Monday, April 30, 2012

random infographics

that are making me happy / interested.

photo grid of atheists.

10 companies that rule the earth (basically)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

things that are making me happy

sigh.  its sunday morning.  went out last night and have a headache now.  i want some eggs.  gonna get up, get ready, go get my little and go see a movie.  then i will drop her off, finish some painting and other stuff, come home and order groceries and organize my cosmetics.  then off to bed.  long day and i'm super sore from yesterday (i didnt do anything to get sore! i just stood for like 5 hours or something).  my body is tired.  achy.  ugh.

anyway, gonna try and blog more this week.  here is a cool video

Friday, April 20, 2012


i can't wait until this is my brother...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

things to make you feel smart

i'm wondering who theramin trees is after watching this video by the same person (group?) who did the videos most of you didn't watch before (about dealing with people).

anyway, this video is great

also, i have spoken to an attorney and i dont think any stories from hawaii will be forthcoming... will explain more later.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

things that are making me happy

did i mention i am a 30-year old who loves ze??  i really wish he would stay the same age so that when i am proper cougar-age we can date...

is that wrong??

more to come on hawaii soon...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


quick post of a flower that i did for rr.

Monday, April 16, 2012

slippery when wet

its 336 am and i'm awake.  i dont know why.  but i remembered that before going to bed (which i think was around 12 or 1230), i was going to write a quick ramble for all ya'll bored at work today.  i am sooo sooo soo happy to not be in beantown today.  today is such a horrrible day to be there.  thousands of people cramming the streets at the marathon making you feel bad for not running.  UGH.  couldn't handle that this year.

so anyway, sunday was super ambitious in the end.  i started painting pictuers for my friends who got married.  i finished one.  here it is.

i have to fix a few things in the morning but overall i like it.  they had a flip flop wedding and i found wine called flip flop!  how fun is that??

anyway, what else?  oh, i clicked the proper button online to officially have them married.  that was good we ddi that.  oh and i killed a massive 3inch flying bug.  that felt good, too.  ok i might be sufficiently tired to fall back asleep.

i haven't forgotten that i didnt tell you what happened at the wedding.  i will 100 percent do that because i want to remember it myself.  i have a bunch of flights coming up, so i will plan to do it then... also, can we talk about why its 87 percent humidity??  but only 20 percent precipitation.  ugh.  i HATE humidity.  oh and i have to check out tomorrow.  double ugh.

[title because in hawaii they call flip flops slippers...AND rocks are slipper when wet.  its like double!]

Saturday, April 14, 2012

tease me please me

ok. let's get down to the point.  how many people have been to a wedding and had to call the police afterwards??  raise your hands.  are your hands up?  if they are, then i'm disappointed because you didn't tell me.  my hand is up after tonight.  wait.  rephrase.

how many people have been to a wedding and had to call the police twice afterwards?   is your hand up?  mine is.  wait.  repharse.

how many people have been to a wedding and had to call the police THREE TIMES AFETWARDS??  is your hand up?  mine is.  wait.  repharse.

how many people have been to a wedding and had to call the police three times and then have them call you back afterwards?  is your hand up?  mine is.

so yeah... i officiating a wedding tonight.  and basically bossed people around (not just the bride and groom - the guests, as well :)).  and then "after" the wedding, there were issues, and cops were called.  AND the twist in the story is this: the cops were not called on anyone in the wedding party.  kid you not.

so... i'm super dooper tire, its 203 am so i am going to bed and if enoug people are interested i will explian everything tomorrow.

once i'm up.

im awake.  ugh.

scong by scorpios.  scorpions.  to too tired to flip.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

alles neu

good morning from waikiki!

woke up naturally at 6:15 this morning.  am doing a bit of blogging quickly then off to breakfast, the gym, shower and then check out.  i'm at a hyatt place in waikiki for the night because i thought i might be picking up my brother from the airport today.  i'm not, but i couldnt cancel my hotel room.  things are so expensive here!  my rental car for 6 days will be $500 and $25 for valet parking at the hotel which was my only option.  ugh.  and i couldn't bring a glass of wine up to my room last night, so i didnt have one.  :(  stupid liquor laws.  got here a little before 10, had some dinner and was fast asleep by 11.  i'm 5 hours behind the midwest now.  here until monday.

here are some pics from my hotel and then the view of the ocean from my balcony. oh!  and the bathroom has a heated seat and "front cleanse" and "back cleanse" functions.  i'm a little afraid to try them out, but i think i'm going to have today.  right before i go into the shower...

