Wednesday, April 11, 2012

alles neu

good morning from waikiki!

woke up naturally at 6:15 this morning.  am doing a bit of blogging quickly then off to breakfast, the gym, shower and then check out.  i'm at a hyatt place in waikiki for the night because i thought i might be picking up my brother from the airport today.  i'm not, but i couldnt cancel my hotel room.  things are so expensive here!  my rental car for 6 days will be $500 and $25 for valet parking at the hotel which was my only option.  ugh.  and i couldn't bring a glass of wine up to my room last night, so i didnt have one.  :(  stupid liquor laws.  got here a little before 10, had some dinner and was fast asleep by 11.  i'm 5 hours behind the midwest now.  here until monday.

here are some pics from my hotel and then the view of the ocean from my balcony. oh!  and the bathroom has a heated seat and "front cleanse" and "back cleanse" functions.  i'm a little afraid to try them out, but i think i'm going to have today.  right before i go into the shower...

[song by peter fox, oddly its in my itunes under "reggae" which is the music i heard when i got in my rental car last night.  it means everything is new.]