Wednesday, March 28, 2012

painter song

i want to be asleep in one minute.  considering i'm sitting on the couch in my room in my clothes with all lights and the tv on tells me that that is not going to happen.  damn.  11:00pm.  its definitely not going to happen.

sigh... ok, so i'm tired, as well.  i got 5 hours of sleep last night, flew to ohio, had meetings all day, went to tea with my coworkers neighbor, then had dinner with a bunch of people and am now in my hotel (sweet suite) room.  i need to go to bed.  but first!  i finished another painting!

what do you think?

my coworker picked this picture out of my north dakota book and so i painted it for her.  i gave it to her at work yesterday and (now that i'm not in town), she IMed this to me today:

JL [4:27 PM]:
i cannot tell you have many people have stopped to comment on your painting
ME [4:37 PM]:
ME[4:37 PM]:
JL [4:37 PM]:
everyone is sooo impressed
ME [4:37 PM]:
ME [4:38 PM]:
what did think?
ME [4:38 PM]:
(you can be honest)
JL [4:38 PM]:
she thinks it's amazing
JL [4:38 PM]:

so thats pretty cool!

[song by norah jones]