Wednesday, July 25, 2012

dream apartment - NOT READY need desk photo

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

call your girlfriend

so first you should watch the original

then you should watch the remake.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


two posts in one day!  so here is the story.

after i wrote all that other stuff earlier, i realized.... i'm drinking some bubbly and have basically only had a chai from sbucks and some popcorn today... i should probably get some food.  so i head out of my room to get some food and while i'm in the stairwell, on the phone to my mom, i realize "i just threw on my shoes.  not my sneakers."  so i tell her and we chuckle about me.  "oh, danielle, you're so silly!"  so i look for the vending machine and it has nothing appetizing in it, so i realize i have to go outside.  i am no longer on the phone with my mom.  so i leave the hotel and look outside.  there is some sort of deli at the end of the block.  i head there and realize i am still in my socks (for protection from the sticky carpet) and my shoes.  oops! so i stand at the corner of the intersection and take a picture of my feet thinking "this will be funny.  people will appreciate this!" i kind of feel like "meh, its new york! who cares??" and thats that.

so here is the picture:

i look ridiculous.  but whatever.  my shirt is bright blue, so at least the socks match.

so i go to the deli and get some rice and crisps (need to pad my estomac).  i'm headed back to my hotel with my munchies, less than a BLOCK, and this guy walks past me, much taller than me, and says "i like your socks, miss" and then smiles at me.  not one of those "you're stupid" smiles but more of a "courage! for wearing those socks" smile.  i kind of laughed.  "thanks" i replied.  i got compliments on my fake fashion sense.

the world is not enough

i am so contente right now.  contente is the french form for women (of which i happen to be).  i'm in a hotel in new york city.  getting pumped up to go see MY FAVORITE BAND IN THE WHOLE WORLD.  if you have to ask who they are, or who sings the song for which this post is named, i dont know you.  and we should leave it that way.

so yes.  concert tonight.  show tomorrow.  its basically awesome.  it is.  really.  but i also have to keep telling myself that because this is ABSOLUTELY THE MOST RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE TWO DAY TRIP I HAVE EVER TAKEN.  its all because i'm stupid.  sigh.  but whatever.  as my grandma said to me today "you better have your fun while you still can!" (at which point i told her i will always be able to have fun and she didnt really agree with me.  then i told her i wasnt going to have kids and she said "oh.  you're not." as a statement.  not a question.)  anyway, i kept putting off getting tickets for the concert tonight because people said usually tickets get cheaper on stubhub when you get closer to the event.  and then garbage went on jimmy fallon on friday and have basically gotten awesome reviews of their album and now everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon (which, for the record, i have ALWAYS been on).  so tickets spiked over the weekend and i was like "craaaap!!!" so i quickly bought one once i saw one that wasnt HORRIBLY priced.  just stupidly priced.  AND i'm doubly stupid because i put in my google calendar all of my ticket info for newsies, the show i am seeing tomorrow, and it turns out, i didnt ACTUALLY BUY THE TICKET.  i just convinced myself i did.  so i had to BUY a ticket for that the other day, too.  broadway is not cheap, either.  all of that, coupled with the fact that i kept putting off getting my hotel in nyc means that i am just ... stupid.  sigh.  but its ok.  i'm here now and its awesome.  i'm staying at a hampton inn near times square so i walked here from penn station, which was nice.  well, after i walked the exact OPPOSITE DIRECTION for like 4 blocks (went sw instead of ne or something).  oh its uber sticky in ny, btw.  not pleased.  but i guess thats ok since its not raining and that means i can walk everywhere tonight.

get to hotel and room is ready at 1pm (nice!) and i head up to my room.  its clean and totally nice except the carpet is slightly sticky (ew) so i'm wearing socks (thank god i brought some!).  i left my room to get some ice for my ice bucket so i could have some bubbly that i brought for myself to celebrate my actual 30nessness and ... well, here is my convo with kelleen:
3:14 PM Kelly:  where are you staying? me: hampton inn times square
  right by penn station but somehow i ended up walking WAY the wrong way
3:15 PM and so i had to walk by these construction workers twice
  and i felt stupid
  oh well
 Kelly: i've done that when leaving the station me: its like 2 blocks away and i walked 4 blocks in the OPPOSITE direction Kelly: is it raining?  it is here me: no!
i know this, as in have actual experience outside in the last 5 min (vs. looking out the window)
  bcs i just tookt he stairs down (from the 9th floor) and there was no exit to the lobby
  so i had to go OUTSIDE
  then BACK INSIDE with my empty icebucket
 Kelly: ha ha ha!
  sometimes you are like one half of lucy and vivian ... or laverne and shirley ...
 me: i just ignored the front desk people and pretended it was totally normal i would walk into the hotel with an ice bucket from their hotelKelly: i am laughing
  question isi ... did you walk back UP to the 9th floor?
 me: sometimes i wonder why other people dont have stories like mine... Kelly: wait ... you had to go the lobby to get ice? me: kind of. not totally. you cant walk UP from the first floor because there is no exit
  ice is on 4 floors
  but not mine
so i took the elevator to 7 and go tthe ice and walked up to 9
 Kelly: damn ... what if there was a reason you had to get out ... like a fire alarm? me: well you'd walk out the front door
  and if you're in the stairwell you just get deposited on the street
  jsut not IN the lobby
 Kelly: i mean from the 9th floor and down the stairs ... ahhhh I get it ... you'd be outside.3:19 PM me: crazy new yorkers!

