Saturday, June 26, 2010

smooth criminal

so i'm a little torn on jacko. i grew up thinking he was fabulous. great music, cool clothes. it never occurred to me to wonder why he was black when i was young and then ... wasn't anymore. i actually believed he had elephant bones in his body, but i didnt really care. and i remember borrowing the jackson movie on vhs from a friend who had recorded it off of vh1. i watched it multiple times over and over. but i've never been able to really reconcile my thoughts of the allegations of child molestation. typically, in my book - if you're bad: you're bad. i dont want to deal with you anymore. i dislike kanye west and will never buy another album of his. nor will i buy chris brown ever again. but for some reason, i still love michael jackson's music, despite the fact that i believe he was a deeply troubled human being. maybe THATs it. maybe i feel bad for him. i'm honestly not sure. so, when i read this article on his best songs, i had to wonder "do i agree?" my favorite song is not on there - smooth criminal. nor is pyt, which is another one of my favorites. here are the ones the author listed and whether or not i like them:
  1. billie jean - excellent song. def top 5
  2. stranger in moscow - ?? i dont even know if i KNOW this song!
  3. wanna be startin' somethin' - yeah, this is good
  4. man in the mirror - i like the part where the temp changes "if you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make that... change!"
  5. earth song - ?? i feel like i should know this, but cant hear it easily
  6. they dont care about us - same as above
  7. human nature - and this one. maybe i should try listening to these
  8. who is it - i actually listened to this one. i vaguely remember it
  9. don't stop 'til you get enough - good song
  10. (tie) beat it and black or white - both of these are classics
with that, RIP jacko. and here is my favorite dancing with the stars dance (to pyt):

[ironic rambling post name - smooth criminal IS my favorite mj song, (and TECHNICALLY i've used this song title for a rambling post before), BUT it could also be an ironic description of mj himself...]


  1. What about Jabbawockeez... same song... good dance.

  2. oh yeah? can you post a link to it? i'll put it up.