Wednesday, June 23, 2010

new gadget

last night i didn't get a lot of sleep because it was too hot in my room. we tried to put the air con in the window, but it didnt work. so every few hours, i was up to turn on the fan in my room (on a timer of max. 120 minutes). then, of course, i woke up before my alarm and had to just stay in bed. so i'm super tired. AND i made a fun purchase to avoid this in the future (once it arrives in 7-10 days). i bought a portable air conditioning unit!!! i'm so happy. relatively. i just wish it were here, but it isnt yet. so i have the fan on, and will turn it back to 120 min before i go to bed. BUT making a spur-of-the-moment purchase made me think of this that has been in the news a lot lately:

this is obviously in relation to the new iphone, but i figured it works for my new air con unit, too (after the fact, of course, when i could verify it fit my needs). have you bought anything recently that you maybe didn't need to??

so after work, i went to check out this woman's only gm it was ok. i can't decide if i want to join it or not. its near my house, which is good for the weekend,s but maybe i'll think its too far when i want to work out in the winter. we'll see. i have to decide (had = want to) by friday so i can have the 3 day trial period. anyway, after that i headed home and had dinner (popcorn and mimosas) and then at 1030pm, i met my roommate and his gma at a bar for a drink. it was good. and now i am super dooper tired, so i am going to say so long, farewell, auf weidersehen, goodbye!


  1. I've held off on buying stuff. Except my new clubs... but i really needed those! ;)

  2. oh yeah, you got your clubs? how are they?