Sunday, February 28, 2010

feb 2010 twitter archive

  1. Heading home to nodak. the sketchy guy from the ticket counter paying for a ticket in cash isn't on my flight...
  2. @cbruels I don't believe you. I'll have to check when I land...
  3. yes, thank you @erdysouth, but your labels dont move emails out of the inbox. i like my inbox clean - less than 50 emails. all my to dos
  4. thanks @erdynorth. i've had my account for 13 years AND they have FOLDERS. if google would make some damn folders i would switch...
  5. really not pleased with hotmail not working all morning. whats up with that?!
  6. do you know the full fresh prince of bel air theme song? i thought i did, but theres a verse i didnt know...
  7. remember up! all night? and elvira, the mistress of the dark? here are some other things keeping me up at night...
  8. Jeremy at the mac store in sac is super friendly and fixing my stupid computer!
  9. @cbruels - I vote white chocolate
  10. I like beat it, too. Especially on guitar hero. good call @erdynorth
  11. Smooth criminal is my favorite michael jackson song. I like the beat. What's your favorite mj song?
  12. getting hair cut & colored (at salon paisley in smf-awesome!) and they have netbooks to use while sitting under the dryer - how cool!!!
  13. Holy crap. Well, I guess I know what I'm doing in march
  14. @charpie - sandbag volunteers already? To prepare or real emergency??
  15. whatever happened to jimmy fallon's saved by the bell reunion? did that happen? i totally missed it...
  16. i think i might have poisoned myself this morning...

Saturday, February 27, 2010

the lion sleeps tonight

i am fairly certain no one listens to me. either that or i'm going crazy. i'm staying at my friend anny's house this week. she lives with her husband about 1/2 hour (driving time) from downtown sacramento. earlier this week i told her i would stay with them this week, then i would be leaving for a week to go home to fargo and then i would be back for a week before i moved closer to work to a crappy extended stay hotel. she said "ok, no problem" and then gave me a bag from her recent trip to thailand (its awesome, btw, she said she asked the guy for a "sparkly" bag for me - i love sparkles!).

so the week goes on and i get a text from my old trainer. when i lived in sac, oh... 4 years ago, she would come over to my house at 4am 3 times a week and we would work out for an hour, then i would shower and head to work a little after 6, which worked out perfectly because the company was based in boston, so i was mostly working east coast hours. anyway, i called my old trainer the other day and we met up for a drink at this pretty cool lounge on 20. we were talking and i explained that i was staying in gold river for a few weeks and then heading home for a week and then coming back out here. i told her i was thinking of hiring her again and she said "ok, we'll meet tomorrow at 6am!" and i was like "uh... ok..." i was taken aback by her excitement. i rarely get that excited about anything. by the time i got home a few hours later i had come to my senses - there was no way i was going to wake up at 515 to drive 30+ min to her gym (btw, i HATE the gym) to work out for an hour and then shower quickly and head to work by 8 (oh, and btw, i try to be at work by 730). it just wasn't going to happen. plus i had a massive headache. so i call her back and cancel. the next day i get to work and she texts me "my afternoon appointment cancelled, lets meet at 5 at the river." ??!! i couldn't do that either. in case you hadn't noticed, i'm not really a spur-of-the-moment kind of gal. i told her that i would prefer to start working out with her once i moved closer to her (read: work). so she says ok.

on thursday of this week, she texts me saying "?" thats it. just a question mark. so i was like, "hey..." or something. she asks if we're going to start working out and i told her that i was leaving the next day for north dakota then i would be back on the 7th and would send her a text once i had moved closer to work. she said ok. except i'm confused, i'm 100% positive i already told her that. whatever, i guess. i'm sure she has lots going on.

while still at work, the bossman comes up to my desk to say goodbye. i was like "oh, but i'll be in tomorrow." he didnt realize that. he thought i was leaving that night.

then later that (thursday) night, i tell anny that i'm going to go home and pack and she says "for where?" i was like "fargo!" and i told her that i was going home for a week and blah blah blah. she was like "oh, i didnt know." BUT i'm SURE she did. when we get home, i say to her husband "you know i'm leaving tomorrow, right?" again, no idea. so either people arent paying attention or i'm really really going crazy.

