Saturday, January 30, 2010

dream apartment - 10

how COOL is THIS??
i'm trying to definitely be more green. you know: reduce, reuse, recycle, take colder showers, use less electricity, etc. but, living in colder climates (which i prefer) often mean using heat and electricity to keep warm. and an issue with dry heat is my delicate skin gets dried out. so i LOVE the idea of this - AND it looks really cool. check out some other options here. what do you think?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

chain gang

so congrats to my littlest little brother, player, for being named player of the week in his conference - the northern sun ic something. nsic. vs. ncis on cbs. nsic. check it out here under basketball player of the week or read the press release OR check it out on fargo's in-forum website.

BUT i actually wanted to write about my other little brother, homie. i mostly write about player being such a great basketballer, and that shouldn't mean that my other brother isnt. he just doesn't play much anymore (aside from the once weekly [fill in the blank with appropriate type of basketball game] game). BUT when he was in high school, homie was on the best basketball team in north dakota - they went undefeated, 25-0 their senior year. homie started his junior and senior years and their team was AWESOME. they were so fun to watch. here is a posting on youtube of my brothers team (at my alma mater, fargo north) vs. our cross-town rivals, fargo south. homie is #23.

this is from homie's junior year and they didn't win the game. BUT i am sure that homie will get to dazzling this weekends and pull up some clips from all the other times they walked over south... so... until then - here is to my two little brothers who have grown up to be such awesome big little brothers and to all of their basketball success - past and present!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

all the lonely people

the hardest part from me these days is the weekends... very. very. boring. i try to do so much, but it ends up being not nearly enough time to not feel incredibly bored. friday night i listened to my little brother, player's, basketball game, which was fun, but since it was at 6pm california time, it was over by 8. and i had no plans for the evening. before the game i went to a movie (youth in revolt - funny! except that my contact tore in the middle and i missed a good 10 minutes of the movie trying to get the other half out of my eye - yes, i know, gross, and painful) and my other brother, homie and i made player's game a drinking game - for every time his team, umary, scored, we took a sip of our drinks and then whenever player scored, we took a proper drink. it was fun. but made me in no condition to drive to another movie. i ended up addressing a whole bunch of cards (guess what friends, you've got mail coming soon!) and then... nothing.

saturday was more boring and i even did things! saturday morning i woke up and caught up on tv shows while in bed - 30 rock, bones, etc. i got out of bed to get to yoga by noon. i assumed the class was one hour, but it was 1.5. i lifted a few weights before the class and was going to do some cardio after, but i was too tired and felt like 1.5 hours is a LOT of time to work out, so i got some sushi and went home. i ate the sushi while watching food network and then there was NOTHING on tv. i checked the movie times and leap year was playing in 10 minutes, so i jumped in the car and drove to the theater. crap movie. don't see it. i like romantic comedies, but ... ugh. it was SO CHEESY. and they didn't allow the audience to even start to like the main character, which is sad because i love amy adams. anyway, i booked my ass home to hear listen to player's second game of the weekend. and... dum dum dum... congrats to player! he scored his 1,000th point in his college basketball career - woo hoo!!! it was really fun to watch/listen to the game. the students in the audience held up signs that said "1,000!" and chanted "thou-sand, thou-sand!" and "erd-mann, erd-mann!" and that was cool. he's only a junior (red-shirt junior, actually) so he has a whole other year to rack up points - woo hoo! after his saturday night game (also a 6pm game), i can't even remember what i did, BUT i know i was in bed by 10. lame. i know. on a good note - here is a link of my little (big) brother on tv being interviewed today. they don't archive the videos, so after a week this will be replaced by the most recent video (crappy). he's so good when interviewed! he obviously takes after me with my public speaking skills. :)

today... another boring day. i went to the gym and was going to go to a movie, but then i wanted to watch the end of the vikings game, so i did that. oh, i also stopped by my friend anny's place to meet her baby nephew. i was there for about an hour. then i watched the vikings game, which, even though i recognize it was a good game, was really boring for me. i left right before the 4th quarter to get some beer so i could enjoy the game more and realized, once i was at the store, that i hadn't brought my license. so no beer for me. i came home and had my backup alcohol: champagne. which, now that the vikings lost, is kind of ironic. and as much as i wanted the vikings to win (mostly so my family would be happy), if they had to lose to any team, i'm almost-ok with it being new orleans. they've been through so much as a city, i don't mind cheering for them. but, again, that ended early in california time and i had nothing to do last night. boring.... what did you get up to this weekend?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

gonna make you sweat

and now, for your viewing pleasure, lots of fun videos!

in case i didn't let you all know, i left cmh on dec 17 or 18... whatever the thursday of that week was. i had a really awesome time in columbus, completely against what i expected. it was lots of fun and definitely a worthwhile four months. i spent 2 weeks with my family in fargo - christmas and new years - and then came here to smf on jan 2 or 3... whatever the sunday of that week was. i am doing the same thing(ish) as i was in cmh - training someone at a client's office. it's a little different and since i used to live here, a completely different dynamic. i'll explain later. maybe.

but for now, i wanted to post some fun videos of my little brother, player. i was able to see 3 (or 4?) games live. it was really cool to see him play and here are some summaries of him, basically kicking a$$ (that's ke$ha-style).

