Tuesday, June 15, 2010

since you're going my way, take me home


i am on a flight from msp to bos. i was in sacramento for one night for work - left boston on a 5am flight yesterday morning - flew 6+ hours for a 3 hour meeting (and a business lunch, i guess). then this morning, i had breakfast with a coworker and then went in to the office for an hour. then back to the airport where my flight from smf to msp was delayed. then the flight i am now on (from msp to bos) was delayed. we're supposed to land at 11pm and i might meet my roommate for a drink at a bar on my way home, but i might not. i might be too tired. we'll see. my contacts are drying up and its hard for me to keep my eyes open, but i tried sleeping and that didn't really work. which is why i am online now. i am going to do some work, but first i thought i would check in. my little brothers didnt know i was going to sac, so that tells me i have not been keeping in touch (via ramblings) as much as i should...

tomorrow is wednesday and i need to go in early because there is
then thursday is a client meeting all day at the office. it means i won't get to pick up my csa shipment, and higgs will have to. did i talk about this? i signed up for a community supported agriculture thing. which means that once a week, i go to this farmers market and they have a bunch of veggies waiting for me to take home and enjoy. unfortunately, i havent really been able to enjoy last weeks pickings (which included 1 lb of spinach, 3/4 lbs of mixed greens, 2 heads of lettuce, a bunch of turnips, a bunch of dill, some massive carrots, and... i can't remember if there was anything else. we bought strawberries, as well, and didn't eat them fast enough, so i put them in the freezer to put in my smoothies - oh! turnips. we got some turnips, too) because last weekend was the pride parade in front of our house and there ended up being multiple, spontaneous parties in my place on saturday. then sunday was the roomie's bday and i had to finish cleaning my room and packing for my trip. the past few days have been a true whirlwind. oh! AND a friend of mine had a baby - congrats!!

so yeah. back to bos. busy week then this weekend i am renting a car to do a bunch of errands (and hopefully pick up the dresser that i bought and never got home) and then i am driving to rhode island on sunday for a wedding. i'll be staying overnight at a hotel and then getting up early mon morning to head back to bos to work.

so ... what else? i have a TON of things to say lately, but no time to say them.

oh, my flight from smf to msp earlier today... normally i NEVER even say "boo" to my seatmates on flights (how funny would that be if i actually looked at someone and said "boo!" and then looked away. oh wow. i would die laughing later), and i was totally looking forward to my spot from smf to msp because, despite being in the dreaded middle seat, i was in an exit row, so it meant i could actually use my laptop. on my flight yesterday from bos to houston or wherever i was, i couldnt use the laptop because it literally did not open between me and the seat. thats how little room there was. so i was annoyed. and i knew that delta has wifi now, so i was excited to get a lot of work done on my flight from sac - wifi and extra room (oh i have this stupid dell laptop from work with an extra tall screen so thats why it doesnt fit to open). i'm walking down the aisle to my seat in row 22 and i say to my coworker behind me "oh great, i'm sitting next to a pilot, that means i can't sneak my electronics during takeoff" (which i do all the time, btw. i'm super good at that). he kind of chuckled. so i sit down and the pilot is making jokes about me having to turn off my phones, so i show him that i've done that. then i'm going through my emails on my blackberry and he's like "i thought you just turned that off!" and i explained that it was my google phone vs. my work phone. plus i had my ipod on my lap. so we start talking. oh, i should also explain that the guy next to me was very very large. we're talking biggie smalls large. no matter how i sat, my arms were basically ON his arms. i felt bad for the guy. anyway, so the pilot and i start talking and we talked about me being a liberal working in finance, the airline industry, gay rights, which obviously led to a discussion of sex and hiv and prostitution and then this great convo about how men in the generation younger than me (basically my generation, but i'm a cusper so i'm on both sides) are actually really lost and not doing well because they grew up hearing adults tell little girls that little girls can do anything, but they never heard the same thing, so now, as they get older, (first, dont forget that boys mature later than girls), the girls are way ahead of them because of maturity and they've just been pushed to work harder and do more. plus now women dont depend on men, so they're kind of feeling... lost or something. he said "you know that movie, failure to launch? well, i've got two matthew mcconaheys." i chuckled. but we had a good discussion about that. so, we ended up talking the WHOLE FLIGHT. it was cool, but i got NOTHING DONE. and we all know i dont like unproductivity. now i am going to be super busy at work tomorrow. and tired. ugh. i already need the weekend and its only tuesday night!

oh, and then this flight... i sit down and i had bought this odwalla drink. the label says "SULTRY SIP Open the bottle, then close your eys and let your other senses take over..." so i do as it says, i put my lips up to the bottle, close my eyes and take a big drink savoring the mango taste. the guy next to me says "wow, that must be a good drink." ha! i explained that i was just following directions. we chatted for a bit. since when am i so friendly that people want to talk to me?? this is truly a new phenom.

ok, i've got an hour left on my battery. time to get some work done. peace out.

[lyrics "since you're going my way, take me home" are from highway firecracker by slack season which i am listening to as i type this on my ipod in the air. its on a snapple cd i got freshman year of college. i LOVE this cd.]