Sunday, May 13, 2012


happy mothers day to all the mothers out there!

most importantly, happy mothers day to my mom who is one of the best people on earth.

i had two conversations recently explaining to people just how close my mom and i are.  i was talking to a coworker after work one night and he was saying how his relationship with his parents changed so much (for the better) after he had kids.  (we were talking about me not having kids and i think he was trying to convince me...?)  i explained that i already had a good relationship with my parents.  and he kept trying to imply that i must not want kids because i have a messed up relationship with my family (i think he thinks that especially since i live so far from them).  and i said, "how often do you think i talk to my parents?" and he was like "i don't know.  a few times a month?" i was like "try a few times a day."  and then yesterday we had some people over and one of them asked what i was doing today for mother's day.  "skyping?" he asked.  which we can definitely do, but i explained that i talk to my mother all the time and so i was sure i'd talk to her today.  i said "we usually talk 3 times a day.  i call her when i'm at lunch, then when i'm leaving work and then she calls me when she's going to bed."  he was shocked.  that's what happens when you're parents are so cool.

in any case, happy mothers day, mom.  and happy mothers day soon-to-be mom, lindsay.  and to my grandma (although, technically, i never think of my gma on this day because she gets a whole separate grandparents day).

here are the three of us at the baby shower a month ago.