and to make a long story longer... i'm now currently back in nodak. bismarck, to be exact. i landed over 40 minutes late (1240) and my little brother, player, picked me up from the airport. we got some food because - get this - i get to the sac airport at 5pm and am still slightly full from a very fulfilling thai lunch. there is literally only ONE flight ouf of this terminal for the next FOUR HOURS, so there is one mini-restaurant (with bad food) open. not appetizing, so i dont eat. i get to denver a little before 9 and by the time i go find my gate, all the restaurants and news stands are closing. it was so sad to walk by que bueno with its gate half down. :( and i was hungry. the point: dont fly united out of sac because its in a crappy terminal and dont plan on eating in denver after 830. i'm at his apartment, where he has an extra bedroom - woo hoo! and am planning to hit the sack soon....

[subject because i am falling asleep sitting upright. good night ya'll]

Friday, February 26, 2010

dream apartment - 13

i've just been looking back at things i would like to have in my apartment and realize that maybe i should title this "really cool apartments" or something like that instead of "dream apartment." i don't necessarily have to have books arranged by color in my apartment for me to be happy, but i LOVE the way this looks. if you check out the comments to the original post (found here), someone says something like "why would ANYONE put books arranged by color?" and i realize from a functional standpoint it might be difficult, but i still think it looks really cool. it makes me happy. what do you think?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

i am now and forever will be, a duckman

its been a few days now since i have made changes to the site. i updated the side links to include comments and also the labels for fast jumpage to different posts (i haven't always used tags, so i might go back to some ramblings and update them or i might not). i also included a fun section titled "time enhancers." i realize that the people who read this site do so for a bit of fun (or maybe annoyance?) while they're bored or they put off doing other things. [actually, come to think about it, my friend, kj, told me just that the other day. she said she was putting off work and didn't know what to do because she was "all caught up on my blog." (this may have also been a hint for me to update it more...he he)] so i thought, why not help you all? for the times when i haven't updated or you're just bored, or putting off things, or maybe even just want to browse the interwebs, check out the time enhancers section. oh, and if you have any suggestions for links to include, let me know.

i should thank kj for hinting that i write more but also because she actually helped validate myself. i wrote the other day about how i was putting off doing my resume and how i'm a procrastinator. she pointed a link to this article on cnn (a truly reputable source) and i realized "i'm not a procrsatinator! i may put things off, but i always get them done [save for my brothers scrapbook] and get them done well! i'm an incubator!" so check out this article and tell me what you think. are you a procrastinator or an incubator? or neither? above the fold? and its not just this article that is making me think this (although i am clearly smart enough to self-diagnose myself on any number of subjects such as this). i was lamenting to a shrink a few years ago about how i always feel bad putting things off, but i can't bring myself to do them until the absolute last minute. he asked "well, has it ever hurt you putting things off?" and i said "well, no, but..." and he kept asking questions and i told him this story about my freshman year of college... i had to write a 5-page paper for my english class and everyone in my dorm (the honors dorm, so we were all in the same honors english class) had been stressing about the paper for so long and most people had finished it long before it was due. the night before it was due, i told everyone that i was going to do the paper. i sat at my desk and got to work... work on IMing. i IMed people ALL night - this is back on icq and aol instant messenger (BEFOR AIM). i think i talked to high school friends in california, i downloaded songs on napster (yes, napster, created by a guy who lived in my dorm the year before me, btw) and did just about everything else before starting my paper. i pulled an all-nighter. my roommate went to her boyfriends room because i was up with lights on and music playing. finally, at 7:15 am i started my 5 page paper for my 9:15 class. this is after i showered to get ready for class. i typed it up vite-fait, printed it and ran to class. it was the last class of the semester and by that time i was kind of like "oh, fuck it. i'll just get whatever grade i get." i didnt really care. a few days later, i went with my friend, mr. salvo, to the professor's office to pick up our papers. he handed mr. salvo his paper and said "good paper, m." then he looked at me and handed me my paper and grabbed my hand and said, "and EXCE-LLENT paper, danielle." i was standing there thinking, "ok, you're obviously not a good teacher. it took me less than 2 hours to write that crap." my shrink pointed out that maybe i was a good writer. i maintain that the professor was smoking crack. but either way, this all points to me being an INCUBATOR. not a PROCRASTINATOR. i am so happy. i feel justified. its like when i learned i was an INTJ. people always think that i look at things differently. maybe heartless. its just because i'm a really logical person - way more logical than most people. i cant help it. so there.

