Monday, April 2, 2012

perfect baby

we're in high planning mode for the baby shower for my soon-to-be niece (they don't know what sex the baby is, so if its a boy, we can all be sure i'm dressing it like a girl when i'm babysitting :)  jk homie.  maybe).  and i suspect she (the mother, not the baby this time) is "nesting."  and i am, too!  from far away!  i'm reading all sorts of decoration ideas for the babys room (which i, admittedly will not have anything to do in decorating), and am using this area to be record my favorite ideas.

1) this is a bunch of different baby ideas.  and how CUTE are these mushroom things??  it reminds me of charlie and the chocolate factory!  or willy wonka maybe.  which version?  i can't remember anymore.  so fun.

i think i like this room the best, though.

what do you think??

2) here is another one.  love the pictures!  here are two of my favorites.

the alphabet above is delightful!

and i love this room, too:


  1. I love orange for a baby's room ... or green. Why lock the little one into some preconceived set of gender expectations. Just my humble o.
    Also ... There must be a big comfy rocking chair. Trust me on this one.