to get up soon." nope. not at all. i should be sleeping until 6, then shower quickly, pack for my trip, run to the post office, then hop in a cab on the way to the airport for a work trip for the rest of the week. i think i'm starting to dread my trip. and i don't know why.

and last night kind of sucked, too. it started out good. i worked a little later than i wanted, but thats fine. i walked home and got home around 715. i instantly called my brother homie on skype and showed him some ties i got him. last friday my roommate and i were at lord and taylors and picked out 4 ties for each of my brothers. it was really fun! (they match, btw, which is half the fun - except, turns out player might need extra LONG ties. [stick tongue out here]) anyway, so i showed homie and i think he liked them. he has a new job and needs to dress up for work now. then i watched him iron. thats exactly what skype is for, right?? watching people iron while doing absolutely nothing else?? ha. so that was fun.

i then went downstairs to make dinner and i probably shouldn't have. it was boring. it took too long. i didn't know what i was doing. i kept asking my roommate for help and i think he thought i was joking. i really don't know what to do in the kitchen. then i made a mistake over thinking things and my roommate laughed at me because i guess i didn't apparently listen to him. whatever. the food turned out pretty decent, but it took such an effin long time. i wanted to pack and shower and go to bed early and maybe take a sleeping pill so i could be totally refreshed for my trip. but i couldn't shower because we had used all the hot water with the washing machine (laundry) and the dishwasher (dishes). i was so pissed that i there was no hot water. and yet i was still up late. now i feel like i will be constantly catching up on sleep all week. annoying. oh, and i'm getting sick. one nostril is constantly plugged or runny and the back of my throat hurts. UGH. another reason i should be asleep right now.

maybe i'll meditate. i only just did this for the first time last weekend. i took a class on mindfulness and it was really cool. i wish i liked it enough to do it every day, but so far i am not able to prioritize it. and that sucks. perhaps i'm purposely putting it off or something. i tried showing my roommate about it, but ... well, lets just say i won't be doing that again. i need to not push people who aren't interested in my things. just another disappointment and reason not to open up to people.

oh! and another reason i'm annoyed. i just downloaded the new firefox and now my bookmark tabs don't fit on one line. grrr! that really annoys me! does firefox not get that i have spent HOURS making sure that the titles of my folders are short enough such that i can have them all fit perfectly on one line?? if i don't see them, then i forget they are there. out of sight, out of mind. are you trying to get me to forget my folders, firefox??!! i blame you!

and how come it takes so long to access the itunes store, anyway?? thats annoying! and what the hell with the mindfulness podcasts?? is there NO ONE out there who has done a guided meditation podcast?? now what the heck am i supposed to do? grugh. i am obviously not meant to be awake right now. posting this later in the week so maybe my mood has improved. fingers crossed.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

things that are making me happy

this isn't just things that are making me happy, this is something that makes me SO ELATED. i LOVED this story. it was on npr - story of the day. i don't really know how to paste just the audio, so here is what i suggest you do:
1) click on this link and listen to the story on npr. its written so well, it just made me smile.
2) you can read the transcript here
but then
3) watch this video

i recognize that i partially loved this story because of the french connection, but other than that - i love how the guy said he changed because of it. and connections were made. and people were friendly. and someone went to europe for the first time. i love it all.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

i knew if i had my chance, i could make those people dance

and maybe they'd be happy for a while...

i haven't written a lot lately. and i don't really have a good reason why. i'm not sure that i am 100% busy all the time. i have a lot of varied things going on lately. every sunday, i take my little sister skating. monday evenings i typically have tennis lessons (which, BTW, is an AWESOME sport. its sooo fun! i've never picked up a racket prior to before 3 lessons ago). i haven't been traveling very much. i think i did 2 work trips in january, 1 in february and i leave today for a trip for the week. normally i have 2-3 trips per month for work alone. and i think the only trip i've taken for personal reasons was a few weeks ago when i went to minneapolis for the weekend to watch my brother play basketball. that will change soon. i will be gone for 3 straight weekends soon.