i'm wondering what my mom will say to this news. just the other night i was telling her how i did my brother's fiance's resume in less than a half hour while at work. for some reason i feel bad working on my resume while at work, but not other people's. and my mom says to me, out of the blue, “god, you’re getting annoying.” i'm not kidding! my mother told me i was annoying. :) i wrote it down as soon as she said it because it was really funny. she's trying now to subtly remind me to work on my resume. normally, our sign off is “love you” “love you, too” “bye” “bye” that same night she said, "love you” and i said “love you, too” but then she said “resume. good bye.” and hung up! hint taken! i GET it. i need to work on my resume. blah.

in the vain of learning more about myself (which is very important, i believe), i saved this article from the happiness project. it talks about whether or not you are an abstainer or a moderator. in case you can't guess, i try very hard to be a moderator, but i'm really an abstainer. sometimes i dont fully abstain, understood, BUT if i really want to not do something, i have to not do it all the time rather than some of the time. that might be confusing. just read the article. in it, she says this:
"Perhaps this is the flip side of being an abstainer, but I’ve found that if I’m trying to make myself do something, I do better if I do that thing every day. When people ask me advice about keeping a blog, one of my recommendations is, “Post every day, or six days a week.” Weirdly, it’s easier to write a blog every day than it is to write it three or four times a week."
which i thought was so true! which is why you have seen quite a few rambles from me this week.... its easier to do things every day than some days. which, i think, is similar to the resume thing. if i were working on it every day (and doing smart things like updating linkedin and deleting facebook, and learning more things re: jobs, etc) then it would be easier for me than doing it once in a while.

so i'm going to post this while i incubate thinking about constantly working on my resume and job search...

what are you? procrastinator/incubator and moderator/abstainer?

[title post from the fabulous movie pretty in pink because, like ducky, i walk to the beat of my own drum.]

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

out of touch

i think i am a heartless bitch, this did not make me want to go see this movie. i first saw this preview on december 4th at jezebel and since then, i have seen previews for it at a few different movies. is this an enticing film?? i will so not be paying to see this film.

i can only remember twice not finishing movies that i have started. one of them is this movie, prayer for the rollerboys. i joke that this is the worst movie ever. take a watch for a few minutes / seconds and see if you agree...

prayer for the rollerboys tried to cash in on the popular rollerblads of the 90s. they didn't quite score like airborne did

whats your least favorite movie? or a movie you love to hate?

[song title by darryl hall & john oats because sometimes i am pretty sure i am out of touch. especially when it comes to babies]

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

things that make you go hmmm

so last night i was a bit upset. health care makes me upset. BUT i went to bed on timeish (by 1030) and didn't wake up once. i was laying in bed this morning thinking "i wonder when my alarm will go off" - assuming it was 5 am again. i opened my eyes and thought "oh no. its waaay too bright in here." sure enough, it was 6:35, 35 minutes after my alarm should've gone off. and i know why it happened. i hard boiled eggs last night and set my timer for 6pm so i would know when to stop the boiling water. i just turned on a 6pm alarm again. oops. but now i'm questioning the alcohol thing - i had a glass of wine and slept through the night!

anyway, i thought i would take a different turn for today. i thought i would share with you things that i like and make me happy. i mentioned yesterday that i dont like not remembering things. the other day, i was trying to remember this tv show that i used to LOVE that was on tv when i would get home from school. i finally figured it out: just the 10 of us. and it was on after or before my 2 dads, which i found in this article today, which was funny - about tv shows that were really about gay people. i wonder if any of that is true. what do you think? were danny and the hockey guy really gay on full house?

