Monday, June 21, 2010

insane family jeopardy

ugh. its 11:10 and i am not in bed. i feel guilty for not writing yet today - i meant to this morning at the hotel, but i totally forgot. it was a weird day. all sorts of weird things happened. i set my alarm early so i could go to the gym and it turns out that i forgot my workout clothes. so i got on the road to head back to boston and once i was actually IN boston, i realized i left my cell phone in the hotel room. i used my blackberry to call the hotel and sure enough. its an hour and a half away. oh, and the tomtom - i can't use properly. so i took the wrong way a lot of times and it took me over 2 hours to go a distance that should've taken an hour and a half.

so i got to work at 1030 or so. bleh. i hate that. anyway, other randomness follows: i was IMing a guy at work and i said, "well, i am sensitive to your demands." and OBVIOUSLY that is NOT what i meant. i clarified, he loled, etc. it all worked out, but was slightly embarrassing. in the afternoon, i bumped in to some old coworkers and THAT was slightly awkward. and i really dont think it was me. maybe they felt bad for me. that was probably it.

anyway, we can't get the AC unit in to my window - i have to figure it out tomorrow. there are branches IN the screen. they've grown into it. and now the screen won't move. i'm gonna have to get after it tomorrow. ok, i'm off to bed.

[line from united states of tara]

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