Friday, May 13, 2011

under the sea

so yesterday i was talking about how i like to take self portraits of myself when i'm on a flight. i also like to do that when i'm at home if i have cool new jewelry or something like that. a few weeks ago, i group texted my family saying "guess what i'm wearing tonight!" of course, no one guessed anything good, and i meant to send them a picture of it, but i don't know how to do that. so i didn't. so here is what i was wearing:

i wonder if my older younger brother gets the significance. mostly its for my sister-in-law. its the hairpiece that she and her sisters made for her wedding. i didnt think i'd ever really wear it again, but i DID. i wore it to a comedy club. it was fun. i felt funky. and i LOVE the black stripes in my hair. didn't realize my hair did that. wonder if they've noticed that at work.

so speaking of hair... the day this goes up (fri) i will be getting my hair redone. i'm sticking with red for a bit... its awesome AND i'm pretty sure a lot of celebrities are copying me. see here. its little mermaid hair. ooo... i should've had a little mermaid birthday party! i wonder what that would entail. oh well. too late.

[when you hear "under the sea" do you instantly start singing that song? i do. "under is better/down where its wetter/take it from me"]


  1. I'm so glad you are getting more than one use out of that! :)