oh! the other thing that has been keeping me busy is planning for my 30th birthday. (woot, woot) i am actually VERY excited to turn 30. i'm sick of being in my 20s. it seems so immature. bleh. yesterday i read this article about how women start feeling old when they hit 29. ??!! i don't feel old! thats pretty sad. and if you read the article, it makes it seem like its because of societal pressures of how to look. poop on that! i try very hard to not let society pressure me in to things. men don't feel old until they are 58 or something like that. do you feel old? how old are you?

oh, so back to birthday planning. my birthday is in may - less than 2 months away! i think i will have my boston-based friends over the actual night of my birthday for a small no-pressure party. i was thinking wine tasting, and then i thought i should have a theme like 80s or something like that (since i was born in the 80s). so i have to figure out how to marry the two. i was super excited for the 80s themed party until i realized that i don't have any 80s clothes left. left? thats funny. not that i would fit into clothes from when i was 9. i mean, i don't know that i have any 80s clothes at all. i feel like i could get some wrist bands and colored tights and off the shoulder shirts. but what else could i get that would be easy to find/keep? that's my one stumbling block right now.

the other plan is that at the end of may, about a dozen of my dearest friends are heading up to a cabin in maine to spend a long weekend. it should be really really cool. i'm also planning on going white-water rafting, too. i LOVE white-water rafting. woo hoo. should be fun.

on sunday, my roommate and i headed to sucker punch, the movie. i LOVED the beginning bit. it was so dark and mysterious and totally fun in a really alice in wonderland, garbage, dreary way. can that be fun? ha. i enjoyed it. but then it kind of fell into different layers and there was a massive sci-fi portion to it that i just don't understand. i'm not a huge sci-fi fan. in retrospect, the soundtrack is FABULOUS. i've added it to my amazon queue. will have to get that at some point. after that, we were supposed to have kc and the sunshine band over, but they couldn't make it. higgi made fajitas and they were DELISH. much better than mine, i think. then we watched red eye while we were both on our laptops. it was so fun! just how i like a sunday to be.

Monday, March 28, 2011

things that are making me happy

this is super cute. homage to japan.

h/t: higgi in the morning.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

dream apartment - 57

it never really occurred to me to want a round bed, but the more i thought about it, the more i realized its a must. its like back to the future all over again. here is my favorite:

and this one is pretty cool for a couch. i love the colors, too.

what do you think? (originals and more found here)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

things that are making me happy

so tomorrow i am getting the social network from netflix. i have not seen it but i feel like i need to. everyone else has seen it. wait. except maybe my roommate. hmm... anyway, it reminded me of these cute videos that i had seen. check out this one here:

and then i liked this one, as well:

the original videos are here on buzzsugar. there are a few more. which is your favorite?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

things that are making me happy

i have been neglecting the internet. and unhappily so. until i get back on my track, enjoy this video which i like for a few reasons:
1) i fly a lot
2) i have friends who are irish
3) i have been in this situation (not exactly, but mostly)

for those who do not know "p" = cents.

gotta give credit. here.

Monday, March 14, 2011

a long, long time ago... i can still remember

on a flight from msp to bos. sad flight. was home for the weekend in a trip that should not have happened (long story, but basically ALL the signs were that i shouldn't go. hmm... maybe i shouldn't have...) and the outcome was not as we would've liked. it started out promisingly enough... thursday was an easy day at work, i hopped on a flight from bos to msp (a flight which got UNdelayed, btw, NOT COOL - could've missed it!). no upgrade, but it was fine. landed in snowy minneapolis and saw a very distinctive group of 20-something "men" in warm up suits. very clearly a baksetball team. i asked where they were from and, sure enough, they were from colorado. competition. i was in town to watch my brother, player, play in the ncaa division 2 regional tournament. seeing the enemy made it really exciting.

thursday night, i stayed at my cousins house (thanks, t!) and had dinner with her and her husband. we didnt stay up late and i headed to bed. the next day, i actually had to work, which was fine. i was home alone and just sat at my computer all day. parents picked me up and we drove to mankato - about 1.5 hrs outside of the twin cities. we were staying in a HORRIBLE hotel. actually, HORRIBLE might be exaggerating. it could've been worse. but it was not comfortable. as soon as other people (my other brother and sister in law and family friend hassie) were there and fineish with it, i loosened up a bit. but i still didn't like it.

