Tuesday, June 1, 2010

dream mother

this morning is already a weird day. i woke up in a sweat from a really bizarre dream where my aunt b and my mom had rented a rental truck to move some of my grandma's stuff. after my aunt returned it, my mom asked if she had gotten everything out of the back and my aunt didn't realize there were things in the back. so, my grandma, mom and i drive to go get the stuff from the rental return place. it was in a really sketchy area of town and my mom parked, in a big cargo van, at the end of this alley. the alley had a random smackling of houses but was mostly open fields with dried grass. it was at least a quarter of a mile long. there were crack addicts and homeless people swarming all around. i walked to the trailer where i thought our stuff was. i knocked on the door and an average-looking white woman with braids opened the door. i explained that we had left some stuff and she told me that they had just loaded it into the other room. she showed me where it was and it was then that i noticed this woman had tattoos everywhere and missing teeth. the trailer was gross and dirty. so i start picking up some of the stuff from my grandma's truck and the girl sits on the couch and falls asleep. oh, i think she was pregnant. so i grab as much as i can and run out of there because it felt like the sort of place where someone might go and just "never leave" or disappear... so i run to the alley and i have some stuff in my left arm and 3 cabbage patch kids dolls in my right arm. i'm waving my arms trying to tell my mom, in the van at the end of the alley, to start the van so we can leave asap. i get to the van and she's like "where's the other stuff?" and i explain it wasn't worth getting. she didn't listen to me, so we drive around to the front of the trailer and park. my mom goes in first, and this sketchy white-trash guy opens the door and welcomes her in. he didn't see me. he was really excited to see her and looked at her like she was "fresh meat." he closed the door right as i put my foot in it. he looked disappointed to see me when he realized i was with the woman who had just rung his bell. the pregnant girl came to the room and i explained that i left hoping not to wake her up. she understood and my mom and i took the rest of our things. my grandma was in the van completely oblivious to the area of town we were in. i then told my mom that she shouldn't have gone in to the place alone because the guy would probably try to shoot her up with drugs and make her a prostitute, and he thought she would be an easy target because she was black. i'm not sure why my mom was black in my dream. it wasn't until we were back in the van that my mom realized how dangerous of a situation we were in, so we rushed off to my grandma's apartment. something else happened at the apartment, but i can't remember it. my grandma was concerned we had all of her things, but there was no way we were going back.

any dream interpreters out there? what does all of this mean??

back to work today. i hope it feels like a monday and i get a lot of things done. i didn't get much done yesterday because i went to satc2 in the middle of the afternoon. it was decent. its fun to watch characters you've known for a long time, BUT i feel like it was a bit over-acted and over-the top. i dont remember the tv show being like that. i'd have to rewatch it. i then stopped at west elm and found some furniture i think i'd like a lot. gonna try and get higgs to take me tomorrow after work so i can organize my room. i tried doing a lot last night but its almost overwhelming and i was working very slowly. i still haven't found either of my phone chargers (although i distinctly remember thinking "i'll put this HERE so i remember where it is and have easy access to it." of course i remember thinking it but not where "here" is). i DID find my keys to the apartment, which means i found my jeans because they were in my jeans pocket. why i would leave them there, i dont know, but i do remember thinking "i'll remember these are in my jeans pocket." even though i NEVER put keys in my jeans pocket. i need to find my keychain... and apparently its going to rain today, so i need to find my umbrella. i was awoken TWICE last night by the thunderstorm.

ugh. ok, i have to head to work.

["dream mother" is a song by jeff buckley on his album "grace"]


  1. i'm pretty sure that "smackling" isn't a word...

  2. My wife is black? Holy crap. I should've known that.

  3. you'd think that if anyone would notice, you would, tmaann