Monday, June 28, 2010

too tired

greetings from sunday night. my least favorite day of the week and yet... i'm not too disappointed with today. let me explain...

for some reason, i awoke at 8am... this wouldn't be a big deal except that i went to bed at 3:30am because i was up watching a movie and organizing my bra/underware and sock drawers. i watched the big easy and definitely recommend it. i have had this movie from netflix since early june - 3 weeks is waaay too much time for me to have a movie! i prefer 1-2 days so as to get my money's worth. not 1-2-5 weeks. there is no reason. so anyway, i was watching one movie downstairs while i organized my dvds and cds. [note: my dvds did NOT fit let alone my cds. disappointing. makes me think i should give some away. nah...] then i went upstairs to do some more organizing and watched the big easy. i wouldnt let myself fall assleep until it was over.

anyway, after i awoke ( wwaaaaaaay too early), i rode my bike in to work to get some things done. it felt good to finish some stuff and i LOVE riding my bike. it was the prefect cross between having an open road and having to obey trraffic rules. it was great. i felt like i was speeding and it made me want to biek raide more.

so back to my day... i got home and instantly started cleaning my room, did some yoga, then jumped in the shower before our company came over. i invited my aunt's sister and her husband over to eat (long story short: my dad's brothers' wife's sister and her husband recently moved to boston). at the last minute, we made it a spanish-themed meal. spanish salad (which i made!!!) and some tapas-type appetizers then paella for dinner. mmmmm. it was sooo good. i will admit, my roommate made most of the dinner. i made the salad and i think it was delish. it was nice to use some of our greens from the farm share.

overall, i think we all had a good time. i adore k & c, as i have since my cousins wedding 10 years ago. teh three of us hung out and it was good times.

oh my goodness, i am so ooooo tired. ican hardly type straight. to that extent, the night was good - fabulsous enteratinment (making fun of eme!) and delicioius food. it was oly slightly spoiled rom the fact that it was soo hot insdide the apartment. we ate and had good conversation. for the record, they came a little after 530, like we talked about. we ate, moved from instide to out, and had a good time. around 11pm, ryan excuses himself while we were outside. a bit later, chris goes to use the bathrrom and they decide to leave. no one has any idea where higgs is. its not until we get upstairs that i see him passe out on his bed the wrong way. totally in his clothes. it was pretty funny. i'd write more, bt i'm much too tired. per [dave]]s selection, here is the last pyt video (at least for some time):

[song by jonny lang - i am literally too tired to keep typing)a;lkfj;aie;


  1. I wish you were here!! Tiffany moved out and I'm in the processing of organizing my 'new' closet and baby's room. I could certainly use a genius organizer like you. :(

  2. ooooo - you tempt me so! i LOVE to organize!!