this blooper reel made me smile - its easy for me to imagine that in the time of black and white movies, the actors were perfect and genteel and never swore. isn't that a fun image to have? but i found one thing curious, it says that the fresh prince theme song wasn't the first blooper reel. that was a blooper reel?

i checked it out online and was shocked to discover that no, it wasn't a blooper reel (that i can tell) and it turns out there is a LONGER version than the one i knew!
i am so shocked and hurt and betrayed by nbc. fresh prince was on nbc, right? i have thought for years that i knew the whole theme song and am just now discovering that i didn't. damn that. other theme songs i know: teenage mutant ninja turtles (heroes in a half shell - turtle power!), ... damn! i cant think of another one. i'm sure there are ones, though. what theme songs can you sing? oh, i guess i can sing cheers. where everybody knows your name. what else?

i do love music, its true. i have over 10,000 items in my itunes music library. a few minutes ago, i was listening to bill withers (aint no sunshine, lean on me, just the two of us) and now i am listening to the new kesha cd, which i kinda like. about half of its really good and half of its really juvenile. i read this article about the top cds of 2009 and i only have TWO of the 20+ cds on it (the XX and alicia keys). my brothers will be happy to see that regina spektor was #1. what cds do you have that you can recommend from 2009?

in that vain, this article is about the top cds of the decade. i have quite a few more of those, but still not even 10%. crazy! i always think i'm pretty up-to-date on music. granted, this is a guy who likes more folksy/country/indie music. but the list is still cool. what is your favorite cd from the naughts?

another thing that makes me happy is seeing really creative things like this:

isn't that cool? someone must've sent that to me because i just had a youtube link saved to watch. if it was you, let me know and i'll h/t you.

[song title by the awesome c&c music factory because listening to their music makes me go hmmmm]

Monday, February 22, 2010

a candy-colored clown they call the sandman tiptoes to my room every night...

the other day, last week, i started this post and didn't finish it. so now i'm adding on to it and all that jazz...

i've been up since 3:30 am. this does not make me happy. i've been having problems sleeping lately and i do not know why. up until recently, i have NEVER had problems sleeping. in college, i used to go to bed with the bedroom door open, lights on, and music blaring and people would come into my room and sit on my bed and i would have no idea. the next morning, i would wake up from a restful night of sleep (except for the days when my roommate's alarm would go off and she would hit snooze SEVENTEEN times) and head to class. it was great. it's only been the last year or two that i have started to have trouble sleeping every now and then. lately, its more now than then. and i think i know why: its the damn alcohol. woah. haha. wait a minute. i didnt mean to imply that i'm an alcoholic or even drinking a lot. but last night i had 1.5 beers with dinner and then woke up at 3am and couldn't get back to sleep. i fell asleep just fine. 4 hours later - up. UP! all night. do you remember that on USA? b movies being shown late on friday and saturday nights? i remember the phrase "Up! all night" so i googled it and i vaguely remember rhonda shear, but none of these clips look familiar to me...

do you remember them?

i more remember watching elvira and thinking she was really cool. what channel was she on?

so not sleeping. that annoys me. so does not remembering what i want to remember. which makes me think that memories are so fickle. and changeable. but i digress.

back in the news again lately is health care. it should be obvious that i am for some sort of reform - i am no expert on the system, but i know that some things have to change. this article made me really sad and want to never ski for fear of having to get medical care outside of north dakota.

this also annoys me (more so than not sleeping). in case you don't want to read the article, it talks about how blue cross is raising their rates (despite earnings $2.7 billion in the last quarter of last year). i would like to have 1% of 1% of that. and to top it off, regulators in my current state of california have found 700 violations at blue cross. with a maximum penalty of $10,000 per violation, no wonder they have to raise rates! (sarcasm dripping from my pursed lips) you can closely examine wellpoint's earnings by reading this article.

all of this makes me ill and wish i were 10 again watching up! all night and not understanding why companies want to hurt people so badly.