anyway, none of that really matters. what matters is the game saturday night. i probably can't explain what happened in the game as well as actual sports writers, so i'll post those articles here. in case you haven't figured it out, we didn't win. i dont know why i'm saying "we." i didn't play. the team was not victorious. its sad. i actually felt worse about it on sunday than i did saturday night. i can't imagine what it must be like to be on the team and not win. or, even more so, to be a kid on the team who didn't play up to his potential. (not my brother, as you will see, my brother was a superstar and practically carried the team saturday night - but one man cannot do it alone.) do those kids feel badly? do other players blame them? what does the coach think? this is why i don't play sports. its hard for me to rely on other people. if i lose in a sport (which, to be honest, is another reason why i dont play sports - ha!), then i know its MY fault and i can't blame others. but, its very easy to blame others for saturday night. these are the things that i wonder about, but at the same time.... there are hundreds of games a DAY where people go home not victorious. i guess people get over it and move on. it is only a game, afterall. but its disappointing just the same. anyway, here is how it went down:

U-MARY HOOPS: Marauders lose in Central Region quarterfinal

MANKATO, Minn. - When Eric Erdmann came to the University of Mary, the men's basketball team was new to Division II and struggling to get wins.

But four years later, the senior was the Marauders' top scorer in a national-tournament game.

"You saw Eric go to work tonight," Mary coach Randall Herbst said.

U-Mary's first trip to the NCAA Division II tournament ended Saturday with a 78-73 loss to fifth-seeded Metro State in the quarterfinals of the Central Region tournament. A season that featured a 16-game winning streak and a challenge for a Northern Sun championship ended with consecutive losses.

"It's tough to take," Herbst said. "I tip my hat to Metro. They have a nice basketball team. Our team fought and battled for 40 minutes, but we lost it on a couple possessions and made some turnovers. We had our opportunities, but we didn't finish."

The teams went hard at each other in the first half, with U-Mary (23-6) going up eight midway through the first half before Metro State rallied, hitting three straight 3-pointers to go ahead 35-30 at the five-minute mark.

Reggie Evans had 15 points in the first half to pace the Roadrunners, while Erdmann had 12 points and seven rebounds in the opening half, scoring nine of Mary's last 11 points.

"When I first got to Mary, the head coach put me right into the starting lineup as a freshman," Erdmann said. "That kind of surprised me. It's been a learning experience for all of us. We struggled my first three years, but I think we've really turned it around. Hopefully, that will continue."

Metro State shot 60.7 percent in the first half, while U-Mary was at 40.6 percent. The Marauders stayed close by making 9 of 11 free throws, while Metro State was 1 of 6 at the line.

The teams went back and forth for much of the second half, but Metro State started to pull away in the final four minutes. A.J. Flournoy had seven points in the final run, and Metro State held on with 9 of 10 free throws.

Erdmann finished with 26 points and nine rebounds, and Anthony Moody, the region's player of the year, scored 16, though he made only 7 of 23 shots.

"The whole year, there's been different defense against me," Moody said. "I had opportunities to finish, and I couldn't find the basket."

Evans led Metro State with 23 points and 12 rebounds, and Flournoy scored 14.

Metro State advances to the region semifinals against Minnesota State at 7:30 p.m. today.

"These guys are a special group," Herbst said. "When I took this job, the program wasn't as good, and people talked about us like we were an easy win. Once we got everybody together, everything started rolling."

METRO STATE (78): Glenn Miller 1-1 3-4 5, Jonathan Morse 6-11 0-4 12, Brandon Jefferson 3-7 0-0 9, A.J. Flournoy 4-10 5-6 9, Reggie Evans 10-19 4-4 25, Quaran Johnson 3-5 2-2 9, Shakir Johnson 2-4 0-0 4, Paul Brotherson 0-0 0-0 0. Totals 29-57 14-20 78.

