Saturday, May 7, 2011

fast five

blabbity blah blah. i'm in cincinnati. or technically the cincinnati airport which i believe is in kentucky. i'm on my way to dallas to visit w for her birthday (which was thursday - cinco de mayo). tomorrow i head to sac and then ohio for work. long week! i hope its good.

my flight is delayed. was supposed to have 40 min layover and its turned into a 3hr+ layover. i don't totally mind, i guess. i'm doing stuff online. but i'd rather be in dallas, obviously. i'm a little behind in my podcasts this week and i'm listening to the bs report about fast five. i think that fast and the furious might just be, dare i say... my favorite franchise. i LOVED the movie. i can't remember if i wrote about it yet, but i'm assuming i haven't because k of kc asked me about it last night. anyway, higgi and i saw it in imax with some friends. we had a double date. it was really good, but we were sitting much too close for my liking, but it was fine. i would've preferred to sit on the side, too. it makes no sense to me why people like to sit in the middle and have to move their head back and forth throughout the movie. sit on the side and see everything on an angle.

anyway, the movie was good. and this podcast is ripping it apart. i think they liked it, but realize how ridiculous it is. and don't get me wrong, it is awesomely hilarious. and once you get past that, which i can do very easily, it was great. one thing i thought of while i was watching the movie was "this is basically oceans 11 and the italian job with hotter guys." so, yeah, thats a good summary of it.

i forgot what i was going to write about today! it wasn't about the movie, that was a tangent. oops. i guess i'll just end it here. i'm gonna log off soon and then go get some food before my flight. oh, i'm in first class. i wonder if i'm gonna get food. i wonder if the flight has internet. i should check these things.

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