Wednesday, June 30, 2010

quick! i need your help!!

i need to pick a song that i like, but would be embarrassing for me to let others know that i like this music. i have gone through my music, but can't decide which song is most embarrassing, and i think its kind of funny, so i am letting you all know which songs i listen to that are totally cheesy. background: for a bonding thing at work, we have to come up with one song that we would want played as we walked on to fenway to bat (for when they pull me up to the majors!) and a 2nd song that we would be embarrassed if people knew we liked (e.g. you're sitting on the subway with your ipod and when this song comes on, you turn your ipod over so no one sees what you are listening to). so, i need you to tell me, of these songs, which one i should pick for tonight:
  1. color me badd - i wanna sex you up
  2. joey lawrence - justa 'nother love song
  3. jennifer page - crush
  4. montell jordan - this is how we do it
  5. something else you know i listen to that i potentially don't realize is embarrassing....

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

dream apartment - 32

ha! i saw this post at the kitchn about napping outdoors (which i rarely, rarely do) and thought, "ok, maybe i dont like to sleep outdoors, but i SHOULD like to sleep outdoors. which bed would make me snooze?" i loved the first picture because it looks so comfy and it doesnt look like there are a lot of bugs around (and i like the shade - gotta avoid the skin cancer):

but really, i love the beach, and this picture looks like there aren't a lot of bugs around and is shaded a little; HOWEVER, i think i might break the chains (which is the primary reason i dont swing anymore - sad):

so then i found THIS picture, which looked very very nice, BUT it won't come through on here! so you'll have to click on this link to get the best photo.

do you like to sleep outside? whats your ultimate situation?

Monday, June 28, 2010

too tired

greetings from sunday night. my least favorite day of the week and yet... i'm not too disappointed with today. let me explain...

for some reason, i awoke at 8am... this wouldn't be a big deal except that i went to bed at 3:30am because i was up watching a movie and organizing my bra/underware and sock drawers. i watched the big easy and definitely recommend it. i have had this movie from netflix since early june - 3 weeks is waaay too much time for me to have a movie! i prefer 1-2 days so as to get my money's worth. not 1-2-5 weeks. there is no reason. so anyway, i was watching one movie downstairs while i organized my dvds and cds. [note: my dvds did NOT fit let alone my cds. disappointing. makes me think i should give some away. nah...] then i went upstairs to do some more organizing and watched the big easy. i wouldnt let myself fall assleep until it was over.

anyway, after i awoke ( wwaaaaaaay too early), i rode my bike in to work to get some things done. it felt good to finish some stuff and i LOVE riding my bike. it was the prefect cross between having an open road and having to obey trraffic rules. it was great. i felt like i was speeding and it made me want to biek raide more.

so back to my day... i got home and instantly started cleaning my room, did some yoga, then jumped in the shower before our company came over. i invited my aunt's sister and her husband over to eat (long story short: my dad's brothers' wife's sister and her husband recently moved to boston). at the last minute, we made it a spanish-themed meal. spanish salad (which i made!!!) and some tapas-type appetizers then paella for dinner. mmmmm. it was sooo good. i will admit, my roommate made most of the dinner. i made the salad and i think it was delish. it was nice to use some of our greens from the farm share.

overall, i think we all had a good time. i adore k & c, as i have since my cousins wedding 10 years ago. teh three of us hung out and it was good times.

oh my goodness, i am so ooooo tired. ican hardly type straight. to that extent, the night was good - fabulsous enteratinment (making fun of eme!) and delicioius food. it was oly slightly spoiled rom the fact that it was soo hot insdide the apartment. we ate and had good conversation. for the record, they came a little after 530, like we talked about. we ate, moved from instide to out, and had a good time. around 11pm, ryan excuses himself while we were outside. a bit later, chris goes to use the bathrrom and they decide to leave. no one has any idea where higgs is. its not until we get upstairs that i see him passe out on his bed the wrong way. totally in his clothes. it was pretty funny. i'd write more, bt i'm much too tired. per [dave]]s selection, here is the last pyt video (at least for some time):

