Saturday, February 27, 2010

the lion sleeps tonight

i am fairly certain no one listens to me. either that or i'm going crazy. i'm staying at my friend anny's house this week. she lives with her husband about 1/2 hour (driving time) from downtown sacramento. earlier this week i told her i would stay with them this week, then i would be leaving for a week to go home to fargo and then i would be back for a week before i moved closer to work to a crappy extended stay hotel. she said "ok, no problem" and then gave me a bag from her recent trip to thailand (its awesome, btw, she said she asked the guy for a "sparkly" bag for me - i love sparkles!).

so the week goes on and i get a text from my old trainer. when i lived in sac, oh... 4 years ago, she would come over to my house at 4am 3 times a week and we would work out for an hour, then i would shower and head to work a little after 6, which worked out perfectly because the company was based in boston, so i was mostly working east coast hours. anyway, i called my old trainer the other day and we met up for a drink at this pretty cool lounge on 20. we were talking and i explained that i was staying in gold river for a few weeks and then heading home for a week and then coming back out here. i told her i was thinking of hiring her again and she said "ok, we'll meet tomorrow at 6am!" and i was like "uh... ok..." i was taken aback by her excitement. i rarely get that excited about anything. by the time i got home a few hours later i had come to my senses - there was no way i was going to wake up at 515 to drive 30+ min to her gym (btw, i HATE the gym) to work out for an hour and then shower quickly and head to work by 8 (oh, and btw, i try to be at work by 730). it just wasn't going to happen. plus i had a massive headache. so i call her back and cancel. the next day i get to work and she texts me "my afternoon appointment cancelled, lets meet at 5 at the river." ??!! i couldn't do that either. in case you hadn't noticed, i'm not really a spur-of-the-moment kind of gal. i told her that i would prefer to start working out with her once i moved closer to her (read: work). so she says ok.

on thursday of this week, she texts me saying "?" thats it. just a question mark. so i was like, "hey..." or something. she asks if we're going to start working out and i told her that i was leaving the next day for north dakota then i would be back on the 7th and would send her a text once i had moved closer to work. she said ok. except i'm confused, i'm 100% positive i already told her that. whatever, i guess. i'm sure she has lots going on.

while still at work, the bossman comes up to my desk to say goodbye. i was like "oh, but i'll be in tomorrow." he didnt realize that. he thought i was leaving that night.

then later that (thursday) night, i tell anny that i'm going to go home and pack and she says "for where?" i was like "fargo!" and i told her that i was going home for a week and blah blah blah. she was like "oh, i didnt know." BUT i'm SURE she did. when we get home, i say to her husband "you know i'm leaving tomorrow, right?" again, no idea. so either people arent paying attention or i'm really really going crazy.

and to make a long story longer... i'm now currently back in nodak. bismarck, to be exact. i landed over 40 minutes late (1240) and my little brother, player, picked me up from the airport. we got some food because - get this - i get to the sac airport at 5pm and am still slightly full from a very fulfilling thai lunch. there is literally only ONE flight ouf of this terminal for the next FOUR HOURS, so there is one mini-restaurant (with bad food) open. not appetizing, so i dont eat. i get to denver a little before 9 and by the time i go find my gate, all the restaurants and news stands are closing. it was so sad to walk by que bueno with its gate half down. :( and i was hungry. the point: dont fly united out of sac because its in a crappy terminal and dont plan on eating in denver after 830. i'm at his apartment, where he has an extra bedroom - woo hoo! and am planning to hit the sack soon....

[subject because i am falling asleep sitting upright. good night ya'll]


  1. welcome back to NDak, Danielle. I can't wait to see you!!!

  2. I'm serious though - you didn't say! maybe you think you said it but you didn't?

    my excuse is that I must be very very jet-lagged, if you did tell me... but i still think you didn't~