Tuesday, April 10, 2012

i wish i could go traveling again

ha!  get it?  get IT??  i'm already traveling!!  mwahahahaha...

ok, so i am in fargo.  and leaving for the airport in 45 min and i have nothing to do really.  i kind of want to do some painting, but that seems silly at this point.  i'm heading to hawai'i today.  or, as i said yesterday "going from one tropical locale to another."  bahahaha.  i'm so funny.  delirious is what it might actually be.  i'm not really tired, BUT that makes absolutely no logical sense.  saturday night, i "closed the bars" with player (he commented that we have never done that and i am not one to back away from a challenge that was never actually made a challenge!) and didnt get home until 4am.  on sunday, that is.  then sunday night i was up late doing something... oh, right.  talking to my friend who is in hawaii planning everything.  then i was up early because i had people to do and things to see yesterday.

yesterday, monday, was pretty packed full of lots of stuff.  that's descriptive.  got up, showered, oh i might've watched mad men, too.  or i might've done that the night before.  can't remember.  then i went for a pedicure at 1030.  it took a bit longer because she painted a flower on my big toe.  (the nail, not the actual toe)  then i stopped by the hospital super quick and met kj for lunch.  we had thai.  it was yummy.  then i picked up the mum from the hospital (she works there, she's not a patient).  then we went home and i had to log on to do some work.  got yelled at by the head baker, so i had to work even more after the conference call.  oh well.  then i went to my great aunt's house, my grandma's house (after stopping at the dq for them to each have a shake).  then on to starbucks for sustenance before a shopping spree where i was looking for a dress for the wedding on friday.  i ended up with 5 of them.  and a cover up and a swimsuit cover up.  then on to vicki's for a bachelorette gift.  food court for some tacos (not gross taco bell stuff).  oh, all this afternoon traveling was with my mom and my aunt.  after the mall, the three of us stopped at my cousin's house where a lot of my cousin's were playing 7 wonders, my new favorite game. my brothers and sil were there, too.  we stayed for a bit, but they were in the middle of the game and i had more things to cross off my list, so we left after a bit.

at home, i packed while watching dwts with my dad.  the tv show is called dwts.  its not dancing with the stars with my dad.  that would be weird.  he went to bed and i checked in online so i could get a free drink coupon (score!) and called my friend in honolulu.  then i went to bed, as well.  it was a little after 11 and my alarm was set to go off at 4:04.  at about 3:30 i awoke totally awake.  so i got up and did my taxes (double score!!) and am getting some money back (woo hoo!).  i did the last bits of packing and am now just sitting here hoping my computer will fully charge before i go to the airport...

so i am in tropical paradise until monday.  quick jaunt (not at all) back to boston for some fun meetings. sigh.  busy month.

today's flights will be crap.  i am flying from far to msp to sea to hon.  3 flights.  one one hour layover, and one four-hour layover.  good thing i have a skyclub pass!  holler.  i'm going to do my expense reports during my layover (how productive!) and then i will only have not finished some paintings.  i will have been able to do everything i wanted for my trip home.  woo hoo!

here is the song i was listening to

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