[song by jonny lang - i am literally too tired to keep typing)a;lkfj;aie;

Saturday, June 26, 2010


thought i'd post this video as another one to enjoy in honor of jacko.

thanks, player

smooth criminal

so i'm a little torn on jacko. i grew up thinking he was fabulous. great music, cool clothes. it never occurred to me to wonder why he was black when i was young and then ... wasn't anymore. i actually believed he had elephant bones in his body, but i didnt really care. and i remember borrowing the jackson movie on vhs from a friend who had recorded it off of vh1. i watched it multiple times over and over. but i've never been able to really reconcile my thoughts of the allegations of child molestation. typically, in my book - if you're bad: you're bad. i dont want to deal with you anymore. i dislike kanye west and will never buy another album of his. nor will i buy chris brown ever again. but for some reason, i still love michael jackson's music, despite the fact that i believe he was a deeply troubled human being. maybe THATs it. maybe i feel bad for him. i'm honestly not sure. so, when i read this article on his best songs, i had to wonder "do i agree?" my favorite song is not on there - smooth criminal. nor is pyt, which is another one of my favorites. here are the ones the author listed and whether or not i like them:
  1. billie jean - excellent song. def top 5
  2. stranger in moscow - ?? i dont even know if i KNOW this song!
  3. wanna be startin' somethin' - yeah, this is good
  4. man in the mirror - i like the part where the temp changes "if you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make that... change!"
  5. earth song - ?? i feel like i should know this, but cant hear it easily
  6. they dont care about us - same as above
  7. human nature - and this one. maybe i should try listening to these
  8. who is it - i actually listened to this one. i vaguely remember it
  9. don't stop 'til you get enough - good song
  10. (tie) beat it and black or white - both of these are classics
with that, RIP jacko. and here is my favorite dancing with the stars dance (to pyt):

[ironic rambling post name - smooth criminal IS my favorite mj song, (and TECHNICALLY i've used this song title for a rambling post before), BUT it could also be an ironic description of mj himself...]

Friday, June 25, 2010

dream apartment - 31

any dream home should OBVIOUSLY include a fabulous place to watch movies. there was a post at unplugged which showed some great home theaters of the stars - i picked this one because 1) i like having a home-crafted movie theater, rather than just a big screen and 2) in honor of michael jackson's passing (the above picture is his, apparently). i do, however, really like ryan sechrest's (sp?) place. its comfy and you could lay (lie?) down. which is your favorite?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

happy birthday b!

happy birthday, b! looking through my pictures makes me realize we need to take more next time we're together. and preferably well thought out, posed pictures unlike the one above. :)

new gadget

last night i didn't get a lot of sleep because it was too hot in my room. we tried to put the air con in the window, but it didnt work. so every few hours, i was up to turn on the fan in my room (on a timer of max. 120 minutes). then, of course, i woke up before my alarm and had to just stay in bed. so i'm super tired. AND i made a fun purchase to avoid this in the future (once it arrives in 7-10 days). i bought a portable air conditioning unit!!! i'm so happy. relatively. i just wish it were here, but it isnt yet. so i have the fan on, and will turn it back to 120 min before i go to bed. BUT making a spur-of-the-moment purchase made me think of this that has been in the news a lot lately:

this is obviously in relation to the new iphone, but i figured it works for my new air con unit, too (after the fact, of course, when i could verify it fit my needs). have you bought anything recently that you maybe didn't need to??

so after work, i went to check out this woman's only gm it was ok. i can't decide if i want to join it or not. its near my house, which is good for the weekend,s but maybe i'll think its too far when i want to work out in the winter. we'll see. i have to decide (had = want to) by friday so i can have the 3 day trial period. anyway, after that i headed home and had dinner (popcorn and mimosas) and then at 1030pm, i met my roommate and his gma at a bar for a drink. it was good. and now i am super dooper tired, so i am going to say so long, farewell, auf weidersehen, goodbye!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

dream apartment - 30

i can't find the exact one i want, but i do really desperately want an apothecary cabinet someday. i like the color of this one, but i prefer a tall one - taller than wide. here are some fun other ones to look at. or maybe i need a card catalog... i really want to put little things in it like cell phone chargers, batteries, post its, etc. we have no room for it now, but one day...