[song by peter fox, oddly its in my itunes under "reggae" which is the music i heard when i got in my rental car last night.  it means everything is new.]

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

i wish i could go traveling again

ha!  get it?  get IT??  i'm already traveling!!  mwahahahaha...

ok, so i am in fargo.  and leaving for the airport in 45 min and i have nothing to do really.  i kind of want to do some painting, but that seems silly at this point.  i'm heading to hawai'i today.  or, as i said yesterday "going from one tropical locale to another."  bahahaha.  i'm so funny.  delirious is what it might actually be.  i'm not really tired, BUT that makes absolutely no logical sense.  saturday night, i "closed the bars" with player (he commented that we have never done that and i am not one to back away from a challenge that was never actually made a challenge!) and didnt get home until 4am.  on sunday, that is.  then sunday night i was up late doing something... oh, right.  talking to my friend who is in hawaii planning everything.  then i was up early because i had people to do and things to see yesterday.

yesterday, monday, was pretty packed full of lots of stuff.  that's descriptive.  got up, showered, oh i might've watched mad men, too.  or i might've done that the night before.  can't remember.  then i went for a pedicure at 1030.  it took a bit longer because she painted a flower on my big toe.  (the nail, not the actual toe)  then i stopped by the hospital super quick and met kj for lunch.  we had thai.  it was yummy.  then i picked up the mum from the hospital (she works there, she's not a patient).  then we went home and i had to log on to do some work.  got yelled at by the head baker, so i had to work even more after the conference call.  oh well.  then i went to my great aunt's house, my grandma's house (after stopping at the dq for them to each have a shake).  then on to starbucks for sustenance before a shopping spree where i was looking for a dress for the wedding on friday.  i ended up with 5 of them.  and a cover up and a swimsuit cover up.  then on to vicki's for a bachelorette gift.  food court for some tacos (not gross taco bell stuff).  oh, all this afternoon traveling was with my mom and my aunt.  after the mall, the three of us stopped at my cousin's house where a lot of my cousin's were playing 7 wonders, my new favorite game. my brothers and sil were there, too.  we stayed for a bit, but they were in the middle of the game and i had more things to cross off my list, so we left after a bit.

at home, i packed while watching dwts with my dad.  the tv show is called dwts.  its not dancing with the stars with my dad.  that would be weird.  he went to bed and i checked in online so i could get a free drink coupon (score!) and called my friend in honolulu.  then i went to bed, as well.  it was a little after 11 and my alarm was set to go off at 4:04.  at about 3:30 i awoke totally awake.  so i got up and did my taxes (double score!!) and am getting some money back (woo hoo!).  i did the last bits of packing and am now just sitting here hoping my computer will fully charge before i go to the airport...

so i am in tropical paradise until monday.  quick jaunt (not at all) back to boston for some fun meetings. sigh.  busy month.

today's flights will be crap.  i am flying from far to msp to sea to hon.  3 flights.  one one hour layover, and one four-hour layover.  good thing i have a skyclub pass!  holler.  i'm going to do my expense reports during my layover (how productive!) and then i will only have not finished some paintings.  i will have been able to do everything i wanted for my trip home.  woo hoo!

here is the song i was listening to

Sunday, April 8, 2012

jesus he knows me

a friend tweeted this today and i thought it was interesting.  i love venn diagrams!  and i can never keep the differences of zombie, frankenstein, and dracula straight.

is it weird that i'm watching the drew peterson story on lifetime??  i have a headache and i'm feeling dehydrated.  ugh.  and my nose won't stop itching.  does that mean someone is talking/thinking about me?  or maybe i'm getting sick.  ugh.

