Wednesday, March 21, 2012

i'm feeling really exhausted.  i was at work from 8 am until 9pm tonight.  AND the one MAIN thing i needed to do, i didnt get to... something kind of major came up at work and i spent 90% of my day dealing with that and then had to stay late to finish everything else i was supposed to do.  the main project will take so much time, i did all the little things after work (while at work).  it was such an emotionally exhausting day.  i had a nice salad for dinner, which was good.  i wanted to paint tonight but... no way jose.  cannot do it.  way too tired.  i was also going to do yoga and walk on the treadmill.  nope.  didn't get to do those things either.

ok chopped is over so i'm going to bed.

first, this article caught my attention.  how come we only hear bad things in the news about catholics and mulims?  you never hear anything bad about hindus or jews or buddhists.  food for thougtht...

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