so yeah... now i am going to drink my bubbly!  and then explore new york.  here is the place i am planning to go to for dinner tonight.  mmm mmm good.  i dont even know how i would decide what i'd like to eat!  what would you order?  what else was i going to write about?  idk.  but its awesome.  now i'm going to go read this book and drink this wine while listening to this album.  how jealous are you??

i dont know how to post the video.  so just go watch this.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

it's my birthday! weeee!!  fun day.  had peeps over last night for sushi and bubbly and it was nice.  nothing crazy.  kind of perfect.  then i went to bed early (early to bed, early to rise...) and am now about to leave the house to go to the PO to buy stamps so i can send all ya'll THINGS. then...? i guess i'll paint and maybe watch a movie or something.  q-time for me.  then dinner at border cafe tonight.  fun!  i'll try and write more this coming week, but until then, here is a video from my FAVORITE BAND.

Friday, May 18, 2012

things that are making me happy

where has the week gone?? i can't believe i haven't written all week!  oops!!  and, of course, no time to write now.  however, here is a video i love about being an introvert (which i am) and the importance of it.

Sunday, May 13, 2012


happy mothers day to all the mothers out there!

most importantly, happy mothers day to my mom who is one of the best people on earth.

i had two conversations recently explaining to people just how close my mom and i are.  i was talking to a coworker after work one night and he was saying how his relationship with his parents changed so much (for the better) after he had kids.  (we were talking about me not having kids and i think he was trying to convince me...?)  i explained that i already had a good relationship with my parents.  and he kept trying to imply that i must not want kids because i have a messed up relationship with my family (i think he thinks that especially since i live so far from them).  and i said, "how often do you think i talk to my parents?" and he was like "i don't know.  a few times a month?" i was like "try a few times a day."  and then yesterday we had some people over and one of them asked what i was doing today for mother's day.  "skyping?" he asked.  which we can definitely do, but i explained that i talk to my mother all the time and so i was sure i'd talk to her today.  i said "we usually talk 3 times a day.  i call her when i'm at lunch, then when i'm leaving work and then she calls me when she's going to bed."  he was shocked.  that's what happens when you're parents are so cool.

in any case, happy mothers day, mom.  and happy mothers day soon-to-be mom, lindsay.  and to my grandma (although, technically, i never think of my gma on this day because she gets a whole separate grandparents day).

here are the three of us at the baby shower a month ago.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

automatic systematic habit

once again!  i LOVE THIS BAND

pretty much set to take two days off in two weeks to go see them in nyc.  i'm also going to see newsies.  how fun is that???

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

things that are making me happy

i love funny women.  grr.  i can't embed.  go watch it.

also, i really liked the avengers.  totally recommend to anyone who wants to be entertained by action.  and robert downey.

Monday, May 7, 2012


its 11pm.  i'm still at work.  been here over 14 hours now.  sigh.  i dont totally mind because i have a lot of things to do and i LOVE being productive!  and its not too hot, so i dont mind being here.  i'm taking a quick break to write to you before the clock strikes midnight (my mother will not be happy - she wanted me home by 11 - ha!  i'm 30 years old and don't have to listen to you!!  :)) and then i have to change the date of this ramble and that gets all complicated and annoying.


crap!  i TOTALLY FORGOT what i was going to write about.  i actually had something.  der.

so anyway, no doubt sent out an email today saying that they are coming out with a new album in september (zaz!) and thanks for 25 years of support.  !!!  25 years??  holy crap i'm old!  i am SHOCKED.  this is actually really surprising to me.  and... bewildering.  i'm befuddled.  and i'm at work.  i wonder how much of my life i have spent at work.  probably less than the average soul considering my random moments of unemployedness, but still... maybe i've made up for the lost years with all this extra work i do.  hmm...  still.  25 years.  geez, man.

i've had a good past few days.  yesterday i booked a ton of awesomely fun stuff to do with the rents in nyc in a few weeks - limoliner down and back (yee haw!) then sweet hotel suite, avenue q, mets game, free staten island ferry (boom!) and more.  i'm super dooper excited.  so excited, i decided to take 2 random days off the week before they come so that i can go to nyc by myself to see MY FAVORITE BAND OF ALL TIME: GARBAGE and newsies on broadway.  its basically awesome.

so a few questions:
  1. when staying in nyc by myself - do i pay for a hotel room and get points or use points (albeit A LOT of points)?
  2. should i take another painting class?  i think i should.  learn some more techniques.  what do you think?  is that how you speel tecneeks?
  3. what do you think of this garbage song?  i am loving it.  you can't hear the whole thing, but the bit you can, adore.

ok one game of harbor master then back to work!