Wednesday, June 2, 2010

subjectless post

its wednesday night.

i am sooo tired. i'm going to bed soon. hopefully in the next 7 minutes.

so, just quickly. did some apartment stuff after work today - went to west elm and bought a dresser (5 drawers - tall) and another dresser for downstairs (storage) so i could have 2 pieces of the same style for whatever i do next. so i buy the pieces, sign up for the card to get a decent discount, go outside to the zipcar my roommate rented just for the occassion and ... voila. the pieces aren't in boxes. they're fully put together. so they dont fit in the car we rented. so i take one piece home and have to find a way to get the other piece back to my place. delivery via ups is $125. yep. for a store like 3 miles away. so... not sure what to do about that.

we get the piece home and so i order pizza and we watch man of the year with robbin williams. and of course - a movie made 5+ (?) years ago and why are ALL THE ISSUES THE SAME?? you'd think we've made some progress but noooo... none at all apparently. its pretty sad. i couldnt stay up for it, i'm just too tired. hopefully the wine i had for dinner won't keep me up later tonight. i'd love to be like a toddler and sleep through the night.

and here are a few notes of things i read online today:
  • woman gives labor for TWENTY DAYS. not hours. DAYS. just another reason not to have kids.
ok, nm. i thought i had more but now i cant find them. i'm off to bed!


  1. sleep good, sweetie. Ken Griffey retired. Sad.

  2. yeah, i heard that... i didnt realize he was still playing... bill simmons didnt tell me that.

  3. Wait, did you say that toddlers sleep through the night?

  4. Also, an umpire missed a call to breakup a perfect game on the last batter.. sad

  5. i don't understand any of these comments...