Thursday, April 5, 2012

bang bang bang on the wall

from dusk 'till dawn.

hello again.

on a flight.


have been running ragged all week - lots to do!!  and i am still soo behind.  flying home to far for a baby shower then to hon for a wedding.  i worked a TON this week, even though i ddint get nearly enough done.  we have a joke at work that i happen to plan my vacations REALLY WELL.  i ALWAYS seem to be gone when lots of big things are going down.  its true.  last august was a french when i was home for my dad's birthday.  then there was a ratings downgrade and i was in europe.  and now we've just hired someone new and there's all sorts of stuff to be done about that.  let me rephrase this in different speak for my family:  last august, two of the countries that supplied cake ingredients were about to default and not produce the ingredients anymore.  then in september, two of the companies that made some of the ingredients for the cake were found out to be contaminated and no one wanted those pieces.  not good.  now we are looking for a new helper-baker and we've found someone, but this person only knows how to  read ingredients, not actually BAKE.  and i have to train him.  so, lots going on.  and another perfectly timed vacation for me!

what else is going on?  i havent done my taxes, so i had to bring those with me.  i didnt get to paint like i wanted to, so i have paints with me.  i also had to pack baby gifts and various other things AND beach clothes and the like.  i need to find a dress to wear to the ceremony.  and i'll probably have to repack in a new way.  i kind of threw everything together this morning at 4am.  sigh. so much to do!  and then, of course, i want to play board games with my family and do yoga and go see movies and ohc rap!  i have to plan a baby shower.  so much to do.

and whats up with 40 degrees in far this coming week?  i'm not prepared for that!  double sigh.

anyway, flight is landing in 43 min and i have stuff to read.  things to do, people to see.

i'm outtie

[ladyhawke.  i've probably used this headline before.]


  1. Bang bang bang on the wall - from dusk till dawn.
    A reference to my condo perhaps?

    Have a fantastic time in FAR. / HON!

    Loved your cake reference ...