Sunday, March 6, 2011


10:39pm sunday night is the time that i am starting to write this. just a quick note about my weekend.... haven't done much on the computer, as all, which means i dont have ramblings planned for the week, nor do i have a clear picture of my calendar of things i have to do this week. just, lots of things i'm unsure of, in general.

so quick summary of the weekend...

was at work until 10:30 pm on friday night. turns out we had no power when my roommate got home around 8pm. here is my tweet from then:
still at work on friday night. no power at home. and i have 0% #tigerblood. i think they call this not #winning.
so i took a cab home, changed my clothes, brushed my teeth and was in bed promptly thereafter. saturday morning i woke up and my roommate and i went to boston interiors to check out some furniture. we're thinking of doing things to our living room. may keep you posted. after that, i had a tennis lesson. i have NEVER played tennis before in my life. it was fun. rushed home to shower and get ready to see a friend on skype, but he ditched me. watched some tv and got thai food before my friend came over to pick me up to go to a comedy show. fancisco pablo. or something like that. maybe the inverse. anyway, player had a game so i watche the first 20 min of it or so. they ended up not winning, which sucks, but mostly because i assumed they'd have a game on sunday and they didn't. one of those "lose and you're out" tournaments. no 3rd place game. sunday morning i got up and cleaned our basement storage. i'm getting rid of a TON of stuff - woo hoo! picked up my little sister for skating lessons. dropped off the zipcar and came home. roomie and i planned some stuff around the house, watched sleepless in seattle, had drinks and sushi, etc. i am about to fall asleep, so i should go. catch you on the flip side (if your'e lucky!"

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