Saturday, March 31, 2012

nodak in the news s'more!

its that time again, folks!  yes, time for me to get my butt in gear and get back to rambling.  but what i really mean is: time to summarize north dakota in the news!!

  • so this became news a few weeks ago - grand forks olive garden's review.  wait.  thats not right.  the review of olive garden in grand forks.  or grand forks olive garden.  yeah, that works.  i have a headache. anyway, this was the best summary, in my part.  i mean opinion.  what is wrong with my brain?????  aggghhh!!!  anyway, this was really big - a client in ohio emailed me to say that this woman writer was his aunt's best friend or something like that.  how crazy is that??
  • this article is about the housing boom in nodak and compares it to living in large cities.  
  • housing in nodak is big!  cnbc says it is the best market in the country.  check it out here.
  • i had a weird trip to nola a few months ago and met a guy who can only be described as a d-bag.  he made fun of me being from north dakota after knowing him for like 2 minutes.  then he said "its too bad you're from there - no one ever talks about that state."  au contraire, monsieur le douche.  au contraire.  just check out this article that talks about how great nodak is numbers-wise.  so there.
i think thats all i've got for now...

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