Monday, June 7, 2010

great sunday!

who would've known that its actually FUN to live with someone you like and want to hang around with?? last night (saturday night) i was up until 1 or 2 am, although i didnt go out because i wanted to clean my room. i spent most of saturday going through my room, taking breaks, watching things on dvr, etc. at 1pm i went to get sushi for lunch (my first meal of the day) and when i came home, it was so hot and muggy, there was no way i could work on my room upstairs in the muggy air. i made some mimosas with pineapple juice - deLISH! and had my sushi rolls. by the time i accidentally finished my bottle of mumm napa, i was quite happy and motivated to finish my room. i headed up the metal spiral stairs and promptly hurt myself. less than 2 weeks in my new place and i've already locked myself out, bought a piece of furniture that i have no way to get home, and stubbed my toes and shin on the stairs going up to the bedrooms. sad, i recognize. i know, i know.

anyway, i got a lot done in my room and pretty much am donating ALL of the shirts that i have had on hangers for the past 2 years. i gave myself two rules: if there are pills on the sweater/shirt, don't keep and 2) if there are hanger marks on the sweater/shirt don't keep. so i have pretty much cleaned out half my closet and its very ver y very sad. there are TONS of things that i absolutely LOVE that 1) don't fit anymore or 2) fit one of the descriptions above. i have to go through my shoes, as well and then call the salvation army to pick everthing up. and there is

i keep thinking that somenoe else might actually BENEFIT from having these articles of clothing in their arsenal. so i am comforting myself with that. ha. i just realized they aren't even gone!

so yeah... if my typing is irradic its because its 12:30am, i'm tired, and i have had like 3 margartias thanks t omy roommate. ha ha. wow. i am super tired and want to go to sleep. so i'm giong to hit the sack after i explain today.

i woke up too early around 7am. then i watched a movie and went back to sleep for a bit and woke up at 10 or 1030. i was watching short cuts, which is super long, so i had to restart it. i left my room around 1230 so i could shower and feel better. i went downstairs and my roommate was super sweaty because he had been up organizing and cleaning the back room. he had spent HOURS on it and it looks great.

i was going to go in to the office and get some things done, but my roommate convinced me to make the one thin i know how to make (fajitas) and he dished out some fabulous margaritas. they were good. i can hardly type right now.

i have more to write but i'd rather go to bed. long weekend that was comletely DRAININGY of my energy.
gotta go to bed.

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