[picked this song from roy orbison's "in dreams" because i am, funnily enough, not getting a lot sleep lately. the sandman does not tiptoe into my room at night. but, i guess thats ok. i have issues with people being in my room when i'm asleep...]

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

dream apartment (?) - 12

ok, ok, ok. this isn't exactly something i want in my dream apartment, but i kind of also love this chair. it's not my style, but i wish it were my style. or maybe its my taste, but i'm too rational to have a chair like this in my place. what do you think of it? or which of the ten loveseats on this post would you like in your dream apartment? (or none?)

is this loveseat really big enough for two people??

[and, yes, in my goal to write at least 3 times a week, i am counting these silly posts]

Monday, February 15, 2010

oh i just don't know where to begin...

my dad just called and pointed out that i havent blogged in a while (woops!) and i told him i was in the middle of this post (written words are below, but i was struggling for a beginning - thanks, dad!) and realized that i had gotten distracted and not finished. so here i am finishing.

today is monday, my favorite day of the week, and particularly favorite because its presidents day and therefore the office is closed. i came in to work anyway, to catch up on things and get organized for the week, so i'm taking a second out to start new years resolutions! err... mid-february resolutions! i'm not really into new years resolutions, but i feel like i need to start making some goals for myself and writing here is a good one. so i am making a goal to write at least 3 times a week for the next few weeks... AND i need to update my resume and find a job. i've been saying that i should do this for a while and its kind of becoming a joke with my family and friends. and i understand why. and honestly, its become a SAD joke. like, seriously, how hard is it to update a resume? to be honest, when i'm not in the process of looking for a job (read: actually employed), i'm pretty good about completing a project or getting a promotion or something and then actually updating my resume, mid-job, but thats because there is no actual PRESSURE to have a proper WOWING resume. and maybe a completed resume is better than none, even if its not WOWING, but... for some reason this is a really daunting task for me and i just can't seem to update 4 little bullet points. i think it has to do with the fact that 1) i actually need a job 2) there are LOTS of people who actually need jobs - and MANY in my industry and with more experience than me 3) i heard that you should update/change/format your resume for EVERY job you apply to - this seems like so. much. work. 4) i don't really know what i want to do and 5) its well documented that i am a procrastinator, so unless i am really feeling stressed about something or have a deadline, its hard for me to complete it. if someone said "d, if you get a job by the end of march, we'll give you a million dollars" then i'd probably put a little elbow grease in and actually find a job. wait. who am i kidding? a million dollars is hardly motivation for me... it just seems like such an unrealistic amount of money. like if someone really told me that, i'd just laugh at them and say "why not just GIVE me the money then i dont need a job?" but that would annoy me, as well. because i dont want to ever NOT work (ironic, i know, because i have basically been NOT working for 1.5 yrs). i like to work. no, i LOVE to work. i just prefer to work when i have a LOT of work. and i dont so much have a LOT of work to do, aside from blogging and looking for jobs. i need a real hobby. or something. does that make sense? get a hobby + less time = find a job. it does to me.

obviously, monday means a new post for me at mad tasty. check it out here. it's about vinegar and links to a very helpful article. i didnt write last week, but i did post at mad tasty last monday, so feel free to comment on that, one, too. or this one, rather. it's about eating by candlelight (in honor of valentine's day). speaking of which, what did you do for v-day? i have a friend, higgi, who boycotted it. and my brother homie doesnt celebrate it with his fiance.

i've never really celebrated it either, even when i had a boyfriend, and maybe back then i was anti-valentines day, but now i'm kind of like "eh, who cares?" either way. if you have someone special to love or be your valentine, then it can be fun, and if you dont - dont freak out. don't beat yourself up over not having a valentine. it seems really silly to me.

ok, i was going to go on more about vday, but i'm over it.

i've decided to start something new with my ramblings, i will now explain WHY i have chosen a song title for the blog post, rather than putting it in the comments section later. so today's title comes from an elvis costello song called "accidents will happen" because i honestly dont know where to begin with my job search. can't someone just GIVE me a job?? preferably paying $100k and in a city i love.... okthanksbye.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

dream apartment - 11

seeing this awesome corner shelf makes me want to have a completely useless corner in my next apartment. but orange? i think higgi might like it, but not sure it would go with my things. what color should i get? black, right? or bright pink?? and apparently this is incredibly expensive. i better start saving up. or get a real job.

