Sunday, March 25, 2012


its sunday afternoon - LEAST FAVORITE MOMENT OF THE WEEK.  i am at the point in my day where i have not gotten anything done i want to (write cards, blogs, do expense reports, PAINT, exercise, yoga, etc) and have just a few hours left... what do i do??  where do i start?  i've decided i want to paint.  so i am going to set that up and for inspiration, i just watched this video (can't imbed - stupid).  i love the thing!  it reminds me of that game my best friend growing up, erin had.  the cryptograph or spiralograph or something. i never had one (woe is me) so i would have to play it when at her house.  do you know what i'm talking about?? the thing where you add colors and it makes a drawing basically just like the turntables did.  for the turntables - i think the main question is: what RECORDS were they playing???

yes, i'm going to paint.  and listen to audioslave.  or france de gresien.  gresien.  hmm.  something like htat.  which one do you prefer?

or should i do some good ol' the xx?

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