[song by genesis]

Saturday, April 7, 2012

baby shower

so today (technically, time-wise) is the baby shower i am "hosting" with my mom.  it should be fun.  i would love to post the menu at some point, but i'm too tired right now.

in her honor, watch this video:

Thursday, April 5, 2012

bang bang bang on the wall

from dusk 'till dawn.

hello again.

on a flight.


have been running ragged all week - lots to do!!  and i am still soo behind.  flying home to far for a baby shower then to hon for a wedding.  i worked a TON this week, even though i ddint get nearly enough done.  we have a joke at work that i happen to plan my vacations REALLY WELL.  i ALWAYS seem to be gone when lots of big things are going down.  its true.  last august was a french when i was home for my dad's birthday.  then there was a ratings downgrade and i was in europe.  and now we've just hired someone new and there's all sorts of stuff to be done about that.  let me rephrase this in different speak for my family:  last august, two of the countries that supplied cake ingredients were about to default and not produce the ingredients anymore.  then in september, two of the companies that made some of the ingredients for the cake were found out to be contaminated and no one wanted those pieces.  not good.  now we are looking for a new helper-baker and we've found someone, but this person only knows how to  read ingredients, not actually BAKE.  and i have to train him.  so, lots going on.  and another perfectly timed vacation for me!

what else is going on?  i havent done my taxes, so i had to bring those with me.  i didnt get to paint like i wanted to, so i have paints with me.  i also had to pack baby gifts and various other things AND beach clothes and the like.  i need to find a dress to wear to the ceremony.  and i'll probably have to repack in a new way.  i kind of threw everything together this morning at 4am.  sigh. so much to do!  and then, of course, i want to play board games with my family and do yoga and go see movies and ohc rap!  i have to plan a baby shower.  so much to do.

and whats up with 40 degrees in far this coming week?  i'm not prepared for that!  double sigh.

anyway, flight is landing in 43 min and i have stuff to read.  things to do, people to see.

i'm outtie

[ladyhawke.  i've probably used this headline before.]

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

things that are making me very very happy

i LOVE garbage.

new video today.  awesome.  am loving the song.  can't wait for the album.

i'm also an idiot.  turns out my parents are coming to boston (baby pending, of course, and after all of my campaigning to get them to come) the weekend garbage is in town.  normally that wouldn't be a problem except that i, in turn, booked tickets to new york.  or a hotel, rather.  how stupid of me??  UGH.  so now i think i am going to go to new york during the week before so i can see them.  UGH.  spending so much money for no reason!  but it'll be awesome.  i love garbage.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

dream apartment

umm. obviously.

and then there is this one.

from here.

Monday, April 2, 2012

perfect baby

we're in high planning mode for the baby shower for my soon-to-be niece (they don't know what sex the baby is, so if its a boy, we can all be sure i'm dressing it like a girl when i'm babysitting :)  jk homie.  maybe).  and i suspect she (the mother, not the baby this time) is "nesting."  and i am, too!  from far away!  i'm reading all sorts of decoration ideas for the babys room (which i, admittedly will not have anything to do in decorating), and am using this area to be record my favorite ideas.

1) this is a bunch of different baby ideas.  and how CUTE are these mushroom things??  it reminds me of charlie and the chocolate factory!  or willy wonka maybe.  which version?  i can't remember anymore.  so fun.

i think i like this room the best, though.

what do you think??

2) here is another one.  love the pictures!  here are two of my favorites.

the alphabet above is delightful!

and i love this room, too:

Sunday, April 1, 2012

so fresh, so clean

i'm all about kitchen these days.  reading lots about them and dreaming up fabulous kitchens for me to have one day (what i'll do in those/that kitchen/s no one knows, but one can dream!).  this post is about storage in said fabulous kitchen.

knives UNDER a cabinet??  how cool is that??? AND they could be kind of hidden from potential burglers.  why is that not spelled right?  burgeler.  hmm... robbers is what i mean.  bad people.  anyway, found here.

i like the picture above because its repurposing things.  and its so cute!  from here.

neat idea to organize drawers.  love it!  who thinks of these things?  oh right.  these people.

and finally, this pic is for corner drawers.  also awesome.  same peeps.

[song by outkast.  did you know i have NO songs in itunes with the words "storage," "kitchen," "food," "eat," or "organize."  weird.]