Sunday, April 1, 2012

so fresh, so clean

i'm all about kitchen these days.  reading lots about them and dreaming up fabulous kitchens for me to have one day (what i'll do in those/that kitchen/s no one knows, but one can dream!).  this post is about storage in said fabulous kitchen.

knives UNDER a cabinet??  how cool is that??? AND they could be kind of hidden from potential burglers.  why is that not spelled right?  burgeler.  hmm... robbers is what i mean.  bad people.  anyway, found here.

i like the picture above because its repurposing things.  and its so cute!  from here.

neat idea to organize drawers.  love it!  who thinks of these things?  oh right.  these people.

and finally, this pic is for corner drawers.  also awesome.  same peeps.

[song by outkast.  did you know i have NO songs in itunes with the words "storage," "kitchen," "food," "eat," or "organize."  weird.]

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  1. I want to have find creative way to hang our pots/pans at our new house.