U-MARY (73): Eric Erdmann 9-16 5-5 26, Damon Smith 3-3 1-2 7, Anthony Moody 7-23 1-4 16, Jordan Wilhelm 0-4 2-2 2, Cameron Lee 0-3 2-2 2, Jalen Jaspers 4-4 1-2 10, Baley Johnson 0-0 0-0 0, Alex Dorr 4-7 2-2 10. Totals 27-60 14-19 73.

Halftime: MSC 39, U-M 38.

3-pointers: MSC 6 (Jefferson 3, Flournoy 1, Evans 1, Q. Johnson 1), U-M 5 (Erdmann 3, Moody 1, Jaspers 1). Rebounds: MSC 36 (Evans 12), U-M 31 (Erdmann 9). Fouls: MSC 17, U-M 16. Fouled out: None. Assists: MSC 16 (Flournoy 9), U-M 12 (Moody 6). Turnovers: MSC 8, U-M 8. Steals: MSC 6 (Jefferson 2, Flournoy 2), U-M 5 (Erdmann 3). Blocked shots: MSC 4 (S. Johnson 3), U-M 1 (Smith 1).

[editors note: here is the credit and link to the article. ironically, i saw the team we lost to at the airport this morning. they looked REALLY sad. at first i thought it was fatigue, but i realize now it was disappointment.]

this is another article i was going to paste in, but now realize it basically says the same thing. check it out if you want.

[yesterday in the car, i heard american pie by don mclean and i thought "all of these lyrics would make awesome rambling titles!" so, expect more in the next few days/weeks...]

Thursday, March 10, 2011

things that are making me happy

good evening. i am in minneapolis. aw shite. i just remembered i was supposed to call a friend who is in town tonight. crap. i'll have to do that in a bit.

anyway, minneapolis is where i be. player has a basketball game this weekend and i am here to watch. because of that, i've been running around all week and packed my suitcase at 5am this morning before heading off to goodwill to get rid of a bunch of junk and then head to work before 8 am (gasp!). work was busy, then i dashed off to a flight that became UNdelayed. (the computer said it was delayed and then they decided it wasn't once i was at the airport.)

the point? not a lot of time to put a lot of stuff together. so here. this video is cute.

found here.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

i guess the change in my pocket wasn't enough

my friend [dave]'s blog had this video on it the other day. i've already written how i love cee lo green's song, and this is a perfect accompaniment. more to come when i'm on my flight tomorrow...

{mom, you probably won't like this}

Sunday, March 6, 2011


10:39pm sunday night is the time that i am starting to write this. just a quick note about my weekend.... haven't done much on the computer, as all, which means i dont have ramblings planned for the week, nor do i have a clear picture of my calendar of things i have to do this week. just, lots of things i'm unsure of, in general.

so quick summary of the weekend...

was at work until 10:30 pm on friday night. turns out we had no power when my roommate got home around 8pm. here is my tweet from then:
still at work on friday night. no power at home. and i have 0% #tigerblood. i think they call this not #winning.
so i took a cab home, changed my clothes, brushed my teeth and was in bed promptly thereafter. saturday morning i woke up and my roommate and i went to boston interiors to check out some furniture. we're thinking of doing things to our living room. may keep you posted. after that, i had a tennis lesson. i have NEVER played tennis before in my life. it was fun. rushed home to shower and get ready to see a friend on skype, but he ditched me. watched some tv and got thai food before my friend came over to pick me up to go to a comedy show. fancisco pablo. or something like that. maybe the inverse. anyway, player had a game so i watche the first 20 min of it or so. they ended up not winning, which sucks, but mostly because i assumed they'd have a game on sunday and they didn't. one of those "lose and you're out" tournaments. no 3rd place game. sunday morning i got up and cleaned our basement storage. i'm getting rid of a TON of stuff - woo hoo! picked up my little sister for skating lessons. dropped off the zipcar and came home. roomie and i planned some stuff around the house, watched sleepless in seattle, had drinks and sushi, etc. i am about to fall asleep, so i should go. catch you on the flip side (if your'e lucky!"