Monday, February 1, 2010

filthy gorgeous!

mondays are my favorite day of the week. and this morning, despite being a half hour late for work because i dropped blueberries ALL OVER the ground, is off to a rather nice start. it took me a half hour to get to work (yes, that means i left when i was actually supposed to be AT work) and i listened to blaring scissor sisters while driving in rush hour traffic. it was great. i was dancing and i'm sure some people looked at me funny, but i dont care! oooo... riddle me this... i have a smoothie maker thingie (this thing: a shake 'n take from solutions)
and i had used the two containers i have last thur and fri. i moved last weekend (will explain later AND show pictures of my trailer) and didn't get a chance to clean them out until this morning. i had rinsed them at work after i finished the smoothies, but i hadn't properly cleaned them. this morning, when i went to clean one so i could make a smoothie for my drive to work (which is why i dropped blueberries all over), a horrendous ordor came out of the container. i washed it and it (the smell) was mostly gone... so i made my smoothie, but on the way to work, when i was trying to drink it, i could smell the smell. and it was horrible. is the container no longer good? is there something with which i can wash it? i have no idea what to do in these situations. get some distilled vinegar and let it soak? i washed the other one, as well, and left it in the sink in hot, soapy water. but now i can't finish my smoothie because it smells so bad. also, for the part of the smoothie that i already drank - is it going to poison me? am i going to fall over dead today?? i kinda hope not.

while you are thinking of answers to my most important questions, don't forget to check out my post at madtasty (which is another link out - i really do mean to do some kit kats again, but they take so much time... [this is me whining]). it should be really helpful for info on cleaning hot pans. (which, really, is PREVENTING kit kats - i hope.)

i'm also going to a 2.5 hour yoga class tonight. thats right, baby. 60+60+30... 150 minutes of yoga! its super easy yoga, so its not like i work up a sweat, but i really like it. and then after that, is chuck! my favorite tv show (after bones and criminal minds). check it out.

as an aside, i think if i were to fall over dead today, mondays might not be my favorite day of the week anymore.

jan 2010 twitter archive

  1. erdmann family favorite on vh1 right now! just in time for the National dance-off at rydell high school. i wonder who wins!
  2. welcome to twitter @emilykotevet!! friends, follow her - friend from boston lived in israel, moving to seattle soon. she is a great writer!
  3. awesome video to check out of highlights from fargo north vs. south 2001... oh, and my brother @erdysouth is awesome.
  4. link to video of @erdynorth being interviewed on marauders weekly... check it out! (and my boring weekend in CA)
  5. Its like I always say "came down to special teams..." damn purple.
  6. Damnit! Forgot my license. No beer for me.
  7. My neighbor here in the trailer park is watching the vikings game. I'll catch the last bit after I go get me some beer
  8. congrats @erdynorth for scoring your 1,000th point in your college basketball career!! go mary!!
  9. Well thanks a LOT @erdynorth for getting me drunk tonight on all your scoring! (Congrats on the win umary!)
  10. Me and @erdysouth playin a drinkin game for every shot/rebound @erdynorth makes tonight. Drink!
  11. awesome videos of @erdynorth playing basketball - u mary highlights here:
  12. Two
  13. Just used college id to get $3 off a movie. Yes am almost 30. Maybe zach efron will cheer me up
  14. What she doesn't realize is I brought on THREE carryons and already have one under my seat... I love flying
  15. sneaking suspicion that flight attendant keeps making announcement specifically for ME to take one bag and put under seat in front of me
  16. At BIS airport waititng to fly to SMF for 2 more months of work. Good thing I ate. There is only a game room at this airport. That's rig ...
  17. in bismarck packing for 2 months to sacramento - going to @erdynorth's basketball game tonight - woo hoo! go mauraders!
  18. @cbruels does that mean that you're done? no winnings? are we gonna see you in bismarck tomorrow?