Saturday, April 30, 2011

under the table and dreaming

i'm tired. still. it's been a few days now that i have been so busy, i havent been able to sleep a full 8 hours a night. hopefully tonight will be different. i will be in a hotel room in bismarck, north dakota and no matter how late we stay up tonight celebrating player's graduation, i will be sleeping in tomorrow. i'm on a plane heading to bismarck for my brother's graduation from college - congrats player! i'm using airline miles for this trip, so i didn't get upgraded. the plane is pretty empty, anyway, so that doesnt really bother me. i have an exit row all to myself. i took a little nap and then figured i'd take advantage of the internet. woo hoo.

i should be on the ground by 10:24 IF all goes as scheduled. APPARENTLY there is a winter storm watch in bismarck! wth!! i actually dont really mind because i hadn't put my winter jacket away yet, so i put it on this morning. i just want to say "hey, mother nature, may starts tomorrow so get your act together." i'm just sayin.

player is picking me up after i land. we're going to attempt to find him a proper suit. its my graduation gift to him. i got my other brother one when he graduated, as well. it'll just be a bit tougher because player is tall and not very big. so big and tall suits won't work. i hope we can find something in nodak. oh and i have these AWESOME ties for both my brothers. i hope they dont get ruined in my suitcase. i should take a picture of them. they're so pretty.

i presume we'll do some sort of celebrating tonight, but its difficult because none of our family is in bismarck. we'll have to have a party for player some other time. tomorrow i think the boys were planning on golfing, but maybe its not nice weather so not sure that will happen... i have monday off, which is nice, but i'm gonna have to do some work tomorrow - i have 6 emails i MUST follow up on before monday. then i will feel better about taking the day off. monday night we're having my brother and sister-in-law over with grandma for my 30th birthday!! love it. we'll have dinner and then play whist. oh and i'm meeting a friend for coffee on monday. thats always fun. for many years i didn't really have any friends in fargo, so its cool that i do now. i fly back to BOS on tuesday morning and head straight to work.

anyway, i'm gonna go do more surfing. here is a picture for my brother summing up all i hope he does with his new deplowma.

drem big, player!

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