Saturday, March 5, 2011

triple threat

its saturday night. i'm not feeling well, but i'm supposed to go to a comedy show this evening. so, rather than spend a lot of time on a post, i'll throw this up and go take a nap. player has a game tonight and fingers crossed they win!

U-MARY MEN'S BASKETBALL: Marauders' triple threat
StoryDiscussionBy CINDY PETERSON Bismarck Tribune | Posted: Monday, February 21, 2011 8:56 pm | (1) Comments

TOM STROMME/Tribune From left, U-Mary’s Eric Erdmann, Anthony Moody and Jordan Wilhelm have each scored at least 1,000 points in their Marauders careers.

The three combined sounds like the name of a prestigious law or accounting firm.

Guess again.

The trio of last names means some of the most prestigious men's basketball players in the Northern Sun and some of the most decorated players to go through the University of Mary program.

Eric Erdmann is a 6-foot-5 guard from Fargo. Jordan Wilhelm is a 6-4 guard from Bismarck. Anthony Moody is a 6-0 point guard from Appleton, Wis.

The trio brings three different styles of play to the court. While they share several common bonds on and off the court, they accomplished something special last weekend on a road trip. The seniors became the first trio of 1,000 career point scorers at U-Mary to play on the same team.

"It's pretty special," U-Mary coach Randall Herbst said. "They all three have their own special talent about them. What a way for them to finish their careers, not only going down as 1,000-plus point scorers but having the season they're having. They are part of something extra special."

The Marauders cracked into the national poll for the first time since joining the NCAA in 2006 and are ranked 24th. U-Mary is second in the Northern Sun at 17-4 and is 21-4 overall while riding a 14-game winning streak.

The Marauders wrap up their regular season on Saturday when they play host to Northern State. They host a home playoff game on March 2 against an opponent to be determined.

The threesome

Moody, who transferred from Lake Region State last year, eclipsed the 1,000-point barrier this past weekend and accomplished the feat in less than two years at U-Mary. Moody has totaled 1,055 points at U-Mary and scored 875 at Lake Region State in 58 games. Moody leads the Marauders in scoring with 21.7 points a game. He ranks 13th on the all-time scoring list.

"When people think of Mary they think, ‘They have Moody, they have Moody,'" said Moody, a university studies major. "But the reality is it's not just me who makes this team. It's everyone. With everyone comes two other players that have cracked a 1,000. It's just a great feeling knowing I have the support on the team who is willing to make plays and can make plays."

Herbst often wonders where Moody would have ended up on U-Mary's all-time scoring list if he would have played his entire career there.

"If he would have played here all four years, he might have been the all-time leading scorer," Herbst said. "But we don't have a crystal ball. What a feat for him to get it done in two seasons."

Moody is quick to credit Herbst for shaping him into a prolific basketball player.

When Moody finished his career at Lake Region State, his mind was set on returning to or near his home state. But Herbst convinced him to come to Bismarck.

"I couldn't have broken 1,000 points here without the help of coach Herbst," Moody said. "He gave me the freedom and trusted in me. He gave me the keys to the car. He told me to play my game and my teammates will follow. Everything he told me when he recruited me is happening right now, so I have tremendous trust in him. It's very seldom you have a coach that actually tells you something and follows through with it."

Erdmann scored his 1,000th point last season and is fourth on the Marauders' scoring chart with 1,566 tallies. He's second on the team with 15.0 points a contest.

Erdmann is in his fifth year in the U-Mary program after taking a medical redshirt two years ago. Perhaps that has been a blessing for the Marauders as Erdmann has been a key factor in this season's success.

"I guess you can say it was," said Erdmann, a computer information systems and business finance major. "I really would have struggled that season in being effective as far as playing in any way, shape or form."

Wilhelm scored his 1,000th point this season and has accumulated 1,092 in his career for 12th on the U-Mary ladder. He's averaging 11.0 points a game.

"I've been a role player in my four years here," said Wilhelm, a physical education and social studies major. "I know my role here. I feel like I've thrived as that second or third scorer. It's just a tribute to what hard work can do."

In the program

Erdmann and Wilhelm were recruited by former head coach Juno Pintar. Moody was signed by Herbst, who succeeded Pintar.

