Monday, April 16, 2012

slippery when wet

its 336 am and i'm awake.  i dont know why.  but i remembered that before going to bed (which i think was around 12 or 1230), i was going to write a quick ramble for all ya'll bored at work today.  i am sooo sooo soo happy to not be in beantown today.  today is such a horrrible day to be there.  thousands of people cramming the streets at the marathon making you feel bad for not running.  UGH.  couldn't handle that this year.

so anyway, sunday was super ambitious in the end.  i started painting pictuers for my friends who got married.  i finished one.  here it is.

i have to fix a few things in the morning but overall i like it.  they had a flip flop wedding and i found wine called flip flop!  how fun is that??

anyway, what else?  oh, i clicked the proper button online to officially have them married.  that was good we ddi that.  oh and i killed a massive 3inch flying bug.  that felt good, too.  ok i might be sufficiently tired to fall back asleep.

i haven't forgotten that i didnt tell you what happened at the wedding.  i will 100 percent do that because i want to remember it myself.  i have a bunch of flights coming up, so i will plan to do it then... also, can we talk about why its 87 percent humidity??  but only 20 percent precipitation.  ugh.  i HATE humidity.  oh and i have to check out tomorrow.  double ugh.

[title because in hawaii they call flip flops slippers...AND rocks are slipper when wet.  its like double!]

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