Monday, June 21, 2010

insane family jeopardy

ugh. its 11:10 and i am not in bed. i feel guilty for not writing yet today - i meant to this morning at the hotel, but i totally forgot. it was a weird day. all sorts of weird things happened. i set my alarm early so i could go to the gym and it turns out that i forgot my workout clothes. so i got on the road to head back to boston and once i was actually IN boston, i realized i left my cell phone in the hotel room. i used my blackberry to call the hotel and sure enough. its an hour and a half away. oh, and the tomtom - i can't use properly. so i took the wrong way a lot of times and it took me over 2 hours to go a distance that should've taken an hour and a half.

so i got to work at 1030 or so. bleh. i hate that. anyway, other randomness follows: i was IMing a guy at work and i said, "well, i am sensitive to your demands." and OBVIOUSLY that is NOT what i meant. i clarified, he loled, etc. it all worked out, but was slightly embarrassing. in the afternoon, i bumped in to some old coworkers and THAT was slightly awkward. and i really dont think it was me. maybe they felt bad for me. that was probably it.

anyway, we can't get the AC unit in to my window - i have to figure it out tomorrow. there are branches IN the screen. they've grown into it. and now the screen won't move. i'm gonna have to get after it tomorrow. ok, i'm off to bed.

[line from united states of tara]

Saturday, June 19, 2010

happy daddyd day!

just a quick update today because i'm off to a wedding in rhode island, but wanted to wish my old man a happy fathers day!!
love you lots, pop!

Friday, June 18, 2010

i'm sick

oof da.

i am so ill. i was up multiple times last night and at 2am emailed my boss to tell her i would not be in today. i figured i would sleep in, get up at 9 or so and try to clean my room (i like to be productive when i'm sick), but nooo. i slept until 11:30, and feel like shit. i called my mom at 7am and she informed me, due to my gurgling stomach, i most likely had gi flu. not fun. i can't remember the last time i was this sick. and i keep trying to figure out what it was that i ate that made me this ill. i'm hoping it was scallion pancakes from the dirty chinese restaurant down the street and not the spinach from the farm share we have. my mom informed me (she's a nurse) that i could eat BRAT: bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. so i had part of a banana and some toast and i am slowly starting to feel a bit better. this kind of completely ruins my plans for the weekend. i wanted to be uber productive today so i could get a lot done. i am renting a car tonight (which i still have to get despite feeling gross, because they are not open tomorrow and i need it for a wedding on sunday) and have to go to target, pick up my furniture, etc. i also have to get a wedding gift because i am going to a wedding in rhode island on sunday. i hope i feel a lot better by then. tomorrow night i'm heading to visit family friends, ritz and lars, in newton. they are having people over, so i am going to stop by for a sec. its hard to get there from here - its over an hour on the T and that is too much time for me. since i'll have a car, i'll go visit. i hope. i dont like being sick. its very very boring. its already 330 and i've done NOTHING today. does NOT make me happy. oh... AND i had pop. i know i said i'd give it up for a year, and this is the first time i have had any, but i was told it would make my stomach feel better, so i had a fresca. and now i feel a little better, so i am going to stop again. i didnt even enjoy it. it sucked. which just annoys me even more.