"When I first got here, I remember meeting with Jordan, Eric and (former player) Danny Sandvig," Herbst said. "They came in the gym and were working on their game. They were trying to learn as much about me as I was about them. After watching game tape, I knew we had guys who could shoot the basketball. Our job was to try to put them in a position to be successful with their abilities. They have been successful."

Wilhelm and Erdmann were part of a U-Mary squad that took its lumps after transitioning from NAIA to NCAA. Now, the Marauders have produced a 20-win year.

"For us coming in, we wanted to help pioneer the University of Mary into Division II," Wilhelm said. "I feel like we've done a pretty good job of establishing the program into a team to be respected.

"It's really a neat opportunity to play with so many good players. The cool thing about college basketball is everyone was one of the best players on their high school team. It's cool when you get a collaboration of guys together like we have."

"He has polished up his game in the last two years. He has always had speed and quickness, now he has learned how to play under control and use his abilities in the right way. His decision-making has been outstanding. He has made me look like a really good coach at times."

- Randall Herbst on Anthony Moody

"He's a tough matchup for anybody in the front line. He has the ability to step out to the 3-point line. He has a tremendous game in the post. From 8 feet out, he can go in either direction with either hand. He's been successful with his fade-away."

- Herbst on Erdmann

"He's done a great job shooting the 3 at a pretty decent pace. He's been doing a decent job with the dribble drive and even scoring with his back to the basket. He can hit a one- or two-dribble pullup."

- Herbst on Wilhelm

"He's an undersized post and he can do so much. He's a matchup problem for any team. If you put a 6-11 or 7-footer on him, he can take them off the dribble. If you put an undersized guy on him, he can play with his back to the basket. He can play that 1 through 5 spot."

- Wilhelm on Erdmann

"His game speaks for itself. The stats don't even do him justice. He's faster and quicker than anyone I've ever played with. He does such a good job of creating shots for himself and creating shots for us. He's exactly what you need a point guard to do for you."

- Wilhelm on Moody

"He's a smart player. He always takes good shots. He has a nice fadeaway that you can't really block. All you can do is contest it and he'll still make it. He's not selfish. He's always willing to make that extra pass. He will throw his body in there for a charge. I love everything about his game."

- Wilhelm on Moody

"He's a knock-down shooter. Most of my assists come from him - just driving and kicking to him for a 3. He knocks down the shots we need him to."

- Moody on Wilhelm

"He makes everyone better on the court. He can create his own shot and get anyone else open. He's so quick with the ball. He's the ultimate press breaker. Teams try to press us, and we just give him the ball, and he drives past everyone."

- Erdmann on Moody

"Jordan is the ultimate clutch guy. He's the ultimate shooter. You know you have to guard him, especially past halfcourt. He's got the skills to dribble by people. He's big enough where he can post the guards up as well. He's such a versatile player."

- Erdmann on Wilhelm

Posted in College on Monday, February 21, 2011 8:56 pm

Friday, March 4, 2011

paper television

morning! happy friday. when getting ready for work this morning, i stopped my roommate in the hall "which earrings should i wear?" and had him tell me which pair of hoops i should wear - i had one in each ear. he told me the one that i agreed with - it looked better with my outfit, but i wear it more often, so i kinda wanted to wear the other pair. but i agreed with him. i also asked him, when he was going downstairs, to bring up my indian leftovers from last night. "is there anything else i can do for you, your highness?" he said sarcastically. i laughed. "just bring it up!" so we left for the bus, and i was happy that i remembered my indian leftovers so i could have it for breakfast at work. we get to the bus and just as its pulling up, he says "oh, so you went with the other earrings?" i gasped and put my hands to my ears. i was STILL wearing two different earrings! silly me. i was going to leave them in, but took them out at the last minute. now my outfit is ruined. RUINED! actually, maybe i'll pop out to check the store across the street and see if they have any... yeah. good call.

anyway, its friday and thats great. i forgot to write yesterday. oops. busy weekend coming up. lots to do - i'll get into it later. for now, two good newses: 1) homie got a new job! woo hoo! and 2) player was named to the all-conference team. woo hoo! here is the article:

