Wednesday, June 9, 2010

let's go to the mall - today!

i feel that lately, i'm kind of all over the place. with work, with my apartment, being back in boston, and this blog. i'll be walking and think "oh, that would make a great blog post." but then i get home and can't remember what i was going to write about. i've often thought i would benefit from having one of those mini tape recorders and carrying it around with me. i like to write things down, but maybe i need an idea recorder or something to record more easily. but then... would i look like a crazy person walking around with a recorder? do i care? i think the answer is no. yesterday i saw someone at work who i hadn't seen yet (i've been back 2 weeks) and she raved about my hair (i mean RAVED, like, in a weird way almost) and i finally said "well, i'm trying not to fit in and look like everyone else." i dont think she knew what to say. so i'm not super worried about being the crazy person. anyway, maybe the main question is: is buying a tape recorder worth it? anyone use one? do you like it? maybe i should use my ipod or phone more... i could type things in, but that seems time consuming and maybe i'd like to carry a tape recorder around. idk.

another thing i am grappling with is my apartment. there are TONS of things i love - living with someone extremely neat makes me clean up after myself more often. which hopefully means we'll have less mice in the winter. and i LOVE that we dont use paper products (aside from toilet paper), but sometimes i miss paper towels. BUT then i feel bad because they are bad for the environment. cloth napkins and "tea" towels are def the way to go. it just takes some getting used to. my other dillemas (dilemmas? yes, thats it) include the fact that i really really really want this chair:
BUT i just discovered that is made of microsuede, which CAN be made of polyester, which i am now trying to avoid thanks to stupid bp. AND when i first found the chair, it was 15% off, but now its only 5% off, which annoys me. why didnt i just buy it before i found what it was made of and it was on sale?? now i feel guilty. what do you think? should i buy the chair? its kind of the perfect color for me AND its called the "lucy chair." its like meant to be.

other than that, i'm just trying to keep my head above water at work. i want to get more involved, but i dont quite have a system down and i'm not as organized as i'd like to be compared to before i was "on vacation." i hope friday is less busy and i can get some organization done. otherwise, i might have to go in to the office. saturday is the gay pride parade which starts right in front of our apt. i've been warned there might be a lot of gays at our place, and i'm trying to decide if i should be around for that or not. maybe a mix of both.

also, i'd like to finish unpacking and organizing and all that. i have a TON of things to go through. so far, most of the place is "neat" which means i just put things away, but didnt get to go through it. i'm in the process of doing that with my clothes and then little by little, i have to start going through documents to trash and old notes and files and suitcases (i have a massive green suitcase that i can't remember whats in it - i'm afraid to open it. i obviously haven't missed it).

tonight i'm going to a food pantry to volunteer and help out. should be fun. i need to get back to volunteering, too. so much to do!

oh right, here is the other thing i want to buy for my apartment:
isn't it fabulous? i'm just trying to decide how quickly i should get it... and what do you think of the chair??

[title from how i met your mother - robin sparkle's teeny bopper video that i LOVE]


  1. I thought microsuede was made out of mini cows?

    If you are feeling guilty about it being [possibly] made of oil, what about the gas/oil that was used to transport it from China to the store? You gotta draw the line somewhere.

    Go to the store and buy it, ask for the 15% off though.

  2. I've noticed a lot of odd things annoy you...

  3. That song is so weird! Tape recorder would be a good thing to have. I too am a fan of writing things down as evidenced by all my little notes I have hanging around my desk. I just bought a new desk so organization here I come!