Tuesday, April 26, 2011

pretty pretty please

i woke up this morning before my alarm. i like days like that. and for some reason, i had pink's new song in my head, but just the lyric "pretty pretty please...." i'm not really sure why. i don't think i heard the song before i went to bed. so interesting how things like that happen. anyway, i watched the video just now and am going to paste it at the bottom. it has heather from big love! i like the video a lot except for the end where she feels better about herself because of a man. thats kind of sad.

anyway, i had tennis lessons last night. it was

i REALLY like tennis! it didn't hurt that everyone was telling me how much better i've gotten AND when we started the class, the instructor even had me give the first lesson on the proper stance. !!

after that, i came home and promptly went to the liquor store. my roommate and i have realized that we need to stop using our nice bubbly for mimosas and get something cheaper to mix with oj and pineapple juice. so i got a case of $12 cava. actually, now that i think about it - did they give me the discount...? ah. they did. thats good. 20% off of a case. i had to get the alcohol last night because i'm rather busy the rest of the week AND friday morning is the royal wedding!! i'm hoping to get up early to watch it - what time is it on?? and what channel? i'm assuming SOME channel has it, right? i hope so.

there is some work stuff happenin and so tomorrow through friday and then next wed and thur i have the early shift - have to be there by 7. i'll probably stay until my normal time, as well (6pm or so), so they bes long days comin' up.

tonight i am potentially going to a yoga class if its not too fast. i have to email the instructor today to check it out.

ok, heading to work. here's a video for your enjoyment.


  1. man i wish i was around to chill with you....and that case of cava. next time you need a case Trader Joes sells one of my fav brands of prosecco De Lunetta for $10 a bottle. Oh and royal wedding is on from 3am to 8am on BBC.

  2. Are you serving mimosas during the wedding? I'd be there for that! No damn television service at my house so I'll have to wait for the DVD.

    This video ... I LOVE Heather, first of all, and I miss seeing Big Love. But I didn't get it that she felt happy at the end because of a guy. I got that she had an epiphany in the bathtub, cut her hair, made a painting and found her mojo. The guy and the baby came after that.