Friday, May 27, 2011

things that are making me happy

i wouldn't call myself an animal person. and i'm hardly a cat person. but this video is sooo precious it made me smile and be ultimately happy for a good second or two.

what do you think?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

dream apartment - 64

of all the places i have lived, i think my favorite apartment was my apartment in sac. it was fabulous. and cheap. and in an older, but totally well maintained building. it had a hallway, TONS of built-in storage (i couldnt even fill it all!) and a proper dining room with french doors. there was a swinging door into the kitchen. it was fantastic. the kitchen was super old, but i loved it. one of my favorite features was a farmhouse sink. it was so deep and ceramic and ... just perfect. loved loved loved it. this one is even better, though, because its modern. i like that, too. here are some others. what do you think about farmhouse sinks?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

love that dirty water

so my siblings are coming to boston in september. i'm trying to find things for them to do while they're here. today there was a groupon-type thing for segways that we were gonna do, but of course, once i looked at it, it was in yarmouth. on the cape. not in boston. stupid.

so what things do you suggest we do? i'm trying to get them to buy tickets to a red sox game, and we're going to new york. duck tour? red trolley tour? swan boats? what sayst you?

while you ponder that, here is a cool video of time lapse of the boston logan airport. check it out.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

things that are making me happy

here is a video that i am liking lately:

i found it on jezebel. check out that link, it has some good info.

Monday, May 23, 2011

dream apartment - 63

three words:

claw foot tub.

LOVE them. here is a classic one.

and i LOVE this idea - double bathtubs! soooo fun! i dont fully understand the spotlight on the tub, but...

and then i saw this... this was my thought process
cute tub. wait. tubs. tubs in a bedroom? with a couch? ah. must be a hotel.

and, indeed, it is a hotel. in london. those crazy brits.

thanks, at.

Friday, May 20, 2011

dream apartment - 62

apartment therapy has a whole bunch of posts on nooks lately. i didn't like a single one of their kitchen nooks because to me they were just benches IN the kitchen. not actually a nook. above is a PROPER nook that i love. hidden room - off the beaten path - crook in a wall. this one pleases me.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

sweetest perfection

today is my birthday - zaz to me! in honor of my birthday, i thought i would talk about one of my flaws. stay with me here.

it never really occurred to me until recently that i have a gap in my teeth. i've always known that i have tiny teeth, and i joke that they haven't grown since 4th grade (which i think is actually true), but it never occurred to me that i was DIFFERENT until recently. (thanks to a stupid dentist for pointing that out - story for another day.) so when i saw this video, it made me smile at my own gapped-tooth smile.

from boingboing.

and even though this is a slightly dated article (from last fall), here is an article that i like talking about how fashion's hottest item is a gapped-tooth smile. i'm totally in style! since when has that ever happened?? (and i get that fashion changes quickly, so as i write this the gap may already be gone. sigh.) here is my favorite quote from that article:
Don't fret too much if your front teeth touch, though! According to the Journal, "other distinguishing characteristics in demand this season include tattoos, piercings, scars and even albino coloring." If you have perfect teeth, flawless skin, and pigmented coloring, you will never get laid.
here is a picture of me in all my flawed glory...
so here is a cheers to all the flaws i love in every one of you!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011





earlier this evening (or mon night, to be clear), i said to my mom "if i die in my sleep tonight, it was not on purpose." this was not meant to freak out her out, which it did. she said "why on earth would you say that??" very concerned. i explained "i took a claritin and 2 tylenol pms AND had a beer at dinner." i thought for sure it would potentially wreck my liver. she agreed "oh, you'll probably just sleep a lot." but noooooo. i wish i were asleep right now! i can't believe that i'm awake. was it the one beer? is my body super resistant to sleeping pills? is it allergies?? (which, btw are HORRIBLE. my nose has been itching all week. since when do i have allergies?? it must be new in my old age )

so it is tuesday morning. i thought for sure i would sleep all night. sunday evening, i logged on to work around midnight and start cranking out some important emails. it took me 4+ hours and i went to bed at 5am. i got up at 7:30 and headed to work. i wasn't tired at work and this week is very busy and bubbling at the office. lots going on so i was on the go all day. after work, higgi and i headed to boylston street to pick up a punch bowl and candy for.... you guessed it! my birthday party thursday evening. punch is definitely 80s. we're going to have some. woo hoo. i can't tell you the rest of the menu. thats just a tickler. i CAN tell you that i will be taking a half day on thursday and heading home to prepare for the party. i got out some fun stuff last night that i can use for decorations. should be good.