ok, i'm gonna go do something. sleep, rent the car, who knows?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

dream apartment - 29

umm yeah, so obviously this is like one of the best things in the world. it would be preferable if the bedroom were on the top and when you wake up in the morning, you just slide down to the pool for a swim and then get ready for work.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

since you're going my way, take me home


i am on a flight from msp to bos. i was in sacramento for one night for work - left boston on a 5am flight yesterday morning - flew 6+ hours for a 3 hour meeting (and a business lunch, i guess). then this morning, i had breakfast with a coworker and then went in to the office for an hour. then back to the airport where my flight from smf to msp was delayed. then the flight i am now on (from msp to bos) was delayed. we're supposed to land at 11pm and i might meet my roommate for a drink at a bar on my way home, but i might not. i might be too tired. we'll see. my contacts are drying up and its hard for me to keep my eyes open, but i tried sleeping and that didn't really work. which is why i am online now. i am going to do some work, but first i thought i would check in. my little brothers didnt know i was going to sac, so that tells me i have not been keeping in touch (via ramblings) as much as i should...

tomorrow is wednesday and i need to go in early because there is
then thursday is a client meeting all day at the office. it means i won't get to pick up my csa shipment, and higgs will have to. did i talk about this? i signed up for a community supported agriculture thing. which means that once a week, i go to this farmers market and they have a bunch of veggies waiting for me to take home and enjoy. unfortunately, i havent really been able to enjoy last weeks pickings (which included 1 lb of spinach, 3/4 lbs of mixed greens, 2 heads of lettuce, a bunch of turnips, a bunch of dill, some massive carrots, and... i can't remember if there was anything else. we bought strawberries, as well, and didn't eat them fast enough, so i put them in the freezer to put in my smoothies - oh! turnips. we got some turnips, too) because last weekend was the pride parade in front of our house and there ended up being multiple, spontaneous parties in my place on saturday. then sunday was the roomie's bday and i had to finish cleaning my room and packing for my trip. the past few days have been a true whirlwind. oh! AND a friend of mine had a baby - congrats!!

so yeah. back to bos. busy week then this weekend i am renting a car to do a bunch of errands (and hopefully pick up the dresser that i bought and never got home) and then i am driving to rhode island on sunday for a wedding. i'll be staying overnight at a hotel and then getting up early mon morning to head back to bos to work.

so ... what else? i have a TON of things to say lately, but no time to say them.

oh, my flight from smf to msp earlier today... normally i NEVER even say "boo" to my seatmates on flights (how funny would that be if i actually looked at someone and said "boo!" and then looked away. oh wow. i would die laughing later), and i was totally looking forward to my spot from smf to msp because, despite being in the dreaded middle seat, i was in an exit row, so it meant i could actually use my laptop. on my flight yesterday from bos to houston or wherever i was, i couldnt use the laptop because it literally did not open between me and the seat. thats how little room there was. so i was annoyed. and i knew that delta has wifi now, so i was excited to get a lot of work done on my flight from sac - wifi and extra room (oh i have this stupid dell laptop from work with an extra tall screen so thats why it doesnt fit to open). i'm walking down the aisle to my seat in row 22 and i say to my coworker behind me "oh great, i'm sitting next to a pilot, that means i can't sneak my electronics during takeoff" (which i do all the time, btw. i'm super good at that). he kind of chuckled. so i sit down and the pilot is making jokes about me having to turn off my phones, so i show him that i've done that. then i'm going through my emails on my blackberry and he's like "i thought you just turned that off!" and i explained that it was my google phone vs. my work phone. plus i had my ipod on my lap. so we start talking. oh, i should also explain that the guy next to me was very very large. we're talking biggie smalls large. no matter how i sat, my arms were basically ON his arms. i felt bad for the guy. anyway, so the pilot and i start talking and we talked about me being a liberal working in finance, the airline industry, gay rights, which obviously led to a discussion of sex and hiv and prostitution and then this great convo about how men in the generation younger than me (basically my generation, but i'm a cusper so i'm on both sides) are actually really lost and not doing well because they grew up hearing adults tell little girls that little girls can do anything, but they never heard the same thing, so now, as they get older, (first, dont forget that boys mature later than girls), the girls are way ahead of them because of maturity and they've just been pushed to work harder and do more. plus now women dont depend on men, so they're kind of feeling... lost or something. he said "you know that movie, failure to launch? well, i've got two matthew mcconaheys." i chuckled. but we had a good discussion about that. so, we ended up talking the WHOLE FLIGHT. it was cool, but i got NOTHING DONE. and we all know i dont like unproductivity. now i am going to be super busy at work tomorrow. and tired. ugh. i already need the weekend and its only tuesday night!