U-MARY HOOPS: Moody, Erdmann honored by NSIC
By Tribune Sports Staff Posted: Thursday, March 3, 2011 5:36 pm

U-Mary's Anthony Moody was named the player of the year in the NSIC.
University of Mary's Anthony Moody was named player of the year in the Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference on Thursday.
The 6-foot senior point guard led the Marauders to second place in the conference in the regular season and into the tournament semifinals Saturday.
U-Mary's Eric Erdmann was put on the first-team with Moody.
The 14th-ranked Marauders have won 16 straight games.
A two-time player of the week and the second leading scorer in the NSIC with 21.9 points per game, Moody ranks fifth in league games in steals (1.55), sixth in assists (4.0) and seventh in defensive rebounding (4.91).
He also directs an offense that is committing the fewest turnovers in the nation for the second straight year.
In just two seasons, the Lake Region State transfer broke the 1,000 point barrier and is 13th on the all-time U-Mary scoring list (1,092).
He has eclipsed the 20 point barrier 14 times this season and hit for 30 or more four times, including a season-high 42 at St. Cloud State.
The Appleton, Wis., native was a first team pick and newcomer of the year in 2010 and earned two all-region second team honors.
Erdmann is averaging 15.0 points, 6.0 rebounds and 2.1 assists for the Marauders. The 6-5 senior forward from Fargo is fourth on U-Mary's all-time scoring list with 1,596 career points.
First team
U-Mary: Anthony Moody, 6-0, sr., G; Eric Erdmann, 6-5, sr., F. Augustana: Cameron McCaffrey, 6-1, so., G; Cody Schilling, 6-5, jr., G. Concordia-St. Paul: Peter Olafeso, 6-2, jr., G. MSU-Mankato: Marcus Hill, 5-9, sr., G; Jefferson Mason, 6-6, sr., F. NOrthern State: Collin Pryor, 6-6, so., F. St. Cloud State: Taylor Witt, 6-2, sr., G.
Second team
Bemidji State: James Ellisor, 6-5, jr., F. CSP: Brent Barz, 6-10, jr., C. Minnesota-Duluth: Ryan Rasmussen, 6-2, jr., G. Mankato: Cameron Hodges, 6-5, sr., G. MSU-Moorhead: Alex Novak: 6-8, so., F. Southwest Minnesota State: Scott Roehl, 6-7, sr., F. SCSU: Andrew Bernstetter, 6-6, sr., F. Wayne State: Amry Shelby, 5-11, so., G. WSU: Anthony Tucker, 6-3, jr., G; Clayton Vette, 6-7, so., F.
Player of year: Moody.
Defensive player of year: Hodges.
Freshman of year: Brett Ervin, 6-7, F, UMD.
Newcomer of year: Olafeso.
Coach of year: Matt Margenthaler, Mankato.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

my humps

today is not friday, BUT it IS basketball day!! player's team is ranked 2nd in their conference and tonight is the play-in game to the conference tournament this weekend. if they win tonight, they play sat and sun. here is a hodge podge of info about the team:

this link will bring you to the ncaa division 2 page where mary is on the homepage (woo hoo!) and here is the direct link to the article the ncaa wrote about them.

our coach is also coach of the month as read here.

this is a link to the local paper in bismarck talking about the team.

so all that is conference-related. in other good news, the team... well, let me just quote someone else:

"The University of Mary Men’s basketball team have jumped 5 spots in the national rankings and currently sit 14th in the country, just a day before they host their first conference playoff game in D2 school history."