anyway... why am i awake???

i swear i just saw something out of the corner of my eye. i thought it was a centipede, which, btw, are EVERYWHERE in the south end. NOT PLEASED. i killed a MASSIVE one last night at about 3am. it felt good.

i've been watching airfares from bos to dtw for this summer to visit miss m. since i'm randomly awake, i checked them again and for some reason 1) they are SUPER expensive, despite dtw being a hub and 2) delta is not showing up on kayak right now. is that normal? what is going on right now? so weird.

ok, i need to attempt to go back to bed. 3:33am.

until the next time, here is a link my friend sent to me:

[song by les nubians. because i can't sleep]

Monday, May 16, 2011

dream apartment - 61

right. so.... OBVIOUSLY i have to have this gorgeous toilet in my apartment. how pretty is it?? and it looks really clean! if they have those fancy japanese -style flushers/cleaners/disinfectanters, even better! or, actually, a must. found here. the other toilets they list are not that pretty. i don't get them. AND if i had this toilet, it would have to be against a black backdrop, perfectly lit the whole time. obviously.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

things that are making me happy

so really its more that i find this funny and hope you all enjoy it. and i can't really figure out how to embed these videos, so you'll have to click on the link and watch them yourself. sorry.

college humor

in addition, here is a cute video that i tried sending to my brother. i won't show where i got it since my brother is boycotting the site.

that's all for today.

Friday, May 13, 2011

under the sea

so yesterday i was talking about how i like to take self portraits of myself when i'm on a flight. i also like to do that when i'm at home if i have cool new jewelry or something like that. a few weeks ago, i group texted my family saying "guess what i'm wearing tonight!" of course, no one guessed anything good, and i meant to send them a picture of it, but i don't know how to do that. so i didn't. so here is what i was wearing:

i wonder if my older younger brother gets the significance. mostly its for my sister-in-law. its the hairpiece that she and her sisters made for her wedding. i didnt think i'd ever really wear it again, but i DID. i wore it to a comedy club. it was fun. i felt funky. and i LOVE the black stripes in my hair. didn't realize my hair did that. wonder if they've noticed that at work.

so speaking of hair... the day this goes up (fri) i will be getting my hair redone. i'm sticking with red for a bit... its awesome AND i'm pretty sure a lot of celebrities are copying me. see here. its little mermaid hair. ooo... i should've had a little mermaid birthday party! i wonder what that would entail. oh well. too late.

[when you hear "under the sea" do you instantly start singing that song? i do. "under is better/down where its wetter/take it from me"]

Thursday, May 12, 2011

hammering in my head

ok, i'm slightly worried about this post. i was going to write about how great this week has been, BUT i fear that if i do that, i may jinx myself and make it end horribly. i'm worried about a few things in particular that i shouldn't go into on here. we'll see what happens... fingers crossed.

so until this morning, i was going to start this post like this:
"i LOVE birthday month!!" and i totally do. party in fargo last week. this week i go out with a friend (last night) and she gave me a totally awesome gift and we had great drinks and sushi! it was soo much fun!! she is moving to asia and i am 100% going to visit her next year!! i'm really really looking forward to it. i also have a wedding next year - in some tropical locale, so it will be an awesome traveling year. i need to start saving for it. anyway, i was 100% totally planning to not drink last night. AND i thought it would be an early evening. we went to see potiche at the crest theater - so cute! (slightly long, but def a good french film) and then went to my favorite sushi place in sac. i had margaritas, oops, and we were out late. i stayed up to make sure my friend got home ok and then went to bed around 1215. i woke up at 4:55 for my 6:50 flight and now i am dog tired and look like crap. here is me

for some reason i really like taking my self portrait on flights. its fun.

oh! the other fun thing about this week was i had a client teach me how to throw a ball. i've never really done that before. i bought a softball glove (i joined/am helping start a softball team for my company) and my client and i played catch. it was really fun! AND i'm not horrible! that makes it doubly fun. softball starts next week, but i cant go to the first game, so that sucks. i just hope i dont embarrass myself in front of everyone. oh. who am i kidding? OF COURSE i'll embarrass myself. oh well.

i also sent out an email about my bday party next week. everyone is tasked with telling me their favorite 80s song and then we'll have a competition about it. it should be fun. i'll post pics of that when i can.

tonight i'm in the cmh. going to a movie with my friend (something borrowed!) and then to sushi. i've had a lot of sushi this week (or, as my grandma says "shusi"), but i dont mind. i dont have it much in boston anymore. und das shmect gut.

ok, i'm gonna go attempt to take a nap or something.