oh, and then this flight... i sit down and i had bought this odwalla drink. the label says "SULTRY SIP Open the bottle, then close your eys and let your other senses take over..." so i do as it says, i put my lips up to the bottle, close my eyes and take a big drink savoring the mango taste. the guy next to me says "wow, that must be a good drink." ha! i explained that i was just following directions. we chatted for a bit. since when am i so friendly that people want to talk to me?? this is truly a new phenom.

ok, i've got an hour left on my battery. time to get some work done. peace out.

[lyrics "since you're going my way, take me home" are from highway firecracker by slack season which i am listening to as i type this on my ipod in the air. its on a snapple cd i got freshman year of college. i LOVE this cd.]

Sunday, June 13, 2010

happy birthday higgs!

so today is my roommate's birthday - happy birthday, higgs!! in honor of his bday, i have copied this picture from cake wrecks (although on sundays they do not show actual wrecks, just nice cakes (such as below) as a nice birthday gift.
so happy birthday! it's your 30-in-training year. enjoy it! and finish your mimosa so i can pour you another one.

Friday, June 11, 2010

dream apartment - 28

i'm beginning to think i have issues with books, book storage, and tall things. and ladders/stairs. for more awesome pics, check this out.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

let's go to the mall - today!

i feel that lately, i'm kind of all over the place. with work, with my apartment, being back in boston, and this blog. i'll be walking and think "oh, that would make a great blog post." but then i get home and can't remember what i was going to write about. i've often thought i would benefit from having one of those mini tape recorders and carrying it around with me. i like to write things down, but maybe i need an idea recorder or something to record more easily. but then... would i look like a crazy person walking around with a recorder? do i care? i think the answer is no. yesterday i saw someone at work who i hadn't seen yet (i've been back 2 weeks) and she raved about my hair (i mean RAVED, like, in a weird way almost) and i finally said "well, i'm trying not to fit in and look like everyone else." i dont think she knew what to say. so i'm not super worried about being the crazy person. anyway, maybe the main question is: is buying a tape recorder worth it? anyone use one? do you like it? maybe i should use my ipod or phone more... i could type things in, but that seems time consuming and maybe i'd like to carry a tape recorder around. idk.

another thing i am grappling with is my apartment. there are TONS of things i love - living with someone extremely neat makes me clean up after myself more often. which hopefully means we'll have less mice in the winter. and i LOVE that we dont use paper products (aside from toilet paper), but sometimes i miss paper towels. BUT then i feel bad because they are bad for the environment. cloth napkins and "tea" towels are def the way to go. it just takes some getting used to. my other dillemas (dilemmas? yes, thats it) include the fact that i really really really want this chair:
BUT i just discovered that is made of microsuede, which CAN be made of polyester, which i am now trying to avoid thanks to stupid bp. AND when i first found the chair, it was 15% off, but now its only 5% off, which annoys me. why didnt i just buy it before i found what it was made of and it was on sale?? now i feel guilty. what do you think? should i buy the chair? its kind of the perfect color for me AND its called the "lucy chair." its like meant to be.

other than that, i'm just trying to keep my head above water at work. i want to get more involved, but i dont quite have a system down and i'm not as organized as i'd like to be compared to before i was "on vacation." i hope friday is less busy and i can get some organization done. otherwise, i might have to go in to the office. saturday is the gay pride parade which starts right in front of our apt. i've been warned there might be a lot of gays at our place, and i'm trying to decide if i should be around for that or not. maybe a mix of both.

also, i'd like to finish unpacking and organizing and all that. i have a TON of things to go through. so far, most of the place is "neat" which means i just put things away, but didnt get to go through it. i'm in the process of doing that with my clothes and then little by little, i have to start going through documents to trash and old notes and files and suitcases (i have a massive green suitcase that i can't remember whats in it - i'm afraid to open it. i obviously haven't missed it).

tonight i'm going to a food pantry to volunteer and help out. should be fun. i need to get back to volunteering, too. so much to do!

oh right, here is the other thing i want to buy for my apartment:
isn't it fabulous? i'm just trying to decide how quickly i should get it... and what do you think of the chair??

