Wednesday, May 25, 2011

love that dirty water

so my siblings are coming to boston in september. i'm trying to find things for them to do while they're here. today there was a groupon-type thing for segways that we were gonna do, but of course, once i looked at it, it was in yarmouth. on the cape. not in boston. stupid.

so what things do you suggest we do? i'm trying to get them to buy tickets to a red sox game, and we're going to new york. duck tour? red trolley tour? swan boats? what sayst you?

while you ponder that, here is a cool video of time lapse of the boston logan airport. check it out.


  1. love that dirty water? what's that from?

    "Dirty Water" is a song by Heavy Mojo that I love. Your blog title is love that dirty water. the video is heavy traffic. neat, huh.

  2. ahh yes... its an old old song by the standells called "dirty water." i forgot to reference it.