Thursday, May 12, 2011

hammering in my head

ok, i'm slightly worried about this post. i was going to write about how great this week has been, BUT i fear that if i do that, i may jinx myself and make it end horribly. i'm worried about a few things in particular that i shouldn't go into on here. we'll see what happens... fingers crossed.

so until this morning, i was going to start this post like this:
"i LOVE birthday month!!" and i totally do. party in fargo last week. this week i go out with a friend (last night) and she gave me a totally awesome gift and we had great drinks and sushi! it was soo much fun!! she is moving to asia and i am 100% going to visit her next year!! i'm really really looking forward to it. i also have a wedding next year - in some tropical locale, so it will be an awesome traveling year. i need to start saving for it. anyway, i was 100% totally planning to not drink last night. AND i thought it would be an early evening. we went to see potiche at the crest theater - so cute! (slightly long, but def a good french film) and then went to my favorite sushi place in sac. i had margaritas, oops, and we were out late. i stayed up to make sure my friend got home ok and then went to bed around 1215. i woke up at 4:55 for my 6:50 flight and now i am dog tired and look like crap. here is me

for some reason i really like taking my self portrait on flights. its fun.

oh! the other fun thing about this week was i had a client teach me how to throw a ball. i've never really done that before. i bought a softball glove (i joined/am helping start a softball team for my company) and my client and i played catch. it was really fun! AND i'm not horrible! that makes it doubly fun. softball starts next week, but i cant go to the first game, so that sucks. i just hope i dont embarrass myself in front of everyone. oh. who am i kidding? OF COURSE i'll embarrass myself. oh well.

i also sent out an email about my bday party next week. everyone is tasked with telling me their favorite 80s song and then we'll have a competition about it. it should be fun. i'll post pics of that when i can.

tonight i'm in the cmh. going to a movie with my friend (something borrowed!) and then to sushi. i've had a lot of sushi this week (or, as my grandma says "shusi"), but i dont mind. i dont have it much in boston anymore. und das shmect gut.

ok, i'm gonna go attempt to take a nap or something.

[song by my favorite band. bcs i had 4 margaritas last night]


  1. I've never heard "Hammering in my Head" by the Coral Reefer band. Weird.