Friday, February 26, 2010

dream apartment - 13

i've just been looking back at things i would like to have in my apartment and realize that maybe i should title this "really cool apartments" or something like that instead of "dream apartment." i don't necessarily have to have books arranged by color in my apartment for me to be happy, but i LOVE the way this looks. if you check out the comments to the original post (found here), someone says something like "why would ANYONE put books arranged by color?" and i realize from a functional standpoint it might be difficult, but i still think it looks really cool. it makes me happy. what do you think?


  1. Not for me. Too much effort and time. Not useful at all.

  2. I think it still could be functional. "Where's that book I was looking for? I know it had a red color so it must be in the red section!" Easy enough.

  3. thank you! i agree. i'm visual. so if someone asks if i have read a book, i might not remember having read it, but if they show me the cover, i will remember...