Wednesday, February 24, 2010

out of touch

i think i am a heartless bitch, this did not make me want to go see this movie. i first saw this preview on december 4th at jezebel and since then, i have seen previews for it at a few different movies. is this an enticing film?? i will so not be paying to see this film.

i can only remember twice not finishing movies that i have started. one of them is this movie, prayer for the rollerboys. i joke that this is the worst movie ever. take a watch for a few minutes / seconds and see if you agree...

prayer for the rollerboys tried to cash in on the popular rollerblads of the 90s. they didn't quite score like airborne did

whats your least favorite movie? or a movie you love to hate?

[song title by darryl hall & john oats because sometimes i am pretty sure i am out of touch. especially when it comes to babies]


  1. One of my all-time favorite movies is Prayer for the Rollerboys. A future classic!

  2. i didnt mind that movie... the ending is stupid, as are the endings of most romantic comedies, but the rest of the movie didnt bother me. i remember that you dislike it a lot, though...