[song by my favorite band. bcs i had 4 margaritas last night]

Monday, May 9, 2011

dream apartment - 60

its apparent that i love stairs. and i LOVE pink. and i love pops of color. the stairs above are fantastic and, since i have spiral stairs in my apartment, totally possible!! :)

perhaps more easily accepted is the color combination below and i think its spectacular. so pretty.

but below are stairs that i absolutely fell in love with. i love music and think this is such a beautiful and creative way to show one's personality. love it.

from here.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

fast five

blabbity blah blah. i'm in cincinnati. or technically the cincinnati airport which i believe is in kentucky. i'm on my way to dallas to visit w for her birthday (which was thursday - cinco de mayo). tomorrow i head to sac and then ohio for work. long week! i hope its good.

my flight is delayed. was supposed to have 40 min layover and its turned into a 3hr+ layover. i don't totally mind, i guess. i'm doing stuff online. but i'd rather be in dallas, obviously. i'm a little behind in my podcasts this week and i'm listening to the bs report about fast five. i think that fast and the furious might just be, dare i say... my favorite franchise. i LOVED the movie. i can't remember if i wrote about it yet, but i'm assuming i haven't because k of kc asked me about it last night. anyway, higgi and i saw it in imax with some friends. we had a double date. it was really good, but we were sitting much too close for my liking, but it was fine. i would've preferred to sit on the side, too. it makes no sense to me why people like to sit in the middle and have to move their head back and forth throughout the movie. sit on the side and see everything on an angle.

anyway, the movie was good. and this podcast is ripping it apart. i think they liked it, but realize how ridiculous it is. and don't get me wrong, it is awesomely hilarious. and once you get past that, which i can do very easily, it was great. one thing i thought of while i was watching the movie was "this is basically oceans 11 and the italian job with hotter guys." so, yeah, thats a good summary of it.

i forgot what i was going to write about today! it wasn't about the movie, that was a tangent. oops. i guess i'll just end it here. i'm gonna log off soon and then go get some food before my flight. oh, i'm in first class. i wonder if i'm gonna get food. i wonder if the flight has internet. i should check these things.

Friday, May 6, 2011

things that are making me very happy

perhaps its the fact that i had a higginson and 2 glasses of red wine tonight, or perhaps its just the fact that this is one of the best videos that funny or die has made, but this video made me extremely very stupendously happy.

first, here are the reasons:

second, here is the actual video:

wait, maybe you should watch the video first:

and here is why i love it so much:

1) jh. duh.
2) the blue dude. he is
and he touches my soul - i understand his loneliness. i want to give him a hug.
3) the expression of wonderment on the blue dude. i love watching him see new things. its so sweet and brings back so many memories.
4) the piggyback ride. i have to admit, i was hoping jh would pick blue dude up and dance with him, but i guess a piggyback ride will do and make me also happy.

h/t jezebel.

what do you think?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

vroom vroom

omgosh. super busy day at work. its just so... exhausting!

so i got back from nodak yesterday and headed straight to the office. i was there until 7pm when i went to a bubbly wine tasting, which was good, but i was soo exhausted from only getting 3 hours of sleep the night before. monday night we had my brother and sister-in-law and grandma over for some dinner (sloppy joes and fruit and potatoes) and then cake (DELISH!). we then played 2 games of whist with grandma and i def saw us drinking whenever grandma asked who granded. i did also make higginson's for the party (will explain more about that soon).

everyone left around 8 or 9 and parents went to bed while i stayed up doing some stuff online. i didnt get to bed until after 11 and then woke up at 2:50 the next morning. not fun. my flight was at 5:30am, so i had to get up and get ready. i slept a little on my flights, but not well enough.

anyway, after the wine tasting last night i headed home and watched a bit of tv before taking a tylenol pm and sleeping for over 8 hours. i woke up before my alarm today and felt well rested. except now i am tired again. its mentally exhausting today.

tonight is a double date with my roommate and two of our friends. we're going to intermission for some good grub and drinks and then fast five - vroom vroom! i can't wait! i love vin. he is so hot.

will you see fast five?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

dream apartment - 59

without explaining, what is it that i love about the house above?

clean lines?
lack of neighbors?

all of the above. but REALLY, the MOST IMPORTANT thing is the SAFETY of this house. i read a post from bubby and it says that this is a zombie proof house. i know nothing about zombies, but it seems like it would be really difficult to include ALL stops against zombies. and it appears this house does just that.

here is the house all boarded up:

here is another view of the drawbridge, which is the only entrance into the place is 1 entrance safe or unsafe?

and so? do you agree with this originator?

