Monday, May 2, 2011

big brother

i can't have a post about one brother and not talk about the other.

so here's the story: i've written a lot about player's basketball success over the past few years. he's been playing basketball in college and i now have a blog. but, years ago, before i had a blog, homie was the big basketball player. i graduated in 1999, and he in 2002, so i missed most of his games in person. but i heard all about them and watched them on good ol' VHS (not kidding!) whenever my family would come visit me. i can't remember the specifics, but i know that his junior year (2001), his team was really good. they didn't win the state tournament, but they were close. i can't remember where they ended up. i know that at some point they lost to fargo south and the next year they beat them (we are fargo north people). its a big rivalry, and a heartbreaking game can be found here (maybe this will inspire homie to dazzle some more). in 2002, homie's team went 25-0. that's undefeated. they were awesome. and it was so fun to watch them play. i knew all the kids on the team and think they're so fun. homie had a few dunks throughout his career, as can be seen here.

anyway, a few months ago, during the high school state class a tournament in nodak, the local radio station did an interview with homie's old coach to talk about who was the best team in high school basketball ever. north dakota is divided into two regions - east and west. if you know where fargo is, you know that its in the east. in 12 years, the east won the class a tournament only twice - 2002 (homie) and 2006 (player). you get the point :), but they didn't mention that there were erdy's on each team.

so, anyway, during the interview (here), the coach (we call him 'off'), talked about the players on his team and both the interviewer and the coach brought up my brother, homie. then off talked about how homie's father was a good player. during the interview, i called in and spoke to the producer. here is a summary of our convo:

he: KFGO, what's your name?
me: Elizabeth. [homie made me realize i shouldn't use my own name.]
he: Elizabeth, where you calling from?
me: Boston. [sheisse! why did i mention boston? i should've realized to use a town in nodak]
he: did you have a question?
me: well, i was just listening to your program online, and i'm a former north high grad and you were talking about the 2002 and 2006 teams - weren't there two erdy's on those teams?
he: yeah, [homie] played in 2002 and his little brother, [player] played on the 2006 team.
me: yeah, i just thought someone might want to bring that up.
he: thanks, i'll tell scott and have him bring it up after the break.
me: thanks!

mwahahahaha. they never did bring it up, but i still felt very sly and full of pride. :)

anyway, homie's 2002 was def the best in nodak ever. bill simmons should write a book on their chemistry.

[another stupid kanye song, but appropriate.]