NABC/Division II Coaches Poll (March 1, 2011 – Poll #14)

Record Points Pvs

1. West Liberty, W.Va. (8 first place votes) 26-0 200 1
2. Bellarmine, Ky. 25-2 191 2
3. Humboldt State, Calif. 24-2 180 3
4. Alabama-Huntsville 25-3 177 4
5. Augusta State, Ga. 25-3 169 5
6. Minnesota State 23-3 157 6
7. Central Oklahoma 25-3 149 7
8. Missouri Southern 23-3 141 8
9. Findlay, Ohio 23-3 137 10
10. Central Washington 23-3 133 11
11. Southern Indiana 23-4 121 12
12. Lincoln Memorial, Tenn. 24-2 106 13
13. Arkansas Tech 22-4 104 9
14. Mary, N.D. 22-4 88 19
15. Tarleton State, Texas 22-4 76 20
16. Bowie State, Md. 22-4 72 22
17. Harding, Ark. 22-4 68 14
18. Colorado School of Mines 22-4 61 23
19. Fort Hays State, Kan. 22-6 51 17
20. Cal State-Dominguez Hills 20-6 46 15
21. Rollins, Fla. 22-6 29 18
22. Bentley, Mass. 20-6 25 24
23. Ferris State, Mich. 20-6 23 21
24. (tie) Benedict, S.C. 20-6 21 NR
24. (tie) West Texas A&M 22-5 21 NR

how cool is all this??? tune in tonight to watch the game. i'm gonna.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


happy march! super busy day at work - only because there is a lot i can get done and i'm really looking forward to that. i love being busy and productive. it makes me happy.

so, this was a cool article in the fargo forum last weekend. it was the 40th anniversary of the opening of the bison sports arena in fargo. my dad was playing basketball at ndsu at the time, and he was interviewed for this article in the local paper. i thought i'd put it here so it lives on in infamy and because i don't often have a shout out to my old man. yo, pop!

Published February 25, 2011, 12:11 AM
Kolpack: Path together comes full circle for 1971 squad
By: Jeff Kolpack, INFORUM

The place was officially called “The New Fieldhouse” and it was a beauty when it opened in 1970. The walls were white, the tartan surface was state-of-the-art and the locker room complex was considered modern.

The men’s basketball team that was the main tenant was also state-of-the-art. North Dakota State had the inside game with John Wojtak, Brad Klabo and Mike Kuppich and the brotherly backcourt of Tom Driscoll and Pat Driscoll. The bench was deep, and good, with Scott Howe, Tom Assel, Tom Erdmann, Mark Refling, Bob Vogel and Phil Dranger.

Wojtak still holds the school career record for rebounding average at 10.8 per game. Most of the players and their coach, Bud Belk, are having a 40-year reunion of sorts tonight at the Bison and South Dakota State game, at what is now the Bison Sports Arena.

The BSA, of course, is scheduled for urban renewal whenever every penny is raised. (If they wait much longer, there may be no choice but to condemn some parts of the building). But in the early ’70s, and it’s laughable to think about it in this way today, it was a major recruiting tool.

“That was one of the main reasons I went there,” said Fargo’s Tom Erdmann. “I remember playing in the very first game there. That was a big thrill.”

The biggest thrill was a North Central Conference championship in 1971. They had it all: a league ring, a deep team, a brand spankin’ new facility and a team that has some gusto.

“They were fighters to the end,” Belk said. “They were just great competitors.”

They even landed Villanova at home, a Wildcats team that eventually lost in the NCAA championship to UCLA. It was the only time a future NBA second-round draft pick, Villanova’s Howard Porter, played in the BSA. In today’s dollar, that would be like NDSU hosting Butler, last year’s NCAA runner-up.

The reunion got some legs in the last few weeks. They’ll remember the good times –
and the 6 a.m. practices. When the team wasn’t playing up to capacity, the players were up well before the sun.

“They say they love me now,” Belk said. “They didn’t love me at 6 a.m. back then, especially if they went out the night before. We did that a few times.”

At least the BSA looked better at 6 a.m. in 1970-71 than it will tonight.

“It was beautiful,” Belk said. “It was supposed to seat 11,500. I think I still have the blueprints.”

Forum reporter Jeff Kolpack can be heard on the Saturday Morning Sports Show,
9-11 a.m. on WDAY-AM (970).
He can be reached at (701) 241-5546.

my mom was telling me about lsat weekend. there was a reunion friday night and my dad and his friends got to see people they used to go to college with and his old basketball coach. and then one of his old friends even went to bismarck the next day to watch player play ball! so thats fun.

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