Sunday, May 1, 2011

flashing lights

in honor of player's graduation yesterday, i thought i would post one last thing about his basketball career. player decided not to keep playing basketball after his college career ended in the NCAA Division II tournament. personally, i'm slightly disappointed. he got an offer to try out for some european teams and i think that would've been really fun. i'll admit its slightly selfish because i would love to fly to europe to watch him play, but i can also understand that you spend so much time doing something, you just need a break. i remember being like that after key club in high school. heck, i even quit a job because i was sick of it. i went back and i'm not sad i left, so i won't dwell.

anyway, here is a link to an interview player gave on the radio. he sounds so intelligent!

in the interview, player talks about how he wants to get on the golf course. he's spending the summer working at hawktree and that should be fun for him. i had a pipe dream that he would spend the summer with me working at my company so he could spend some time in a big city and get some different experience. i can see how he wants to stay in bismarck, and thats totally fine, but i told him to make sure he gets a lot of experience working at the golf course - management, balancing books, social networking, general networking, systems, etc.

he also talks about playing golf against my other brother and dad. player and dad golfed against each other last weekend and i think it was a fight to the end. one won in points and one won in... whatever that other golf thing is. i'll keep you posted over the summer how they do...

finally, he talks about winning high school basketball in 2006. i've been relistening to this while i write this and every time he talks about the two of them (homie and player) i got teary eyed - i'm just so proud and happy that my brothers are each others' biggest fans! love you, guys.

[song by stupid kanye but from his graduation album, so thats why its appropriate.]