Monday, January 18, 2010

12 days and counting... mad tasty until then...

wow. 13 days. thats the longest i've gone without writing for... a really long time. if ever maybe. quite honestly, i haven't written because i've been incredibly down lately and have not a lot of interesting things to write about. i will explain later, but for now, check out my post over at mad tasty about how long things should be kept in the kitchen. this is really helpful for me - i'm always calling my uncle joe in new york who used to work for the food & drug adminstration. "uncle joe, i have 12 day old salmon, is it ok to eat?" and he tells me if it is or not. but this post should help alleviate some issues about pantry shelves. it's just a quick link-out, but it has lots of good info! i have to get back to kit kat, but i haven't uploaded pictures yet, so i can't do that just yet. un jour... one day...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

i put a spell on you

damn dubaiians!

more on that in a sec...

i am currently back in sac. sac-ra-men-to, californ-i-ay, that is. i arrived sunday night for a 2 month working stint. this is pretty much exactly the same job i had in columbus, so that's cool. i still haven't written about my last few weeks in columbus, which were bizarrely awesome. and the holidays at home in fargo for two weeks were pretty great, too. and now its already a new year! zaz! or not...? who knows? a lot of things to come so keep checking back.

until then - damn dubaiians! i'm upset with them for taking something very precious from me. granted, i didn't even know i had it, or north dakota had it, but now that i do know, i'm down right P-Oed! imagine my surprise today at work with my headphones on (to block out the sound of some guy clipping his nail at work - i tell you people, it is just WRONG to cut your nails at work) and i hear last night's podcast and this is the story that is on:

can you believe it?? they're trying so hard to be us north dakotans! they could just MOVE there instead of building something else. ha ha. i just thought of a bunch of people from the desert moving to one of the coldest places in the US. ha ha. but back to being upset - what do you think of this story??

Monday, January 4, 2010

vanilla kit kat

happy new year everyone!

hope it has all been fruitful... or... vanillaful...

here is a preventative kit kat post for you... more to come. i promise.

Friday, January 1, 2010

dec twitter archive

  1. My grandma just told me "your boobs look nice." I don't know how to feel about this.
  2. Thanks @missunsinkable. My grandma told me it means I'm in love. I don't know which is worse. ;)
  3. My palms are itching. What does that mean?
  4. Headin to u mary to watch @erdynorth play some bball! Woo hoo! Zaz!
  5. Thanks @bunnerlynn! All you have to do is quit a high-paying job and move in with your mom!
  6. i am now officially (again) a north dakotan licensed driver! woo hoo! slightly annoyed they took my CA ID, though...
  7. Its just wrong to find hershey kiss wrappers in the cup holder of the elliptical machine at the gym
  8. Erdmann family christmas movie back on! You can't stop us stupid blizzard.
  9. My family almost drank me out of champagne! Good thing I have a lot... merry christmas!
  10. Aren't you at the ob @erdynorth?
  11. Turns out I promised id get a tatoo next week. Hot or not? Should I get one? Where? What?
  12. What about erdmann sister??
  13. We're on our way @erdysouth. @erdynorth is wearing a dirty shirt. :)
  14. Oh crap. Is there snow on the ground in fargo? Just realized I have open toed shoes and no gloves or hat.
  15. In ord on my way back home to far! Successful 4 months in cmh. And so much fun!
  16. I often feel like there isn't enough red wine in the world... tonight may be one of those nights
  17. 2nd to last night in cmh. Sniff sniff. Eating alone at delish new thai resto - basil on high
  18. Woo hoo! It's @hassie's birthday! Have a great one!
  19. @slickhop - ting tings cancelled. katie was mad sick - probably won't get money back. annoyed. will keep you posted...
  20. Scratch that. Col is not fun waiting twenty min in the rain to get in. North dakotans know how to build concert venues so people can sta ...
  21. Eating crunchy green beans for the first time. Mmm. Heading to ting tings concert takes with the fray. Columbus is fun!
  22. anyone have the G1 phone through tmobile? should i get it? or should i get a blackberry instead??
  23. the power of technology! thanks for your help @erdysouth!! he just fixed my coworkers stupid computer. :)