Friday, April 29, 2011

here comes the commoner bride

its royal wedding day! i'm 5:27 and i'm awake. i have to be at work at 7, so it wasn't difficult to get up an hour earlier to shower and get ready to watch the royal wedding. i know a lot of americans couldN'T care less about the wedding, and i am mostly indifferent, but it seems like a fun event to say 20 years from now "i remember where i was when..." so i got up. it doesn't hurt that wills and kate are so cute and kate's a commoner. i'm slightly worried now, though, that we're running behind and i'll have to decide if i should head to work or watch the whole wedding. i guess, now that i think about it, i'm not really interested in the whole ceremony. i just want to see the dresses and flowers.

the queen just left buckingham palace. i dont know how i feel about yellow. seems awfully bright. she has a blanket over her legs - so cute. prince charles just pulled up. why are there so many clergy at the church? backup? moral support? i kind of like heels that are skin-colored. i've been thinking about getting some neutral pumps. they look good on the duchess of cormwall. its also kind of funny to think how old prince charles is - his kids are so young.

higgi and i were just talking about kate's ring and how fabulous it is that she has diana's. i wondered if, on your wedding day, are you meant to wear your engagement ring or not? are you supposed to have an empty ring finer on which to put the wedding band? i feel like yes, because i can't remember ever seeing any engagement rings during pictures.

i like the queen's hat. very structured. she got out of the car very well. my grandmother, who is 6 years younger than her would not be able to do that. gloves. i wonder how i feel about gloves. i would hope your hands stay nice and moistened. and i wonder how the queen feels about those loud trumpets announcing her whenever she arrives somewhere. i suspect you get used to it if its around your whole life, but i can't imagine that i would ever enjoy it.

i just commented "how funny would that be if helen mirren were at the wedding?" and higgi said "in the same outfit!" haha.

i wonder how a royal family gets started. do you just DECLARE yourself royal? i mean, i get that NOW its all blood lines. but blood lines from where? who decided way back in the day?

oh, i just realized we were going to have mimosas this morning. hmph. on one hand, its rather early, but on the other hand, it would be fun.

oh yes, very nice view of the bride in the car. i wonder whats going through her mind right now. so crazy. i hope she doesn't have on too much makeup. and who are the people that sit up front of the cars? i think i'd like to plan a royal wedding. i mean, i'd have to learn a lot, but i like planning big events with lots of moving parts. uh-oh. looks like she has too much blush on. or maybe she is just a blushing bride. hmm... oh! the little flower girls are so cute. how embarassing would it be to fall on your way into the church? thats something i would do, for sure.

we're watching bbc because it seemed so annoying to listen to american's comment on something that they have probably only just read about over the previous few days. i wonder if there are ... oops. lost that thought. what is the blue and white flag for? i guess i could look it up. hm. seems to be some sort of saltire flag. i wonder what that is.

i wonder if kate had to study up on becoming a royal. etiquette an properness and all that. i would suspect so. princess classes?

hmm.... i dont think i love the dress as much as i thought i would. and the train isn't as long as i would've hoped. pretty tiara, though. no wedding party? thats sad. i think i like wedding parties. or at least seeing the dresses and how they match the tuxes (which they dont in this case since they're all wearing army outfits). her sister's dress is very nice. i wonder who will cry. how tall are her heels? and will there be a wedding dance? i'm asking all these questions now, but i probably won't ever think about it after this day. nice, refined earrings.

i just heard that the US is celebrating the royal wedding more than the UK. probably more people here are connected or something... ?

nice touch showing the song on screen. wills was kind of half-laughing. thats so cute. and the bride walks down before the flower girls. thats not how we do it. i dont think. ha. like i know anything about weddings. i heard there's only 650 or so people at the wedding and consider how many people they HAD to invite, it doenst seem like a very big wedding. i wonder if they have to coordinate who sits by whom with all the foreign dignitaries. like if certain middle eastern countries won't sit by israeli people or something. but maybe none of those are there anyway. oh wow. big choir. taking up a lot of room in the wedding area. and where's "here comes the bride?"

so wait. prince william will not stay a prince in title? i wonder if i'd be annoyed to not get a princess title if i were marrying a prince. i wonder what they're all saying to each other right now. and did they have a rehearsal last night? or are they just told by people where to go and what to say?

6:09am. not bad. nearly 100% on time. and how do people know to start singing right now? they've made no announcement! and i wonder if the people standing around elton john are only pretending to sing so they can hear him sing...

if you're going to the royal wedding and know that you need to buy a hat, do you get the hat and dress at the same place? or do you buy one first and then try to match it? maybe the hat is dyed to match afterwards? i can't tell what they're singing. it just sounds like a bunch of lalalalas.

crap. i have to go to work soon and i really want to watch this whole thing. "betwixt." ha ha. funny word. i wonder if its ok to drink at your wedding if you're a royal. that would suck if you couldn't.

ohhhh. there are different clergy giving different parts of the wedding. iiiinteresting. probably not the time to make a joke during your wedding. thats funny to say "i will" when your name is actually will. it could be like he's saying "i, will." such a proper accent!

and what if you snuck a quick kiss before the clergy allowed you to? that would be funny. ok, i have to go to work.


  1. this is fun:

  2. Thanks,after reading this, you've confirmed I was right in not caring one way or another about the stupid royal wedding. :)

  3. glad i could help! i'm almost over it already, too.