[title from how i met your mother - robin sparkle's teeny bopper video that i LOVE]

Monday, June 7, 2010

dream apartment - 27

ok, lets just be honest. no matter what your home looked like, it would most certainly be 100% better if there was some sort of awesome lap pool above the front door (as pictured). how can you NOT want something like this?? for more AWESOME pictures of pools, check out this link at apartment therapy. which pool is your favorite? i kind of like them all. beggars can't be choosers.
great sunday!

who would've known that its actually FUN to live with someone you like and want to hang around with?? last night (saturday night) i was up until 1 or 2 am, although i didnt go out because i wanted to clean my room. i spent most of saturday going through my room, taking breaks, watching things on dvr, etc. at 1pm i went to get sushi for lunch (my first meal of the day) and when i came home, it was so hot and muggy, there was no way i could work on my room upstairs in the muggy air. i made some mimosas with pineapple juice - deLISH! and had my sushi rolls. by the time i accidentally finished my bottle of mumm napa, i was quite happy and motivated to finish my room. i headed up the metal spiral stairs and promptly hurt myself. less than 2 weeks in my new place and i've already locked myself out, bought a piece of furniture that i have no way to get home, and stubbed my toes and shin on the stairs going up to the bedrooms. sad, i recognize. i know, i know.

anyway, i got a lot done in my room and pretty much am donating ALL of the shirts that i have had on hangers for the past 2 years. i gave myself two rules: if there are pills on the sweater/shirt, don't keep and 2) if there are hanger marks on the sweater/shirt don't keep. so i have pretty much cleaned out half my closet and its very ver y very sad. there are TONS of things that i absolutely LOVE that 1) don't fit anymore or 2) fit one of the descriptions above. i have to go through my shoes, as well and then call the salvation army to pick everthing up. and there is

i keep thinking that somenoe else might actually BENEFIT from having these articles of clothing in their arsenal. so i am comforting myself with that. ha. i just realized they aren't even gone!

so yeah... if my typing is irradic its because its 12:30am, i'm tired, and i have had like 3 margartias thanks t omy roommate. ha ha. wow. i am super tired and want to go to sleep. so i'm giong to hit the sack after i explain today.

i woke up too early around 7am. then i watched a movie and went back to sleep for a bit and woke up at 10 or 1030. i was watching short cuts, which is super long, so i had to restart it. i left my room around 1230 so i could shower and feel better. i went downstairs and my roommate was super sweaty because he had been up organizing and cleaning the back room. he had spent HOURS on it and it looks great.

i was going to go in to the office and get some things done, but my roommate convinced me to make the one thin i know how to make (fajitas) and he dished out some fabulous margaritas. they were good. i can hardly type right now.

i have more to write but i'd rather go to bed. long weekend that was comletely DRAININGY of my energy.
gotta go to bed.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

subjectless post

its wednesday night.

i am sooo tired. i'm going to bed soon. hopefully in the next 7 minutes.

so, just quickly. did some apartment stuff after work today - went to west elm and bought a dresser (5 drawers - tall) and another dresser for downstairs (storage) so i could have 2 pieces of the same style for whatever i do next. so i buy the pieces, sign up for the card to get a decent discount, go outside to the zipcar my roommate rented just for the occassion and ... voila. the pieces aren't in boxes. they're fully put together. so they dont fit in the car we rented. so i take one piece home and have to find a way to get the other piece back to my place. delivery via ups is $125. yep. for a store like 3 miles away. so... not sure what to do about that.

