Tuesday, May 22, 2012


two posts in one day!  so here is the story.

after i wrote all that other stuff earlier, i realized.... i'm drinking some bubbly and have basically only had a chai from sbucks and some popcorn today... i should probably get some food.  so i head out of my room to get some food and while i'm in the stairwell, on the phone to my mom, i realize "i just threw on my shoes.  not my sneakers."  so i tell her and we chuckle about me.  "oh, danielle, you're so silly!"  so i look for the vending machine and it has nothing appetizing in it, so i realize i have to go outside.  i am no longer on the phone with my mom.  so i leave the hotel and look outside.  there is some sort of deli at the end of the block.  i head there and realize i am still in my socks (for protection from the sticky carpet) and my shoes.  oops! so i stand at the corner of the intersection and take a picture of my feet thinking "this will be funny.  people will appreciate this!" i kind of feel like "meh, its new york! who cares??" and thats that.

so here is the picture:

i look ridiculous.  but whatever.  my shirt is bright blue, so at least the socks match.

so i go to the deli and get some rice and crisps (need to pad my estomac).  i'm headed back to my hotel with my munchies, less than a BLOCK, and this guy walks past me, much taller than me, and says "i like your socks, miss" and then smiles at me.  not one of those "you're stupid" smiles but more of a "courage! for wearing those socks" smile.  i kind of laughed.  "thanks" i replied.  i got compliments on my fake fashion sense.