Monday, May 2, 2011

big brother

i can't have a post about one brother and not talk about the other.

so here's the story: i've written a lot about player's basketball success over the past few years. he's been playing basketball in college and i now have a blog. but, years ago, before i had a blog, homie was the big basketball player. i graduated in 1999, and he in 2002, so i missed most of his games in person. but i heard all about them and watched them on good ol' VHS (not kidding!) whenever my family would come visit me. i can't remember the specifics, but i know that his junior year (2001), his team was really good. they didn't win the state tournament, but they were close. i can't remember where they ended up. i know that at some point they lost to fargo south and the next year they beat them (we are fargo north people). its a big rivalry, and a heartbreaking game can be found here (maybe this will inspire homie to dazzle some more). in 2002, homie's team went 25-0. that's undefeated. they were awesome. and it was so fun to watch them play. i knew all the kids on the team and think they're so fun. homie had a few dunks throughout his career, as can be seen here.

anyway, a few months ago, during the high school state class a tournament in nodak, the local radio station did an interview with homie's old coach to talk about who was the best team in high school basketball ever. north dakota is divided into two regions - east and west. if you know where fargo is, you know that its in the east. in 12 years, the east won the class a tournament only twice - 2002 (homie) and 2006 (player). you get the point :), but they didn't mention that there were erdy's on each team.

so, anyway, during the interview (here), the coach (we call him 'off'), talked about the players on his team and both the interviewer and the coach brought up my brother, homie. then off talked about how homie's father was a good player. during the interview, i called in and spoke to the producer. here is a summary of our convo:

he: KFGO, what's your name?
me: Elizabeth. [homie made me realize i shouldn't use my own name.]
he: Elizabeth, where you calling from?
me: Boston. [sheisse! why did i mention boston? i should've realized to use a town in nodak]
he: did you have a question?
me: well, i was just listening to your program online, and i'm a former north high grad and you were talking about the 2002 and 2006 teams - weren't there two erdy's on those teams?
he: yeah, [homie] played in 2002 and his little brother, [player] played on the 2006 team.
me: yeah, i just thought someone might want to bring that up.
he: thanks, i'll tell scott and have him bring it up after the break.
me: thanks!

mwahahahaha. they never did bring it up, but i still felt very sly and full of pride. :)

anyway, homie's 2002 was def the best in nodak ever. bill simmons should write a book on their chemistry.

[another stupid kanye song, but appropriate.]

Sunday, May 1, 2011

flashing lights

in honor of player's graduation yesterday, i thought i would post one last thing about his basketball career. player decided not to keep playing basketball after his college career ended in the NCAA Division II tournament. personally, i'm slightly disappointed. he got an offer to try out for some european teams and i think that would've been really fun. i'll admit its slightly selfish because i would love to fly to europe to watch him play, but i can also understand that you spend so much time doing something, you just need a break. i remember being like that after key club in high school. heck, i even quit a job because i was sick of it. i went back and i'm not sad i left, so i won't dwell.

anyway, here is a link to an interview player gave on the radio. he sounds so intelligent!

in the interview, player talks about how he wants to get on the golf course. he's spending the summer working at hawktree and that should be fun for him. i had a pipe dream that he would spend the summer with me working at my company so he could spend some time in a big city and get some different experience. i can see how he wants to stay in bismarck, and thats totally fine, but i told him to make sure he gets a lot of experience working at the golf course - management, balancing books, social networking, general networking, systems, etc.

he also talks about playing golf against my other brother and dad. player and dad golfed against each other last weekend and i think it was a fight to the end. one won in points and one won in... whatever that other golf thing is. i'll keep you posted over the summer how they do...

finally, he talks about winning high school basketball in 2006. i've been relistening to this while i write this and every time he talks about the two of them (homie and player) i got teary eyed - i'm just so proud and happy that my brothers are each others' biggest fans! love you, guys.

[song by stupid kanye but from his graduation album, so thats why its appropriate.]