we get the piece home and so i order pizza and we watch man of the year with robbin williams. and of course - a movie made 5+ (?) years ago and why are ALL THE ISSUES THE SAME?? you'd think we've made some progress but noooo... none at all apparently. its pretty sad. i couldnt stay up for it, i'm just too tired. hopefully the wine i had for dinner won't keep me up later tonight. i'd love to be like a toddler and sleep through the night.

and here are a few notes of things i read online today:
  • woman gives labor for TWENTY DAYS. not hours. DAYS. just another reason not to have kids.
ok, nm. i thought i had more but now i cant find them. i'm off to bed!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

dream mother

this morning is already a weird day. i woke up in a sweat from a really bizarre dream where my aunt b and my mom had rented a rental truck to move some of my grandma's stuff. after my aunt returned it, my mom asked if she had gotten everything out of the back and my aunt didn't realize there were things in the back. so, my grandma, mom and i drive to go get the stuff from the rental return place. it was in a really sketchy area of town and my mom parked, in a big cargo van, at the end of this alley. the alley had a random smackling of houses but was mostly open fields with dried grass. it was at least a quarter of a mile long. there were crack addicts and homeless people swarming all around. i walked to the trailer where i thought our stuff was. i knocked on the door and an average-looking white woman with braids opened the door. i explained that we had left some stuff and she told me that they had just loaded it into the other room. she showed me where it was and it was then that i noticed this woman had tattoos everywhere and missing teeth. the trailer was gross and dirty. so i start picking up some of the stuff from my grandma's truck and the girl sits on the couch and falls asleep. oh, i think she was pregnant. so i grab as much as i can and run out of there because it felt like the sort of place where someone might go and just "never leave" or disappear... so i run to the alley and i have some stuff in my left arm and 3 cabbage patch kids dolls in my right arm. i'm waving my arms trying to tell my mom, in the van at the end of the alley, to start the van so we can leave asap. i get to the van and she's like "where's the other stuff?" and i explain it wasn't worth getting. she didn't listen to me, so we drive around to the front of the trailer and park. my mom goes in first, and this sketchy white-trash guy opens the door and welcomes her in. he didn't see me. he was really excited to see her and looked at her like she was "fresh meat." he closed the door right as i put my foot in it. he looked disappointed to see me when he realized i was with the woman who had just rung his bell. the pregnant girl came to the room and i explained that i left hoping not to wake her up. she understood and my mom and i took the rest of our things. my grandma was in the van completely oblivious to the area of town we were in. i then told my mom that she shouldn't have gone in to the place alone because the guy would probably try to shoot her up with drugs and make her a prostitute, and he thought she would be an easy target because she was black. i'm not sure why my mom was black in my dream. it wasn't until we were back in the van that my mom realized how dangerous of a situation we were in, so we rushed off to my grandma's apartment. something else happened at the apartment, but i can't remember it. my grandma was concerned we had all of her things, but there was no way we were going back.

any dream interpreters out there? what does all of this mean??

back to work today. i hope it feels like a monday and i get a lot of things done. i didn't get much done yesterday because i went to satc2 in the middle of the afternoon. it was decent. its fun to watch characters you've known for a long time, BUT i feel like it was a bit over-acted and over-the top. i dont remember the tv show being like that. i'd have to rewatch it. i then stopped at west elm and found some furniture i think i'd like a lot. gonna try and get higgs to take me tomorrow after work so i can organize my room. i tried doing a lot last night but its almost overwhelming and i was working very slowly. i still haven't found either of my phone chargers (although i distinctly remember thinking "i'll put this HERE so i remember where it is and have easy access to it." of course i remember thinking it but not where "here" is). i DID find my keys to the apartment, which means i found my jeans because they were in my jeans pocket. why i would leave them there, i dont know, but i do remember thinking "i'll remember these are in my jeans pocket." even though i NEVER put keys in my jeans pocket. i need to find my keychain... and apparently its going to rain today, so i need to find my umbrella. i was awoken TWICE last night by the thunderstorm.

ugh. ok, i have to head to work.

["dream mother" is a song by jeff buckley on his album "grace"]