Tuesday, May 17, 2011





earlier this evening (or mon night, to be clear), i said to my mom "if i die in my sleep tonight, it was not on purpose." this was not meant to freak out her out, which it did. she said "why on earth would you say that??" very concerned. i explained "i took a claritin and 2 tylenol pms AND had a beer at dinner." i thought for sure it would potentially wreck my liver. she agreed "oh, you'll probably just sleep a lot." but noooooo. i wish i were asleep right now! i can't believe that i'm awake. was it the one beer? is my body super resistant to sleeping pills? is it allergies?? (which, btw are HORRIBLE. my nose has been itching all week. since when do i have allergies?? it must be new in my old age )

so it is tuesday morning. i thought for sure i would sleep all night. sunday evening, i logged on to work around midnight and start cranking out some important emails. it took me 4+ hours and i went to bed at 5am. i got up at 7:30 and headed to work. i wasn't tired at work and this week is very busy and bubbling at the office. lots going on so i was on the go all day. after work, higgi and i headed to boylston street to pick up a punch bowl and candy for.... you guessed it! my birthday party thursday evening. punch is definitely 80s. we're going to have some. woo hoo. i can't tell you the rest of the menu. thats just a tickler. i CAN tell you that i will be taking a half day on thursday and heading home to prepare for the party. i got out some fun stuff last night that i can use for decorations. should be good.

anyway... why am i awake???

i swear i just saw something out of the corner of my eye. i thought it was a centipede, which, btw, are EVERYWHERE in the south end. NOT PLEASED. i killed a MASSIVE one last night at about 3am. it felt good.

i've been watching airfares from bos to dtw for this summer to visit miss m. since i'm randomly awake, i checked them again and for some reason 1) they are SUPER expensive, despite dtw being a hub and 2) delta is not showing up on kayak right now. is that normal? what is going on right now? so weird.

ok, i need to attempt to go back to bed. 3:33am.

until the next time, here is a link my friend sent to me: http://whoisthecutest.com/.

[song by les nubians. because i can't sleep]


  1. bugs are gross. that website is so smart!

  2. Allergies suck. Apparently you can develop them at anytime in your life. I started getting them in the fall four years ago. They are miserable and last year I has just had James so I wasn't able to take anything and had to suffer. MISERABLE.
    Oh and Tylenol PM can have the opposite effect on some people. When Jason takes it he is wired all night. It's weird.